Did you know that the average popup conversion rate for a website is 3.09%? That percentage might not seem very high, but it can add up, especially if your website has a high amount of traffic.

Popup plugins can help you turn your WordPress site into a conversion machine. They can help you convert new website visitors into customers and email subscribers. However, choosing the wrong plugin could affect your credibility.

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The best WordPress popup plugins can help you boost your conversion rates and business reviews while improving user experience without slowing down your website.

Keep reading to learn:

  • What to consider when choosing a suitable WordPress popup plugin for your website
  • 14 best WordPress popup plugins to improve your website conversions

Factors to Consider When Choosing a WordPress Popup Plugin for Your Website

Here’s what you should consider when choosing the best WordPress popup plugin for your website or online store:

User Experience

While you aim to grow your email list with a suitable popup, be careful not to use just any plugin, as it could disrupt your website’s user experience.

Ensure the WordPress popup plugin you choose reflects your brand identity, gives you control, and offers smooth navigation and behavior interaction.

The best WordPress popup plugins offer powerful conversion features while providing a seamless user experience.

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Ease of Use

Consider how easy it is to handle and customize the plugin.

Select a plugin that provides features such as:

  • Several templates to choose from
  • Customizable scroll trigger options
  • Excellent customer support
  • Smooth integration with your email marketing service

Website Performance

The majority of popup plugins load synchronously with your website’s code, which can cause a significant increase in server load time.

A slow website will often rank lower in search engine results pages (SERPs) since search engines prefer most websites to load in under three seconds.

So, you should choose the best popup plugin that maximizes conversions without slowing down your WordPress site.

Web Hosting Compatibility

Make sure your web host supports the WordPress popup plugin you decide to use.

Several hosting companies now use advanced caching systems. This won’t work with the key features like A/B testing of some WordPress popup plugins if they’re coded poorly.

Before we move on to the list of the best WordPress popup plugins, also check out the best SEO plugins you may need for your WordPress site.

14 Best WordPress Popup Plugins

Are you looking for the most suitable popup plugin with drag-and-drop builders to boost your email list and website conversion rates?

Here are the 14 best popup plugins for your WordPress site:

1. HubSpot WordPress Plugin

hubspot wordpress plugin

HubSpot WordPress Plugin is a free and efficient marketing plugin for generating leads, building your email list, and generating more conversions and sales.

This popup builder plugin also includes other relevant lead generation and list-building tools such as form builder, live chat, email marketing, and detailed analytics.

HubSpot can also manage your contacts in its customer relationship management (CRM) software for easy follow-ups and customer support.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop builder
  • Forms including slide-ins, inline, overlay modals, and top banners
  • Targeting options with advanced filter options such as URL, page time, and on-page behavior
  • Integration with popular email marketing services and form builders
  • CRM and automated emails for lead nurturing
  • Built-in analytics
  • Mobile-friendly campaign types
  • Trigger popups based on time, scrolling, and exit intent
  • Multiple campaign selection such as banner bar and sticky bar

Best WordPress popup plugin for: This free WordPress popup builder is an effective lead generation solution for large businesses.

Price: Free

2. OptinMonster


OptinMonster is one of the most popular and powerful popup plugins with plenty of functionality.

Over 700,000 websites use OptinMonster as a lead generation SaaS software solution. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require advanced technical skills.

OptinMonster also offers a Smart Success feature that empowers you to showcase various offers to users who have converted from your popups.

Key Features:

  • Dozens of pre-built popup templates
  • Drag-and-drop builder for easy customization
  • Google Analytics tracking
  • Advanced targeting options including page level, device-based, on-site, geo-targeting, and more filters
  • Trigger popups with time, inactivity, sensors, exit intent, and scrolling
  • Multiple mobile-friendly campaign types such as content lockers, inline and after post opt-ins, coupon wheel popups, and floating notification bar
  • Integrates with top email marketing services, ecommerce platforms, and contact forms plugins

Best WordPress popup plugin for: Large companies including ecommerce brands looking to boost lead generation and conversions should try this free WordPress popup maker.

Price: Free (with limited features). Premium plans start at $14 per month (billed annually).

3. Sumo


Sumo is another effective WordPress popup plugin that offers a free version.

While Sumo smoothly integrates with WordPress websites, it generally takes some skill to use this popup plugin for WordPress.

Sumo loads code that may cause slow or unresponsive websites, but responsiveness varies based on your campaign.

You can manage your popups easily from your Sumo dashboard.

