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What is App Store Optimization
and Why Do You Need it?

App store optimization is the practice of enhancing app listings to get more organic app downloads.

Most mobile users, both Android and iOS, find apps via app store search.

Why does that matter?

It matters because most of your app downloads come via app store searches and if your app listing is not optimized, you may not get as many downloads as you should.

Moreover, there are millions of mobile apps in the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store making it difficult to get your app noticed. No matter which category your app belongs to, you will face tough competition for users to even see your app let alone download it.

App store optimization aims to optimize your app listing and ensure that it shows up in the right app store search results.

By improving your app rankings, ASO ensures that your app is one of the first options that a user sees when searching for an app in your category. This is similar to SEO, but for the app stores.

Some of the benefits of using app store optimization services include:

  • Higher app store rankings
  • Qualified leads and relevant users
  • Reduced user-acquisition costs
  • Increased visibility and app downloads

What are you waiting for?

Our ASO experts can help your app gain more visibility than it would get organically. Invest in our app store optimization services and become the leader in your app category.

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End-to-End App Store Optimization Services for
All Your Needs

Our ASO experts specialize in optimizing mobile apps and boosting search rankings. From selecting the right target keywords to ensuring that your app ranks for them, we provide complete app store optimization solutions.

We are a full-service app store optimization agency and our services include:

  • App store audit to assess current performance and rankings for your app

  • App store listing optimization including title, description, logo, images, etc.

  • Keyword selection and targeting to rank for the right search queries and reach relevant users

  • Performance tracking and reporting based on key performance metrics, at a pre-decided frequency

  • Localization to support multiple local languages and increasing your app’s reach

  • A/B testing to select the best app screenshots, title, and other design elements

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach and devise a customized app store optimization strategy based on your unique requirements. With us, you can rest assured that we will listen to your needs and make recommendations based on them.

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What You Can Expect

We provide proven app store optimization solutions trusted by brands worldwide. All you need to do is tell us what you want to achieve and let us worry about how we get your app to rank.

Once you invest in our ASO services, here’s the process that we will follow:

  • Requirement Gathering

  • Introductory Call

  • App Store Audit

  • Customized ASO Strategy

  • Preparation of SoW (Statement of Work)

  • Implementation of Plan

  • Performance Assessment/Strategy Revision

  • Monthly Reporting and Call

Invest in our app store optimization services now.

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  • Q. When can I start expecting results if I invest in your app store optimization services?

    A. Once we execute our plan and implement the ASO initiatives, you can see improvements from the first month itself. It will take some time to meet your desired targets, but an increase in rankings and downloads will be visible right from the first month.

  • Q. What is the difference between ASO and SEO?

    A. ASO is basically SEO for app stores. Just like SEO helps improve your website’s rankings in search engines’ result pages, ASO improves your app store rankings.

  • Q. What exactly do you do to optimize mobile app listings?

    A. We first select the right target keywords for your app and then add them to your app title, description, etc. We also provide complete content creation services to write a to-the-point and relevant app description.

    We also optimize your app screenshots as they are what users look at to understand what the app offers and what the interface looks like.

  • Q. Do I need to make changes to my app to support ASO?

    A. It’s not necessary to make any changes to the app, as ASO mainly focusses on your app listing and optimization. However, we do recommend updating your app frequently and adding the new features in your app description.

  • Q. Do you also provide app launch and app store marketing services as part of ASO?

    A. We do provide these services, but these are not part of our app store optimization services.

    We suggest that you get in touch with us and discuss your requirements in detail. We can create a customized plan and pricing for you including all the services that you require.

  • Q. Have any more questions?

    Feel free to ask by getting in touch with us.

Want to Get More Visibility
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Invest in our app store optimization services and increase your app installs.

We will make a perfect pair—you focus on designing the app and we focus on making sure that people install it.

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