Mobile augmented reality – Brave New World or Technical revolution?

InsideAR 2011, one of the world’s largest augmented reality events, provided first glimpses into one exciting area of future, but also gave a good insight what is already possible as evidenced by some of the fascinating applications I saw. One that really struck me was the virtual recreation of the now lost wintergarden of the Wittelsbach ..

Cadbury Transforms Chocolate Bar Into Augmented Reality Game

Kraft’s Cadbury is experimenting with modern blippar image-recognition technology and presenting an augmented reality game for customers to play via their smartphones. A new app provides users with a virtual experience enhancing senses onto physical products with graphics and audio. Cadbury chocolate bars are turned into a game and it’s claimed to be the first in ..

Augmented Reality Kills The QR Code Star

Augmented reality leader Layar just took its system to a whole new level by installing a real-world object recognition protocol that’s a little like Google’s Goggles. In one swoop it may have turned AR apps from intriguing, inspiring, and occasionally useful toys into serious tools for information discovery and, of course, advertising. Let’s call it hacking the ..

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Toyota demos augmented-reality-enhanced car windows

Toyota is toying with augmented reality to improve the view outside of its vehicles’ windows. A design exercise developed in conjunction with the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID), Toyota’s “Window to the World” concept uses augmented reality to turn a car window into a glass canvas that lets the viewer interact with the elements outside the ..