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Shane Barker is a digital marketing consultant who specializes in sales funnels, targeted traffic, and website conversions. He has consulted with Fortune 500 companies, influencers with digital products, and a number of A-List celebrities.
15 02, 2019

Top 15 eSports Influencers You Need to Know in 2019

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The eSports market has evolved from a leisure-time activity for geeks and nerds, to almost half a billion dollar industry. According to Statista, the global eSports market size was $493 million in 2017 and is expected to reach $1.6 billion by 2020. The industry started with gamers streaming their game performances on Twitch and YouTube and was earlier limited to a niche audience. It is now becoming mainstream, with large networks airing gaming events and large brands getting involved in [...]

14 02, 2019

12 Proven SaaS Marketing Strategies That Rock! (Updated February 2019)

By |2019-2-14|Digital Marketing|2 Comments

Did you know that according to Cisco’s Global Cloud Index, by 2021, 75% of cloud workflows will be delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS)? This clearly indicates the growing popularity of the SaaS business model and this has created a lot of competition in the industry. It is difficult for SaaS companies to differentiate their services from competitors and stand out in the industry. This is where SaaS marketing strategies can help you. However, SaaS marketing is more difficult [...]

14 02, 2019

30 Proven Ideas to Increase Ecommerce Conversions [INFOGRAPHIC] (Updated February 2019)

By |2019-2-14|Conversions, eCommerce|6 Comments

Setting up an ecommerce business demands a lot of time, resources, and hard work. You need to decide what products you’d like to sell, figure out the best shipping options, choose your domain/brand name, build your ecommerce website, and start selling. Unlike brick-and-mortar businesses, an ecommerce website enables you to get your products and content in front of your consumers. It also increases your chances to get people to visit, check out your products, engage with them, and buy. [...]

13 02, 2019

Learn How to Conduct a Technical SEO Audit in 9 Simple Steps

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Thanks to the ever-growing competition in the digital marketing space, you need to remain at the top of your game. SEO is a major contributor to any website’s success and is one factor that cannot be ignored. SEO is very critical for the success of any online business. In fact, about 61% of marketers say that SEO is their primary focus for inbound marketing. You may have built your website well but if the SEO is not up to the [...]

12 02, 2019

How To Become An Influencer – A Beginner’s Guide

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Social media influencers are all the rage right now. Brands want to collaborate with them in order to expand their reach and drive conversions. The followers of influencers, on the other hand, look forward to expert advice and recommendation from them. With the popularity of influencer marketing, it is only natural that people are becoming increasingly curious about how to become an influencer. However, building and retaining a community of devoted followers isn’t as easy as it appears to be. [...]

11 02, 2019

How to Create the Perfect URL Structure for SEO

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Is the URL structure all that important for SEO? Isn’t it pretty insignificant compared to the actual on-page content and shouldn’t I actually focus on creating good content instead? If that’s what you’re thinking right now, I’ve got news for you. Your URL structure is one of the first things that users get to see and so, it’s a crucial element of your on-page SEO. Getting your URL structure right can certainly give you an edge over your competitors and [...]

8 02, 2019

18 of the Best Hashtag Tracking Tools to Monitor Your Social Success

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Hashtag campaigns are an essential part of any digital marketer’s social media marketing strategy. Marketers need to find relevant hashtags to enhance the reach of their posts or reach a relevant audience. They also need to track and measure the performance of their hashtag campaigns to see which ones are performing well. Hashtag tracking tools are really helpful for finding and tracking hashtags. They can also help you measure the performance of your hashtags so that you can improve your [...]

7 02, 2019

Will App Store Optimization Kill Search Engine Optimization? (Updated February 2019)

By |2019-2-7|ASO, SEO|1 Comment

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a tactic adopted by digital marketers and is an essential part of any digital marketing strategy. Marketers spend considerable time and effort to improve their website rankings, build backlinks, and get more website traffic using these techniques. The majority of consumers now use mobile devices for online searches, product research, and product discovery. Due to this, a lot of marketers started focusing on mobile-first optimization strategies and redesigned their websites to be mobile friendly. But [...]