Short-form videos have become the new normal for entertainment, marketing, and connecting with new people across the globe. And apps like TikTok have billions of active global users.

But what would happen if your government banned TikTok or the platform itself became obsolete? Or your account got suspended! 

You'd certainly check out alternative TikTok apps to flex your creativity or be entertained. So, what are some apps like TikTok that can keep you up-to-date?

Don't break a sweat! By the end of this article, you'll have 15 apps similar to TikTok that can fit your unique taste and followers, just in case.

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Why Should You Check Out TikTok Alternatives

TikTok is best at what it does; offering a creative outlet and connecting creators to a wide community of users. However, TikTok has shortcomings, too. 

While TokTok bans accounts that post harassing or hateful content, there are cases that have taken a while before they got banned, and some offenders aren’t caught. There’s recently also been issues with how its parent company ByteDance, collects data from users. This CNBC article highlights important privacy issues.

Some countries still prohibit the use of TikTok on state-owned devices such as India. The current case in the USA might also end up in TikTok’s favor, which would see the app banned in the USA as well.

What are Some Apps Like TikTok 

Despite the exponential growth of TikTok, it can disappear in a moment, especially with the TikTok ban looming. 

With such uncertainty, you should have a second option. Here are 15 TikTok alternatives:

1. Likee

Headquartered in Singapore, Likee lets you create, share, and comment on videos and message other users privately. Likee is an alternative TikTok app if you're looking for a wide collection of editing tools to spice your creative short-form videos.


The creative tools are very similar to TikTok, which should make setting up and posting your awesome short videos an easy transition.

likee 2

Unlike TikTok, Likee allows you to search for other Likee users near you.

Features of Likee:

  • Music Magic filter. It allows you to apply effects to videos depending on the volume and intonation of the music. 
  • 4D Magic and Super Power. This mode recognizes your body position and allows you to edit the background.
  • Stickers. A store of masks and animations you can add to your video.
  • Dialogue Game. It is a track library from which you can pick a song unique to the video you're shooting.  

What to post

You can post music videos, lip-syncing challenges, hashtag trends, educational tidbits, makeup, news, or behind-the-scenes content. 

Number of users on Likee:

Approximately 150 million people actively use Likee every month.

Platforms Likee supports:

  • Android
  • IOS
  • Windows (web-based browsers such as Chrome and FireFox)
  • MacOS (web-based browsers such as Safari and Chrome)

2. Huddles

Huddles is an American-based video-creating platform that promotes authentic, creative, and community-based content. Brandond McNerney, who himself was a star on the now debunked VIne, is the CEO of Huddles.

Huddles was considered a direct competitor to TikTok and Likee, but have since changed their platform model. Creators create fanpages, that can either be subscription based or free, and share their video content on these pages, similar to Onlyfans.

They’ve also partnered with Meta, which allows creators to create videos for Facebook and Instagram that link back to their Huddles pages.


Features of Huddle:

  • Subscription based: Huddles is a great way for creators to monetize their video content through a monthly subscription model.
  • FanMail: Easily share content with your followers, as well as communicate with them.
  • A friendly and inclusive community 

What to post:

Huddle creators post content from comedy and beauty to dance challenges. The platform hosts a series of trending content to allow content creators to flex their creativity. 

Number of users on Huddle:

Huddles has over a million downloads on the Play Store

Platforms Huddle supports:

  • Android
  • IOS

3. Funimate

Located in San Francisco, USA, Funimate allows users to create, edit, and share video loops using a collection of sound effects, transitions, and songs. Funimate was initially a video editing tool, but later received social features as well.


Funimate is designed for the young generation to showcase their creativity, interact, and have fun. Because anonymous Funimate users can post iffy or explicit content, parental discretion is advised.



  • A wide collection of music and sounds, 20-plus video effects, and stickers allow you to add text to your videos.
  • You can collaborate with friends to do a skit–choose a song, create lip-sync videos, and then merge them. 
  • Beat Magic: Automatically creates transitions according to the beat of the music added to the video.

