How many hours a day do you put in?  Now think about how productive those hours actually are.  Do you spend 80% of your time in a frenzy trying to chase down information, return emails and deal with papers?  Do you run so ragged that by the time you get home, you are absolutely exhausted ..

A Sacramento News and Review article highlights Modera as one of five startup companies helping to put the Sacramento region in the international spotlight!  Because of the exposure from SN&R, Good Day Sacramento wants to review the new Modera iOS6 app! Sacramento Techweek All of this exciting news comes at the start of Sacramento Techweek, which kicks ..

Growth Hacking Strategy: Does My Startup Need One?

In a previous post, I talked about the 5 Key Metrics for a Lean Startup and how viral reach is a critical measure of growth. In this post, I’ll introduce the concept of growth hacking, so you can determine if your startup or business could benefit from hiring a growth hacker or developing a growth ..