Usually, in January of every year, we all write down what we need to change, improve or modify in our life to be successful or happy for the upcoming year.   Even though I did write down a few things I wanted to improve upon, my list was relatively short.  When looking at my list, I wanted to write an article about what I appreciate, or am thankful for, not what I intend to change. Here is a countdown of top Entrepreneurs should appreciate in 2012.

My Top 8 Things Entrepreneurs Should Appreciate

  1. Innovation – it is the thing that keeps us pushing forward.
  2. Customers – these are the people that buy our crazy products or services.
  3. Collaboration – being able to find like-minded people that are as driven as we are
  4. Long Hours – being thankful that our long work hours go toward achieving that my goal.
  5. Change – we all have the ability to adopt/adapt (i.e. technology, the economy, etc.).
  6. Family/Friends – that support our ingenious or sometimes not so ingenious ideas.
  7. Helping Others– being able to help other entrepreneurs, so they can learn from our mistakes.
  8. Failure – without failure we won’t be who we are today.
I am a very positive person by nature and my struggles, failures, and roadblocks in life have made me what I am today.  I would never take that back.  I am a strong, diligent, driven entrepreneur that is ready to take on the world!  Who’s with me?