Key Features:

  • Multiple opt-in WPforms
  • Different customizable pre-designed templates
  • Integrates with top email marketing platforms
  • Basic A/B testing and analytics
  • Social sharing and analytics

Best WordPress popup plugin for: Tech-focused businesses will love this one.

Price: Free (with limited features). Premium plans start at $39/month when billed annually.

4. Popup Maker

popup maker

Popup Maker is another excellent WordPress popup plugin and is listed among the most popular ones at WordPress's plugin repository.

Popup Maker offers a generous free version with several functionalities. It is an efficient tool that allows you to quickly build high-converting popup forms. Its 600,000+ downloads and a 4.9-star rating from thousands of reviews confirm this.

Key Features:

  • Simple popup form editor
  • Detailed trigger options
  • Advanced targeting and control options
  • Built-in analytics
  • Integrates with all popular contact form builders

Best WordPress popup plugin for: Businesses looking for a simple popup plugin will like this one.

Price: Free (with limited features). Premium plans start at $87/year and plugin extensions start at $15/year for one website.

5. Bloom Email Opt-In Plugin For WordPress

bloom email opt-in plugin for wordpress

Bloom is a powerful WordPress popup plugin by Elegant Themes, the developer of the popular Divi Theme. This popup builder plugin comes with the full Elegant Themes membership.

Bloom is a standalone WordPress plugin that loads your WordPress website code synchronously. It makes use of your server resources and could affect your web page performance.

While Bloom works to reduce code impact, your WordPress site could still load slowly if you host your website on poor servers.

Key Features:

  • Pre-built popup templates that are easy to customize
  • Lightbox popups
  • Multiple opt-in types including slide-ins, sign-up forms, and sidebar forms
  • Targeting options such as basic post and page level targeting
  • Trigger options such as form submission, time delay, and scroll
  • Integration with popular email service providers

Best WordPress popup plugin for: Businesses interested in an Elegant Theme membership should choose this popup form builder.

Price: Plans start at 89/year.

6. Elementor Pro

elementor pro

Elementor Pro is a popular WordPress popup plugin by Elementor, a page builder plugin used by more than a million WordPress websites.

Elementor Pro add-on allows you to design popups with ease using a full-featured popup builder. With this popup plugin for WordPress, you will have complete control over your popups.

Key Features:

  • 100+ templates of popup forms
  • Full-featured, easy-to-use popup builder
  • Targeting and trigger options
  • Special popup settings area
  • Exit intent notifications
  • Multiple mobile-friendly campaign types
  • Full control over your popups

Best WordPress popup plugin for: All companies, whether large or small, should try using this Elementor popup builder.

Price: Plans start at $49/year for one site.

7. ConvertPlus


ConvertPlus is one of the widely-known popup plugins for WordPress. It has been created by Brainstorm Force, the maker of the Astra theme.

ConvertPlus is easy to use and offers customization options for popup forms.

Key Features:

  • 100+ pre-built templates
  • Email opt-ins and social integrations
  • Real-time WordPress customizer
  • Advanced targeting and trigger options
  • Built-in A/B testing and analytics

Best WordPress popup plugin for: Businesses looking for an easy-to-use popup maker should use this one.

Price: ConvertPlus starts at $23 (6-month support included).

8. Ninja Popups

ninja popups

Ninja Popups is yet another popular WordPress popup plugin you can use for your website.

With Ninja Popups, you don’t need coding or technical skills to set up highly responsive popups that work perfectly on mobile devices.

Key Features:

  • Over 75 pre-made popup themes
  • Visual editor
  • 74 animation effects
  • Built-in analytics and A/B testing
  • Google Analytics event tracking integration
  • Several trigger options including exit intent, click, scroll depth, and more

Best WordPress popup plugin for: Ninja Popups is the best popup plugin for marketers who want a variety of design options for popup forms.

Price: Starts at $24 for one site.

9. Thrive Leads

thrive lead

Thrive Leads is a WordPress site popup plugin by Thrive Themes.

Thrive Leads empowers you to create attractive conversion-driven popups and opt-in forms from your WordPress dashboard. It is slower than some of the other popup plugins on this list due to it being a standalone WordPress popup plugin that uses your server resources.

Some of the features of Thrive Leads such as A/B testing and analytics may not function well on specific advanced caching solutions and hosting services.

