Effective social media influencer marketing collaborations have been helping brands generate more sales and a higher ROI. You can also identify and partner with suitable automotive influencers to gain more exposure for your brand.

Wondering how influencer marketing can help brands in the auto industry?

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The right social media influencers can help you connect with your audience directly and engage people who are likely to be genuinely interested in your products.

Many auto brands such as Jeep, Volvo, Subaru, and Ferrari are already driving success with top automotive influencers. Similarly, you can too.

All you need is to identify the right automotive influencers for your brand. The authentic voices of these social media influencers can help you widen your brand’s reach and also impact the buying decisions of your target audience.

The Most Popular Automotive Influencers You Can Partner With

Let’s take a look at 13 leading automotive influencers who can help you execute successful social media influencer marketing campaigns.

Automotive Influencer #1: Tim Shmee

Tim Burton, popularly known as Tim Shmee, started the brand, Shmee150, in January 2010. He travels the world to cover exclusive events and film some of the best luxury cars.

It all started when Tim got a chance to drive two brand new luxurious cars, a Lamborghini LP670-4 Superveloce and a Ferrari 458 Italia.

He created a short film of these two cars, which received an amazing response. This led to the creation of his Shmee150 empire.

This automotive influencer created his YouTube channel in 2006 and currently, he has more than 2.32 million subscribers.

tim shmee automotive influencer

Image via YouTube

Tim enthusiastically indulges in car adventures such as road trips and car rallies. That’s because he enjoys filming them and creating engaging videos for his audience.

In his videos, Tim shares his personal and honest experiences about the automotive industry.

Authenticity helps him connect with his social media followers in a better way and also enables him to attract new subscribers and followers.

If you are interested in the automotive industry, you can also follow his Instagram account, which already has over 1.5 million followers.

Automotive Influencer #2: Dan

Dan is an automotive influencer and motor vlogger. He creates vlogs to share his motorcycle riding experiences with his YouTube followers. He is equally active on Instagram too.

You can find his official Instagram account by the name, @diwd_official. Dan updates his followers about his upcoming videos there and also shares pictures of incredible automobiles and luxury cars.

He has more than 319K followers on his Instagram profile.

dan automotive influencer

Image via Instagram

His YouTube channel, Do It With Dan, has more than 1.27 million subscribers. Dan started his YouTube channel in 2013 and his first ever video was titled, “Wheelie Practice With Dan.”

dan youtube automotive influencer

Image via YouTube

Automotive Influencer #3: David Patterson

David is an automotive influencer, gamer, and car enthusiast who runs his YouTube channel by the name of ThatDudeinBlue. He started the channel in September 2011 and posted his first ever YouTube video in June 2012.

In his YouTube videos, this automotive influencer talks about his opinions on various automobiles and reviews new cars.

In addition to this, he also likes to share live gameplay videos with his subscribers. David has more than 1.18 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

david patterson automotive influencer

Image via YouTube

David also maintains an active Instagram account with 262K followers. Other than posting exciting photos of cars, he also uses his Instagram profile to notify his followers about new videos.

david patterson instagram automotive influencer

Image via Instagram

Automotive Influencer #4: Matt Farah

Matt Farah is a car enthusiast, filmmaker, and automotive influencer.

He hosts The Smoking Tire podcast, which is a weekly, 90-minute radio show covering the automotive industry. Matt shares behind-the-scenes experiences of testing cars during the podcast.

If you are a car enthusiast, you need to listen to his podcast episodes. The Smoking Tire ranks in the top three in the Automotive category on iTunes.

The guests he invites are usually experts from the automotive industry, engineers, Hollywood stunt drivers, and stand-up comedians.

All of the guests sit together and share their personal, unfiltered, and uncensored experiences. And they feature exclusive cars such as the Audi R8 4.2 Supercharged,  Ferrari 458 Italia, and 2011 Shelby GT500.

