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Shane Barker is a digital marketing consultant that specializes in sales funnels, targeted traffic and website conversions. He has consulted with Fortune 500 companies, Influencers with digital products, and a number of A-List celebrities.
  • How to Rock Your First Product Launch
28 02, 2017

How to Rock Your First Product Launch

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You’re going to launch your first product and you’re almost crippled by the fear of failure. That’s perfectly normal, and you have every reason to be afraid. This doesn’t mean you back out or you let your fear prevent you from preparing a rocking product launch plan. 6 Ways to Rock Your First Product Launch In this post, I’ll provide you with effective tips to successfully pull off your first product launch. Learn how to overcome your fears, and what it [...]

  • Micro VS Macro: How To Get The Most Bang For Your Buck With Influencer Marketing
21 02, 2017

Micro vs Macro: How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck with Influencer Marketing

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You’re planning to launch an influencer marketing campaign. You already know that influencer marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing channels. You’ve set aside a budget, and started to plan your campaign. Now you want to know how to get the most bang for your buck, and maximize the effectiveness, and ROI of your campaign. To ensure that every penny is put to good use, you need to find the right influencers, and carefully plan your strategy. How much you spend on [...]

  • Product Launch Failures
14 02, 2017

6 of the Worst Product Launch Failures (And What You Need to Learn From Them)

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Are you on the verge of launching a new product? Or are you still in the process of developing one? Whatever the case may be, you obviously want to do everything you can to ensure your product launch is successful. That means you need to carefully plan every aspect of your launch - from product development, to your product launch promotion. To help you with your product launch planning, here are six of the worst product launch failures, and what you can learn [...]

7 02, 2017

The Ultimate Guide to Speed Up Your Influencer Outreach Campaign

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Need help with your first influencer outreach campaign? Or maybe your previous campaign wasn’t effective enough, and now you need some professional guidance. Whatever the case may be, this post will provide you with useful tips, and step-by-step instructions for carrying out your campaign effectively. From defining your goal and searching for influencers, to conducting your email outreach, this is a detailed guide to speed up your influencer outreach campaign. Step 1: Come up with a Defined Campaign Goal What every [...]

31 01, 2017

Why is Influencer Marketing Better than Celebrity Endorsements?

By ||2017-2-6|Blog, Influencer Marketing|1 Comment

For decades, celebrities have been endorsing products and influencing the purchase decisions of the masses. But the past few years, many brands have been switching to influencer marketing. In fact, influencer marketing has become so popular that 86% of marketers were using it in 2016, according to a study by Linqia. But what exactly is the difference between getting marketers to promote your product, and working with influencers for promotion? And why is influencer marketing considered to be so much better [...]

24 01, 2017

10 Influencer Marketing Case Studies With Insane Results

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You’ve read influencer marketing tips and how-to guides from experts. But there’s only so much you can learn from instructions alone. The best way to truly understand anything is from real-life examples. From successful influencer marketing case studies, you can learn a lot about what to do, and how to do it effectively. Check out ten of the best influencer marketing campaigns with amazing results below. Case Study #1: RESCUE RESCUE wanted to promote their range of natural remedies, with a focus on [...]

  • 10 Inexpensive Ways to Successfully Promote Your Product Launch
17 01, 2017

10 Inexpensive Ways to Successfully Promote Your Product Launch

By ||2017-1-17|Product Launch|1 Comment

You have a new product that’s ready to launch, but something’s holding you back. You’re not sure that your product launch marketing ideas are going to be effective enough. But you're concerned that other, "better," marketing strategies are beyond your budget. You're scared that if you're not able to generate enough buzz for your new product, that it'll fail before it ever really has a chance. You're right to be afraid. According to the Insights Association, 60% of new products never even make it [...]

  • micro-influencers
3 01, 2017

The Ultimate Guide to Micro-Influencers [GIFOGRAPHIC]

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You may have heard of influencer marketing, and the value influencers bring to your business. But have you heard of micro-influencers? These influencers may not have massive followings like other influencers, who have millions of followers. But they have the ability to generate higher levels of engagement with a relevant audience, which could give you more value for your money. How Can You Benefit from Micro-Influencers? There are several ways you can benefit from working with micro-influencers: Relevance – A [...]

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