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Key Features:

  • Pre-made popup template with a simple drag-and-drop editor
  • Multiple opt-in types such as inline forms, two-step opt-in forms, lightbox popup forms, slide-in forms, and more
  • A/B testing and analytics
  • Multi-targeting options
  • Integration with popular email services
  • Mobile-responsive popups

Best WordPress popup plugin for: Small businesses with regular website caching solutions should try using this plugin to turn visitors into leads.

Price: Plans start at $19/month when billed annually.

10. TrustPulse


TrustPulse is a WordPress popup plugin that increases website conversions using social proof. Using social proof popup forms is an effective way to grow your business online.

TrustPulse is among the most effective social proof software solutions for business sites. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require any coding knowledge.

This free WordPress popup forms builder empowers you to create urgency on landing pages and checkout pages to encourage visitors to take specific actions.

Check out more useful tips on building high-converting landing pages.

Key Features:

  • Easy setup and customization
  • Fear of missing out (FOMO) notification triggers
  • Built-in analytics
  • Real-time event tracking
  • Advanced targeting options
  • Integrates with popular website platforms

Best WordPress popup plugin for: Ecommerce businesses should use it to collect the email address and other contact details of their site visitors.

Price: Free (with limited features). Premium plans start at $9/month when billed annually.

11. Green Popups

green popups

Green Popups, formerly Layered Popups, is another WordPress popup plugin that enhances lead generation. This popup maker is a popular WPforms solution at CodeCanyon’s plugin repository. The plugin empowers you to create layered, creative popup forms.

Green Popups has been purchased more than 17,000 times and has a 4.76-star rating because of its efficiency.

Key Features:

  • 200+ popup templates
  • Visual designer for simple customization
  • Built-in A/B testing and analytics
  • Ability to embed a WordPress login form in a popup
  • Two-step opt-in functionality
  • Click triggers and multiple targeting options
  • Compatibility with dozens of top email marketing platforms

Best WordPress popup plugin for: Creative businesses and those seeking an email list building solution should use this plugin for their site.

Price: Starts at $21 for one site.

12. Icegram


Icegram is an effective popup plugin for WordPress. You can also find its free version at WordPress’s plugin repository.

Icegram makes it easy to create beautiful popup forms from your WordPress dashboard. It has a text-based interface, which means that it is less visually appealing to users than other popup plugins. But it offers easy customization options with CSS.

Key Features:

  • More than 100 pre-made popup templates
  • A/B testing
  • Built-in analytics
  • Advanced triggers options such as inactivity, time, exit intent, scroll, and more
  • Detailed targeting options including page, device, geotagging, user, and more

Best WordPress popup plugin for: Large companies that aren’t concerned with the visual appeal of a form builder can consider using this one.

Price: Free (with limited features). Premium plans start at $97/year for one site.

13. Getsitecontrol


Getsitecontrol includes various widgets for quick and easy lead generation and conversions. This WordPress popup plugin makes it possible to manage all of your widgets and popups across multiple sites in a single dashboard.

Getsitecontrol can fit into your business workflow at any stage as it integrates seamlessly with top email marketing solutions, CRM, analytics software, and more.

Key Features:

  • Pre-built popup templates
  • Picture and GIF search bar
  • Mobile-friendly popups
  • Easy-to-use CSS editor
  • A/B testing
  • Built-in analytics
  • Segmentation
  • Multi-page widgets and direct links to widgets

Best WordPress popup plugin for: Using this popup maker is a great way to convert site visitors into leads. Companies looking for an easy-to-use leads and conversions generation solution should try it.

Price: Plans start at $7/month when billed annually.

14. PopUp Domination

popup domination

PopUp Domination is another powerful popup plugin that you can use for your WordPress site. It empowers you to manage your website popups with ease from its interface.

Key Features:

  • Pre-built template galleries
  • Easy-to-use visual editor
  • Advanced targeting and trigger options
  • A/B testing and analytics
  • Google Analytics events tracking
  • Multiple popup campaign types including countdown timers, promotion, email opt-in, and more

Best WordPress popup plugin for: SaaS companies and ecommerce brands should try it.

Price: Plans start at $9/month for up to 10,000 popup views.

Final Thoughts: 14 Best WordPress Popup Plugins to Convert Your Website Visitors

Adding a popup plugin to your WordPress website can help you build your email list, generate leads, and get more conversions. This list outlines the best popup plugins available for WordPress websites.

Depending on your business needs, choose a WordPress popup plugin that won’t negatively affect your website performance, user experience, and brand identity.

Do you have questions about using popup form builders? Leave them in the comments below.

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