17 Proven SaaS Marketing Strategies That Rock!

SaaS marketing is a tricky task that poses a number of challenges that most other marketers don’t face. Software as a Service, or SaaS, can be described as a method of distributing or delivering software. The software applications are centrally hosted by a service provider. So, you can see how it’s incredibly difficult to successfully market this service. SaaS marketing involves dealing with something that’s not only constantly changing, but also lacking a physical presence.

17 Proven SAAS Marketing Strategies

In this post, I’ll discuss some of the best SaaS marketing strategies to help successfully market your SaaS service to your target audience.

#1 Clearly display the price

Clearly showing how much your customers need to pay is one of the most important points to SaaS marketing. Build the pricing page in such a way that potential customers can quickly decide whether or not they can afford the price. In the example image below, the monthly and annual pricing details for Vimeo Plus can be clearly seen.

Clear pricing - SAAS marketing idea

#2 Give away free stuff

Unlike marketing physical products, SaaS marketing allows you to give away the full product for free to promote it. In fact, free trials are among the most effective marketing tactics for SaaS services. The key is to have an effective strategy that gets users to make a purchase later. Below, you can see how Ahrefs offers a free trial to visitors.

Ahrefs - free trial option - Saas promotion

#3 Offer fewer choices

Too many different choices can confuse potential customers, which may result in them abandoning a purchase. While four is a popular number for the variety of pricing plans offered, three might be better. A case study published on Unbounce showed how a 16.93% increase in conversions after the number of registration options was reduced from four to three.

fewer choices - unbounce study - Saas marketing

#4 Make sign-ups easy

When you want more people to try your SaaS product, you need to remove as many hurdles to the sign-up process as possible. Remember that asking for credit card information in a free trial sign-up could chase away potential customers. A case study by Content Verve found that a simplified three-step form was able to increase conversions by 30%. In the old three-step form depicted below, users had to enter quite a lot of information.

Make sign-ups easy

However, the new form below requires users to enter just over 10 fields to complete the sign-up process. Hassle-free sign-ups are crucial for SaaS marketing.

Make sign-ups easy -2

#5 Improve customer experience

Even if you have excellent products at great prices, you won’t really get ahead if your customers don’t have a good experience. A great way to ensure a better customer experience is by making your service as personalized as possible. For instance, send them a personalized welcome email once they complete the sign-up process. You could also send out such emails when you notice that active customers are slipping.
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#6 Create good deals

For SaaS marketing, getting users to pay upfront for a long period can help with the cash flow. Give customers good deals for a long-term contract like Ninja Outreach does. In the following image, you can see there’s a 25% off discount for a one-year contract. Retaining your customers for a longer term works wonders for your revenue. In fact, Gartner Group reported that 80% of your future revenue will be from just a few (20%) of your existing customers.

Pricing Features - Ninja outreach - good deals - saas strategies

#7 Engage users through important milestones

With SaaS marketing, it may be easy to get trial user, but it can be a huge challenge to convert them into long-term customers. This may be simpler if you improve customer engagement. Try creating success milestones like in the case of Hint Health. The company created key events, such as inviting other people to try the app and configuring their email address. After a few weeks, Hint Health was able to get a 10% increase in sales and pricing reviews.

#8 Speak to the right audience

For any business, attracting the right audience is one of the most basic steps to successful marketing. Even if you’re selling a great SaaS product or service, it’ll be of no use if you’re not selling to people who need it. Optimize your website’s content with the right keywords. Then, promote the content and your brand through the right platform for your target audience.

#9 Generate and manage leads better

Making conversions will be a big challenge if you can’t generate leads. In relation to the previous point, you need to be able to identify the users who are most likely to sign up for your SaaS. In the case of VolunteerMatch, a simple tweak in their CRM (customer relationship management) platform worked magic for their lead generation. Since they were now able to identify hot leads more efficiently, there was a 60% decrease in the percentage of lead conversion loss (from 40% to 16%).
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#10 Allow customers to compare easily

Most people compare products, features, and prices before making their final purchase decision. Improve your customer experience and conversions by making it easier for your potential customers to compare various plans. In the image below, you can see how Trackur has clearly displayed the prices and benefits of different plans.

clear compare options

#11 Give different currency options

This tip is especially necessary if you’re starting a global SaaS marketing campaign. Give your customers the option to view prices in different currencies. Basekit has done this perfectly in the image below.

Basekit - multiple currency options

#12 Help customers choose

Assist your website visitors in understanding the differences between the various SaaS plans you offer. This will make it easier for them to make a choice that satisfies them. In the following image, you’ll see how SEMRush has explained which plan is most ideal for whom.

SEMrush Pricing - saas marketing strategy

#13 Reward incentives for referrals

Building a bigger customer base and increasing conversions is the main goal of SaaS marketing. You can do this by asking existing customers to refer you to their friends. In return, you should offer them something for free. For instance, Dropbox offers extra storage space if you refer a friend.

Referrals Dropbox - Best SaaS marketing strategy

#14 Improve your value proposition

It’s especially easy for well-established brands to experience an undifferentiated growth in conversions and leads. It’s sometimes necessary to revamp your company’s value proposition to generate new leads. In the case of DonorPro, developing a better brand strategy helped the business increase its revenue by 37% and leads by 70%. Their logo was redesigned to prominently display the core selling proposition, “Power Your Purpose.”

redesign selling proposition - Saas marketing

#15 Be more playful

Like I’ve already mentioned earlier, increasing user engagement in your SaaS marketing can help improve your conversions and customer experience. Add some playfulness to your pricing page to increase engagement. In the Heroku pricing page below, users have the option to drag the “Worker Dynos” and “Web Dynos” sliders. This action results in a change in the prices.


#16 Set up a proper refund policy

Whether you offer no refunds or a 30-day money back guarantee, make sure your users are clearly informed about this. You could display it among your FAQs or create a separate page for your terms of service like Monitor Backlinks does. Either way, customers must know how things work in your SaaS. Using this SaaS marketing strategy will enhance their experience and build trust.

Monitor Backlinks - money back guarantee - Saas marketing Strategy

#17 Have a clear CTA

What do you want your audience to do? Do you want them to ‘sign up for a free trial’? Or do you want them to ‘buy now’? Whatever it may be, ensure they know the next action they should take. Experiment with different call-to-action buttons in terms of sizes, colors, fonts, and wordings. Run an A/B or split test to see which works best in generating the most conversions. The image below shows how Mixergy creates clear CTA buttons with the names of their plans.

Clear and strong CTA- Best SaaS marketing strategy

Do you have any other SaaS marketing tactics you’d like to share? Enter the discussion in the comment section below!
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Shane Barker is a digital marketing consultant who specializes in sales funnels, targeted traffic, and website conversions. He has consulted with Fortune 500 companies, influencers with digital products, and a number of A-List celebrities.


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