You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to get something out of these motivational quotes. I’ve compiled some of the most inspirational things that the world’s most influential people have said about surviving business, managing people and life. These quotes keep me going whenever I hit an obstacle or transition point. And if I’m doing anything ..

I’ve been a social media user since 2005. In that time, you could say I’ve become a fierce addict — at times managing up to 50+ social profiles! But it’s been more than a way to pass time. I’ve treated it as a serious job. A few months ago, some entrepreneurs from Uzbekistan found me ..

Pheed: The Newest Social Networking Site

A small startup based in Los Angeles is making waves in the social media world. Pheed is a social networking alternative to Facebook and Twitter that appeals to the younger crowd. Teenagers and young adults are adopting the new site in a big way. The Pheed app had a huge spike in downloads last month, ..