What to post:

Popular content on Funimate includes music videos, narrations, photographs, and sound recordings. 

Number of users on Funimate:

Funimate has over 10 million downloads on the Play Store, and has an average rating of 4.2 stars from over a million user reviews.

Platforms Funimate supports:

  • Android
  • IOS
  • Windows (web-based browsers such as Chrome and FireFox)
  • MacOS (web-based browsers such as Safari and Chrome)

4. Firework

Headquartered in San Mateo, USA, Firework focuses on creating high-quality videos across all genres. Unlike TikTok which only allows this feature on Livestreams, Firework lets you shoot videos using both front and rear cameras at the same time to capture every detail of your story for any video purpose. 

The in-app editing tool allows you to trim, crop, edit, and add background scores to your videos. Users stand a chance to win cash prizes for participating in the weekly video contests.



  • Direct message to connect with other users 
  • Time and speed adjustments 
  • Create, post, and repost videos 
  • No likes or comments 
  • Reveal tool to create and view videos horizontally

What to post:

Firework users post content from sponsored hashtags & challenges to ads and e-commerce brands.

Number of users on Firework:

Firework has a user community of 3 million-plus. 

Platforms Firework supports

  • Android
  • IOS
  • Windows (web-based browsers such as Chrome and FireFox)
  • MacOS (web-based browsers such as Safari and Chrome)

5. VideoShow

Located in Singapore, VideoShow is a TikTok alternative that lets you create short-form videos of up to 1 minute. The app offers plenty of filters, stickers, music, and live dubbing to make your videos amazing.


VideoShow is only a video and photo editor but can send your videos to other social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. It has some awesome cartoon filters, as well as a wide range of photo editing options.

The AI subtitle feature is a great addition. This tool automatically adds subtitles to any video you add.

Unfortunately, the free version will leave a watermark on your videos, so you’ll need to subscribe for watermark free videos.

videoshow watermark


  • 50-plus video themes 
  • Integration with other social platforms 
  • Doodle texts, filters, and special effects tools 
  • Tools to blur the background and adjust voice speeds

What to post:

Funny videos, memes, personalized videos (birthdays, weddings, and Valentine's Day), and creative vlogs.

Number of users on VideoShow:

VideoShow has over 100 million downloads on the Play Store with an average score of 4.7 out of 5 from 5.5 million reviews.

Platforms VideoShow supports:

  • Android
  • IOS
  • Windows (web-based browsers such as Chrome and FireFox)
  • MacOS (web-based browsers such as Safari and Chrome)

6. Snapchat

Headquartered in Santa Monica, CA, Snapchat is the go-to platform if you want to experience fun, share or market a brand. Users can create, view, or share short temporal videos of up to 60 seconds. 

It’s main focus is on socials through video content, unlike TikTok which is mainly for sharing video content to followers. Snapchat has a host of social features such as direct messaging, and creating and sending videos in chat that expire after a set time.


Snapchat offers a library of lenses that you can use to show your creativity, a personal map to discover the world, and live chat with friends. 

Snapchat features:

  • Sync your data across all your user devices and the cloud. 
  • Make voice calls over the internet using VoIP calls
  • Augmented reality (face filter) to add visual effects to your image or video 
  • Snapchat Discover to search for the content you like 

What to post:

SnapChat allows you to share photos, and videos, conduct interviews, showcase big reveals, offer tips, and hold Q&A sessions. 

Number of users on Snapchat:

Snapchat has 375 million daily active users.

Platforms SnapChat supports:

  • Android
  • IOS
  • Windows (web-based browsers such as Chrome and FireFox)
  • MacOS (web-based browsers such as Safari and Chrome)

7. Instagram Reels

There's a good reason the American-based Instagram introduced Instagram Reels in 2020. And that's to be a TikTok competitor in creating snackable and quick short videos up to 30 seconds.

Reels offers a collection of editing tools to make your videos seamless. You can go live or use hashtags to promote your content and brand. Instagram Reels is one of the top competitors of TikTok, as Instagram’s user base is already quite large. 

