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Highly regarded on the world speaker circuit, Lilach has graced Forbes and Number 10 Downing Street. She’s a hugely connected and highly influential entrepreneur. She is listed in Forbes as one of the top 20 women social media power influencers, named one of 10 top digital marketers by Brand24 and was crowned the Social Influencer of Europe by Oracle. She is listed as the number one Influencer in the UK by Career Experts and is a recipient for a Global Women Champions Award for her outstanding contribution and leadership in business.
8 08, 2019

5 Awesome Social Media Blogs for Businesses and Marketers (Updated August 2019)

By |08/08/2019|Social Media|0 Comments

Whether you’re a business owner or marketer, you could greatly benefit from setting aside an hour or two each week to read the best social media blogs. They can help you bone up on the latest case studies, guides, and tip articles centered on the dependably fast-moving world of social media. If you’re interested in engaging and interacting with customers, and finding a bigger audience for your goods or services – and let’s be real, who isn’t? Social media blogs [...]

7 08, 2019

5 YouTube Tips and Tricks That Will Help You Grow Your Channel ( Updated August 2019 )

By |08/07/2019|Social Media|0 Comments

Are you using YouTube to promote your business, your website/blog, or simply to raise your personal profile? YouTube is a great promotional platform with a huge user base of over 1 billion subscribers. And they watch billions of videos every day about every possible subject you can think of. Just take a look at these statistics: YouTube is the second most popular site in the world after Google. Every single day, YouTubers spend over a billion hours watching content on [...]

20 06, 2019

Tips and Tools for Creating Awesome Social Media Videos

By |06/20/2019|Social Media|0 Comments

Are you leveraging marketing videos on your social media channels? If not, perhaps you should think about it. Video is enjoying a meteoric rise, fueled by changing consumer habits, growth in mobile usage, and the unstoppable march of streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. According to Brightcove, more than half (53%) of consumers say that they engage with a brand after watching one of their videos on social media. For digital-native millennials, meanwhile, the figure jumps to 66%. [...]

24 01, 2019

5 Essential Business Tools to Boost Your Results and Help You Save Money

By |01/24/2019|Digital Marketing|0 Comments

There are many personal qualities typically associated with successful business people. Drive. Commitment. Confidence. Passion. But in our frenetic digital age, even the best of us need a little help running our companies. And with so many helpful, effective, data-driven software and solutions at our disposal, why would we shoulder the burden of doing it all ourselves? In this blog post, I’m going to talk about 5 types of tools which are rightly considered essential for most modern businesses. When [...]

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