5 Fresh Marketing Strategies for Business

Tired of the same old marketing strategies you’ve been using for years?  Have a new business venture that needs a new marketing plan?  Try some of these fresh marketing strategies for your business today. 1.    Embrace the Competition The old adage used to be “know your competition”.  In this global economy, businesses are increasingly embracing ..

What Yahoo’s $1.1 Billion Purchase of Tumblr Means for Business

Yahoo’s Board of Directors reported earlier this month that it is acquiring blogging platform Tumblr for a purchase price of $1.1 billion.  According to Yahoo’s chief executive Marissa Mayer, the plan is to keep Tumblr on as an independent company, and leave 26-year old founder David Karp in place as CEO.  It will take time ..

How many hours a day do you put in?  Now think about how productive those hours actually are.  Do you spend 80% of your time in a frenzy trying to chase down information, return emails and deal with papers?  Do you run so ragged that by the time you get home, you are absolutely exhausted ..