It also seamlessly integrates with the rest of Instagram’s social features, which makes it one of the best TikTok alternatives.


  • Dual camera. You can capture different images at the same time using your front and rear cameras.
  • Add caption. This option allows you to automatically add subtitles to your reels.
  • Turn Instagram highlights into reels. You can now convert the stories on your profile into short videos. 

What to post:

Digital marketing, motivations, tutorials, comics, fashion, and music videos. 

The number of users on Instagram Reels

The monthly active users on Reels are 2.35 billion. 

Platforms Instagram Reels supports

  • Android
  • IOS
  • Windows (web-based browsers such as Chrome and FireFox)
  • MacOS (web-based browsers such as Safari and Chrome)

8. YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts is a direct TikTok competitor offering the global community an alternative way of creating and sharing short-form videos. The American-based social platform lets creatives and artists shoot reels using the Shorts camera. 

YouTube provides a library of editing tools you can use to perfect your art and reach a wider audience. The Shorts you create play on YouTube and jump to the next once the consumer(s) is done watching.

youtube shorts


  • Allow users to shoot vertical videos 
  • Speed up or slow down recording speed 
  • Add captions 
  • Feeds for easy searching 

What to post:

Fashion, tutorials, stories, funny videos, and other creative vlogs.

Number of users on YouTube Shorts: 

Shorts has 2 billion monthly active users. 

Platforms YouTube Shorts supports:

  • Android
  • IOS
  • Windows (web-based browsers such as Chrome and FireFox)
  • MacOS (web-based browsers such as Safari and Chrome)

9. Triller

Triller is an alternative if not the best pick for dance like the TikTok app. Based in Los Angeles, Triller lets you create videos of the length of the song you are dancing to. Triller is very much for users who love the TikTok dance crazes, as most of its content is dance focused.

Triller comes loaded with an AI-powered algorithm to help you edit your videos, capture your movements, and add music, stickers, or filters to videos.



  • AI-powered video editing 
  • Real-time movement analysis 
  • Access to Apple Music and Spotify collections 

What to post:

Music videos, comics, dances, and fashion.

Number of users on Triller:

Triller has over 10 million downloads on the Play Store, with an average review of 4.6 out of 5 from 240K reviews.

Platforms Triller supports

  • Android
  • IOS
  • Windows (web-based browsers such as Chrome and FireFox)
  • MacOS (web-based browsers such as Safari and Chrome)

10. Zoomerang

Located in San Francisco, CA, Zoomerang is a viable TikTok alternative that lets you create, edit, and share short videos. Scrolling through Zoomerang, I did notice a lot of beauty content, and it seems that a lot of users on Zoomerang are beauty content creators.


Zoomerang offers a library of music, filters, transitions, and templates to help you make amazing videos. It also offers tutorials to get you started on the app.


  • Tutorials tailored to help you create high-quality videos 
  • Up-to-date music library 
  • Subscription version to unlock more features 
  • Creators templates to help you build your brand 
  • 100s of artistic effects and filters, text fonts, transitions, GIFs, and emojis to spice your creativity.

What to post:

Tutorials, comic skits, music videos, beauty and fashion, and lifestyle content.

Number of users on Zoomerang:

Zoomerang has over 10 million downloads on the Play Store, with an average review of 4.3 out of 5 from 177K reviews.

Platforms Zoomerang supports

  • Android
  • IOS
  • Windows (web-based browsers such as Chrome and FireFox)
  • MacOS (web-based browsers such as Safari and Chrome)

11. Chingari

Headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, Chingari is the TikTok alternative for the Indian audience. Considering that TikTok has been banned in India, Chingari quickly became one of the favorite TikTok alternatives among its local content creators. 

The app features lip-sync, visual effects, and comic boxes that allow creatives to add flavor to their videos.



  • Audio room. It's an in-app feature users can use to create and customize live voice discussions. It allows the moderator to choose who can join the audio room, speak, or get banned. 
  • $GARI wallet. This option allows users and creators to earn redeemable tokens based on the number of views their videos get.

