Having trouble with driving traffic to your blog site? Are you stuck with the same number of visitors every month, with less and less unique visits coming in? If you are, then this article will surely help you because it discusses the many things that you can do to drive more traffic to your blog site! Blog owners are always looking for ways to drive more traffic into their website. They are always looking for ways to be creative, to reinvent their content, to mold it to a more search engine friendly form.

How do I know? This is because I am an owner of a blog and there is a huge chance that you have your very own blog as well. Still, even if you are not, it will not take an expert to say that getting traffic to a website is NOT easy.  Yes, there are millions of people surfing the internet every day, but getting in touch with them and making them SEE the content you offer is a different thing all throughout. It takes time, effort, and a whole lot of creativity, not to mention bucket load of patience, just to find that winning formula that works.

Good thing is I have found a few winning formulas that WILL help you drive more traffic to your blog site and I will gladly share them to you. Enjoy!

 1. Plan – Know What You Want To Do

 “Fortune favors the prepared mind” – Louis Pasteur

Planning plays an important role in driving more traffic to your blog site as it gives you something to build on. Planning for the content, to the layout, to when you will post something new, and so on and so forth WILL help you decide on what’s best for your blog site. More importantly, however, it helps to have a back-up plan in case something fails.

2. Be the Ultimate Source

In the internet today, content is king. This means that you have to make sure that the content you release is not only unique, but also informative and something that stirs the minds of your readers. Put it simply, make sure that you come up with content that people will love to read and share with their friends.

3. Be Extremely Passionate

Creativity and passion always go hand-in-hand. You will never find a skilled artist come up with a masterpiece if he is feeling down. The same goes for you and your blog site. If you are not passionate when writing content, it will be bland and boring and that is something that you should NEVER do.

4. Post on a Consistent Basis

Yes, quality content is key, but it should come consistently as well. Release unique, informative and entertaining reads as often as you can and the number of people visiting your blog site will surely increase.

 5. Strike While the Iron Is Hot

Another thing to keep in mind is that not only should you release quality content, but it should also be in line with what people WANT to read today. If your blog site is about technology, do not go blogging about things that happened years ago. Keep up with the trends so that readers will keep on visiting your website for NEW content.

 6. Be Resourceful

The internet is full of resource material. Use it.

 7. Offer Freebies

Newsletters, free books, guides, tutorials, and so on and so forth. All of these will help build trust and loyalty among your consumers and will lead to more traffic.

8. Run a Contest

The good thing about loyal readers and even new ones is that they do not need expensive prizes. In fact, they may even be happy if you feature them as the “reader of the week” of sorts. Contests also are a great way to build better public relations or PR, which is always a good thing when it comes to traffic.

 9. Develop Relationships in Your Industry

Your industry has more than a few people that are prominent and have thousands of followers. If you develop a professional relationship with these prominent people and feature them in your website, they may share it with their followers, leading to hundreds, if not thousands, of people coming to flock your website.

 10. Repurpose Your Old Content

Think of this as your ace in the hole. If you have content that are a few years old and are outdated, you can update them and use them as part of your newsletters, training materials or even as an ebook!

 11. Offer a Variety of Content or Format

What worked for others will not always work for you, which is why you should take the time to try out a variety of ways to present your content. This way, you can keep “tabs” on which ones get the most traffic, and which ones do not.

 12. Make Use of Social Media

By creating a social media account for your blog site, establishing a presence and asking followers to share your content using a CTA, you will receive far more content than if you had not done so.

 13. Grow Your Mailing List

While email marketing may look like “spamming”, it actually is an effective means of marketing and driving more traffic towards your blog site. Pair this with a series of newsletters, training courses and other free resource materials, and you will have yourself thousands of followers waiting for the next content you release on your blog site in a few years, or even months.

 14. Never Forget SEO

Despite what other people are saying, SEO is and will always be important because of how search engines work. After all, it is through keywords, something that SEO makes use of, that people can find the right type of content to answer any of their questions or queries. If you play your cards right, use Google analytics, and search for the right keywords as well as use them properly, readers will eventually find your content.

[Bonus Tip] Take Advantage of Earned Media
If you are a recognized industry expert, share your expertise and insights on media platforms that will showcase your thought leadership and allow you to refer back to your website. Check out my Natfluence Interview as an example.


Plan properly, be the ultimate source, be as resourceful as you can be and most important of all, do your part so that you will drive more traffic to your blog site now.


  1. This is really an excellent list. Too many bloggers overlook the importance of citing high-quality resources and truly engaging within their online community. You can only get so far in a vacuum, no matter how great your content may be! I wish I’d had this list when I was first getting started with my online career, but you live and you learn!

  2. After examine a couple of the blog posts on your website now, and I really like your approach to blogging.

    1. I’m glad you loved it. Thank you so much, your comments really motivate me to share more of such information.

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