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About Ilan Nassimi

Written by Ilan Nassimi for Fueled, a digital product design and development incubator globally recognized for its work in the mobile space. At Fueled, we don't just build apps; with teams of designers, developers and strategists based in New York, Chicago and London, we create visually stunning products that redefine the technical boundaries of today's mobile development standards.
31 03, 2014

Six Young Black Entrepreneurs and Their Businesses

By |03/31/2014|Blog|0 Comments

Much like the dawn of the Industrial Age toward the end of the 19th century, the spirit of entrepreneurship remains an invaluable commodity for America, perhaps even the country’s greatest asset. This is particularly true of young black entrepreneurs who have historically been underrepresented in the market. But it’s a new day and the number of African Americans who are carving out their own paths and running their own businesses is in an upswing. Here are seven such young black [...]

4 03, 2014

6 Insane Things Said By Successful People

By |03/04/2014|Blog|0 Comments

The most well-respected entrepreneurs have worked hard to get to where they are. In fact, you might even call them insane, since they are so driven to bring their visions and dreams into fruition. Entrepreneurs need to persevere and be resilient to make things happen.  So, if these people are insane, does that mean they say insane things? You be the judge of that. 1. “The higher you go in a company, the less oxygen there is, so supporting intelligent [...]

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