If you are on Facebook, then you must’ve noticed its mobile version. It’s pretty neat. Everything is packed into the tiny mobile screen, and all the important links are there. You can log in and see your wall on the home page.


It is a great example of a mobile website. It is extremely easy to use with its big text boxes. Plus it has a lot of information on its pages without making it look cramped or cluttered.


It has a simple but attractive design. It is highly functional and you’ll notice that they haven’t crammed up a lot of stuff in there. It has just the basics that you would want on the move.


Loads fast, looks good- this mobile website makes good use of space. It’s got a lot of content that fits nicely on tiny mobile pages.


This mailing website has a great mobile version that is very easy to use. It offers all the basic functionality of web mail. You can read, send and forward mails, and even mark them as unread.


Yahoo beautifully organizes all its services in its mobile version. You can check your mail, check news, or even chat on your mobile. Yahoo offers an all-in-one mobile platform for all its features.


Brightkite makes its mobile design stand out with smart use of spacing and colors. Small icons are used to save space and to perk up the design. Navigation links are big, which makes clicking (or tapping) easier.

Yellow Pages

Not only does it use bright colors to liven up its looks, it also manages space efficiently. The most striking feature of this mobile website is the yellow and black color combination that simply captivates users.


This mobile website makes good use of graphics, and yet keeps it light. It has clear navigation, and a well-balanced design that makes it stand out among the other mobile sites.


Your favorite ‘tweeting’ website is also available on mobile platform, and is very easy to use. You can access all the basic twitter functionalities on its mobile version.

After talking about some great mobile website designs, let’s find some easy ways to create them. There are some really awesome mobile site builders in the market that will allow you to create your mobile website with minimal efforts. Let’s discuss some of the best ones.


Wix allows you to sign up for free and access a huge database of website templates. You don’t have to know coding to make your own website. You can create websites and customize them without any efforts. And once you are done, your site will be published in a matter of seconds.


It’s a pretty simple way to create a mobile version for your website. Just enter your URL and you’ve got your mobile website ready. Yes, just like that! But of course it is not customized according to your choice. For that, you have to register.


Mofuse allows easy mobile CMS creation. You can use drag & drop controls to build a mobile website, or you can use services of their experts. You can reach your audience on almost any mobile device.


It allows you to develop mobile websites right from the scratch. It presents an easy user interface and you can also hire web designers to create layouts for you.


This website will help you build a mobile version of your already existing website. You can get some really cool website designs using Mobify.

Original Article by: Emily Cartman
Posted by: Shane Barker


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