What to post:

Dances, funny videos, lip-sync/voice-over movie dialogues.

Number of users on Chingari:

Chingari has a 150 million community of users (45 million-plus monthly active users). 

Platforms Chingari Supports: 

  • Android
  • IOS
  • Windows (web-based browsers such as Chrome and FireFox)
  • MacOS (web-based browsers such as Safari and Chrome)

12. Kwai

Based in Beijing, China, Kwai is a TikTok competitor when it comes to trends and fun challenges. The app's interface is easy to use–scroll through your feed section to like, comment, share, or create new videos. 

Stay up-to-date on Kwai by watching the latest viral trends. You can use the ‘stories’ feature to share stories that expire after 48 hours.



  • You can use the music video tool to add a song, filters, and effects to your slideshow.
  • Use the cut, trim, or beautification features to make your videos look better.

What to post:

Popular content posted on Kwai revolves around beauty, pranks, magic illusions, dances, and funny videos.

Number of users on Kwai:

Kwai has 100 million-plus monthly active users. 

Platforms Kwai Supports:

  • Android
  • IOS
  • Windows (web-based browsers such as Chrome and FireFox)
  • MacOS (web-based browsers such as Safari and Chrome)

13. MuStar

Based in Los Angeles, United States, MuStar is another app similar to TikTok that lets you create and edit lip-sync and music videos.  MuStar app is easy to use and allows you to compete with your friends in dancing or other battles.



  • Make one video from multiple clips and edit lip-sync with music and photos
  • A collection of stickers, music, and sound effects to help you create cool videos 
  • Advanced rotate tools for fast glitch editing 
  • Glitch photo editor with a library of songs and Vlog music 
  • Crop, speed up or add slow motion to videos and export in HD quality

What to post:

Dance, comedy, fashion & beauty, lip-synching, and vlogs 

Number of users on MuStar:

MuStar is yet to disclose its current user base although it has 100,000+ downloads. 

Platforms MuStar supports:

  • Android
  • IOS

14. Dubsmash

If you're looking for an app like TikTok, try the New York-based Dubsmash. The platform is great for creating fun and lip-sync skits. 

Dubsmash offers a collection of sounds and editing tools to help you flex your art. 

Like TikTok, Dubsmash shows videos in  categories and allows you to save videos to your camera roll or share them on other social media platforms. The “friends” section allows you to search and watch videos from the users you follow.



  • A library of sounds and editing tools including TV and movie quotes. 
  • News feed for suggestions on who to follow and watch what your friends post.
  • Record, share, or save videos to your camera roll 

What to post:

Users post lip-sync videos, comedy, and music skits.

Number of users on Dubsmash:

Dubsmash has more than 100 million active users. 

Platforms Dubsmash supports:

  • Android
  • IOS

15. Lomotif

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, Lomotif offers a music-video experience similar to TikTok. The app lets you create videos and slideshows, and add any song of your preference, GIFs, and special themes.

You can ask your Lomotif friends for a video making collaboration and edit it in-app. The app also features Birthday and New Year templates to optimize your profile on such important days.



  • A wider user community to interact and share your videos with 
  • Trim, zoom in and out, and slow-motion tools 
  • Beauty filters, stickers, and emojis

What to post:

You can post funny videos, dances, DIY, music videos, lifestyle, and fashion trends. 

Number of users on Lomotif:

The platform has over 50 million monthly active users. 

Platform Lomotif supports:

  • Android
  • IOS
  • Windows (web-based browsers such as Chrome and FireFox)
  • MacOS (web-based browsers such as Safari and Chrome)

What is the Best Alternative TikTok Platform?

Apps like TikTok, despite their wide user community, can become obsolete at any moment. Such uncertainty necessitates checking out apps similar to TikTok.

Clash byte TikTok competitors are mentioned above. But which is the best option?

The best TikTok alternative is the one that fits your needs, and tastes, and connects you with the ideal audience.  It should have a set of editorial features, be user-friendly, and be easy to integrate with other platforms.

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