Matt also runs a YouTube channel by the same name, TheSmokingTire. Launched in 2009, his channel has more than 1.04 million subscribers. And it is the ultimate destination to look for automotive adventures and video reviews.

matt farah automotive influencer

Image via YouTube

His Instagram account, @thesmokingtire, has more than 294K followers. He shares his personal stories, photos from car events and rallies, and updates about his new videos.

matt farah instagram automotive influencer

Image via Instagram

Automotive Influencer #5: Seb Delanney

Seb Delanney is passionate about cars and loves to document his adventure and travel stories with his followers.

This French automotive influencer recently launched his YouTube channel, Seb Delanney Fr. But he already has over 248K subscribers.

The first video he posted was on, “Porsche Boxster Spyder | Better Than The Cayman GT4 ?!.” It managed to gain more than 40K views.

seb delanney automotive influencer

Image via YouTube

Initially, he created videos in English but now he prefers to film his videos in French. Seb also collaborates with fellow automotive influencers and YouTubers such as Tim Shmee.

Other than YouTube, Seb also uses Instagram actively. His Instagram account, @sebdelanney, has 288K followers. He loves to share his passion for cars through impressive photos in his Instagram posts.

seb delanney instagram automotive influencer

Image via Instagram

He is also the Co-Founder of BnGet, which organizes a competition and offers an all-inclusive, extravagant, luxury holiday for its winners.

Automotive Influencer #6: Krispy

Chris Petruccio started his YouTube journey in 2012 by reviewing Apple products such as phones, speakers, and cases. He quickly realized his love for social media and video making.

Gradually, he developed a passion for the automotive industry. This automotive influencer travels around the world to visit and cover various car shows. Along with cars, Chris is equally passionate about photography and videography.

krispy automotive influencer

Image via YouTube

He has more than 500K followers on his YouTube channel, Krispy Media. His Instagram account, @krispy, has 238K followers. He leverages the two social media platforms to share photos and short videos of car shows.

krispy instagram automotive influencer

Image via Instagram

Chris is also the Founder and CEO of Krispy Media. You can shop his merchandise products such as tees, hoodies, stickers, accessories, and prints.

Automotive Influencer #7: Rob Dahm

Rob Dahm is a sports car expert, entrepreneur, and a popular YouTuber. He owns a 7-figure empire, Computer Works Inc, a company that provides IT solutions and services to small businesses.

This automotive influencer has immense knowledge of cars and is passionate about the automotive industry. Rob takes pride in showing off his most prized possessions, a Mazda RX-7 and a Lamborghini.

He leverages his YouTube channel, Rob Dahm, to showcase his auto adventures. He started this channel in 2008.

rob dahm automotive influencer

Image via YouTube

Along with videos about cars, he also loves to create and share engaging entrepreneurial videos on his YouTube channel.

This Michigan automotive influencer has 955K subscribers on YouTube and he is also quite active on Instagram (287K followers).

rob dahm instagram automotive influencer

Image via Instagram

Automotive Influencer #8: Rob Ferretti

Rob Ferretti is a lover of fancy, elegant, and fast cars. This automotive influencer owns a collection of exotic, multi-dollar cars.

He helped found a million-dollar company, Gotham Dream Cars, which provides exotic cars for rent. You can find his rental car stores in the prime locations of the United States including Miami, New York, and Los Angeles.

He created his YouTube channel, superspeedersRob, in 2007. He creates amazing car videos and shares his experiences with his 801K subscribers.

rob ferretti automotive influencer

Image via YouTube

He is also active on Instagram and shares content under the name, @robferretti. He leverages this visual social media platform to share impressive images that capture his car adventures.

Till now, he has posted 3K+ posts and has 81.3K followers.

rob ferretti instagram automotive influencer

Image via Instagram

Automotive Influencer #9: Kyle Lindsey

As a child, Kyle Lindsey spent most of his time at his father’s car dealership, which drove him into the world of automobiles.

That’s how he started his YouTube channel, Saabkyle04, in 2007, and gradually became an automotive influencer. His channel has more than 1.3 million subscribers.

kyle lindsey automotive influencer

Image via YouTube

He frequently posts in-depth tour videos of new vehicles and also posts about dealership startups. What makes him stand out from the rest, is his authenticity.

Kyle creates unbiased and honest review videos, which are a valuable resource for all car buyers in the world. The cars he reviews vary from ultra-exotic ones to classics, and all freshly-launched car models.

