5 Tips to Use Social Media to Increase Blog Traffic

We all need tips on how to use social media to increase our blog traffic and before sites like Facebook and Twitter took off, blog services like Blogger and WordPress were the cream of the Internet crop. Blogging is still popular today, and it’s used by everyone from affiliate marketers to corporations looking to provide a personal look at their brand. However, blogs are a little more difficult to traffic, due to the fact that most social traffic is funneled to popular social sites

Reputology: HootSuite Now Monitors Online Reviews

Cyber Monday has become synonymous with exceptional retail bargains, however, there are essential business apps and software that are a must like Reputology. I have been given early access to a “must have” tool offered by HootSuite that can be a business’s best weapon of defense in today’s marketplace. HootSuite, the popular social media dashboard, ..

Ten Traits That Define A Strong Leader

Although everyone understands that strong leadership skills are essential for success in business, it is one of those vague terms that have a different definition for different people. While the traits that are necessary for a good leader can greatly vary depending on the work environment, the following are the ten vital characteristics that define ..