He was also featured in a magazine called Car and Driver. And he is an avid Instagrammer with 45.8K followers on his Instagram account, @saabkyle04llc.

kyle lindsey instagram automotive influencer

Image via Instagram

Automotive Influencer #10: Damen Knight

Damen Knight is an automotive influencer who loves cars. He created his YouTube channel, Damen Knight, in 2012.

A review video he posted by the title, “Review of the 2015 Lexus RCF,” in 2018 managed to gain more than 34K views.

damen knight automotive influencer

Image via YouTube

He has more than 3.7K subscribers on his YouTube channel and 17.3K followers on Instagram. You can look for authentic car reviews and impressive photos on his social media profiles.

damen knight instagram automotive influencer

Image via Instagram

Automotive Influencer #11: Troy Sowers

Troy is a curious Pennsylvanian automotive influencer who is intrigued by airplanes, bikes, cars, and essentially everything that can be driven. He is equally fascinated by simple and exotic cars, ranging from MotoGP to Formula1.

Troy started his YouTube journey in 2008 and as of now, he has more than 109K subscribers to his channel, Troy Sowers.

He frequently creates engaging content for car buyers about muscle cars, tuner cars, exotic cars, tips and tricks, and how-to videos.

He is an enthusiastic automotive influencer, who loves details. Because of this, he founded Detail Lab, which primarily focuses on detailing, high-end paint correction, and ceramic coatings.

troy sowers automotive influencer

Image via YouTube

With 47.6K social media followers, Troy is also active on Instagram under the name, @troysowers. In his Instagram posts, he likes to share photos that showcase his car adventures, detailing, and automotive adventures.

troy sowers instagram automotive influencer

Image Source – Instagram

Automotive Influencer #12: Magnus Walker

Magnus is a car enthusiast and automotive influencer who loves to travel and meet new people.

Since childhood, he was fascinated with Porsche, especially the 911 model. So, he started collecting the vintage 911 model of Porsche and customizing them.

He created his YouTube channel, Magnus Walker, in 2011 and has more than 67.5K subscribers now. He loves to share his Porsche customizations and other car adventures with his audience.

magnus walker automotive influencer

Image via YouTube

Due to his passion for Porsche, he founded Urban Outlaw Shop, which produces the highest quality automotive apparel motivated by the vintage Porsche 911.

They also offer other merchandise products such as baseball caps, hoodies, T-shirts, and stickers.

He is also equally active on Instagram and has more than 767K followers.

Fun fact: There is a documentary called, “Urban Outlaw,” based on Magnus’ life and his love for Porsche. It was showcased during the 2012 Raindance Film Festival.

The documentary helped him get featured in Jay Leno's Garage (2017), the video game – Need for Speed (2015), and The Joe Rogan Experience (2015).

magnus walker instagram automotive influencer

Image via Instagram

Automotive Influencer #13: Mike

Mike is a YouTuber, car lover, and automotive influencer. He created his YouTube channel, Street Speed 717, in 2015. He now has 1.2 million subscribers.

He bought his first car, a 1989 Chevy Silverado, when he was just 16 years old. His second car was a 1992 Single Cab Short Bed Chevy.

Now he proudly owns cars such as a 1993 Volkswagen Corrado VR6, a 2019 Corvette ZR1, a 2500HD Duramax Diesel, an 800 HP C7 Z06, and a 2017 McLaren 570S.

On his YouTube channel, he primarily posts car review videos and also creates videos in collaboration with other car enthusiasts such as Tony Sowers.

mike automotive influencer

Image via YouTube

Mike actively uses Instagram as @streetspeed717. He posts and shares amazing pictures of his car adventures with his 444K followers.

He also leverages Instagram to update his followers about his upcoming car adventures.

mike instagram automotive influencer

Image via Instagram

Who is the Biggest Auto Influencer?

It’s important that you team up with the right automotive influencers for your brand's influencer marketing goals.

The list of social media auto influencers mentioned above will surely help you to identify influencers in the automotive industry who can be a good fit for your business and social media campaign goals.

Do you know of any other leading automotive influencer who should be a part of this list? If so, please feel free to mention them in the comments below.


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