If you are a brand looking for bloggers for link-building, guest-posting, or any other purposes, it is a good idea to use the best blogger outreach tools.

Blogger outreach tools can help small businesses find relevant bloggers, build a contact list, create email templates, and run an outreach campaign, making the whole process easier and faster.

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While some outreach tools help you with only one aspect, others provide you with integrated solutions to generate leads.

Some outreach tools for bloggers also provide you with analytical data from social media platforms to assess the performance of your outreach emails and improve engagement rates among your target audience.

If you are looking for effective tools to help you reach out to bloggers, look no further, because we have done that for you.

The Most Effective Blogger Outreach Tools to Help You

Below is a list of 21 of the most effective blogger outreach tools that you can use for your outreach efforts and outreach campaigns:

1: MuckRack

muckrack blogger outreach tools

This is communications and PR software for digital marketers and PR executives. It can help you find and communicate with bloggers, journalists, and freelancers.

This tool monitors the news and online media for specific keywords and topics and helps you find and contact people who are talking about it.

It is an effective tool if you want to build and maintain outreach lists, by specific topics.

2: BuzzSumo

buzzsumo blogger outreach tools

This is a popular outreach tool that you can use to build influencer lists and engage with influencers.

The tool helps you find influencers for by industry sectors and lets you analyze and assess influencers based on various KPIs.

One of the key benefits is that it allows you to follow influencers from within the tool and add them to your Twitter lists.

3: Yesware

yesware blogger outreach tools

This tool enables email automation and scheduling to help your email outreach and connect with bloggers.

Using this, you can create multi-touch campaigns and reach out bloggers via a series of marketing emails.

It also provides personalization for your email outreach via personalization placeholders. The tool also measures the performance of such email campaigns and engagement rates.

4: Buzzstream

buzzstream blogger outreach tools

This is an effective influencer finding and  email outreach tool that you can use to connect with and manage relationships with various influencers.

The tool provides several blogger outreach email templates with scope for personalization. It also enables automated follow up emails.

5: Klear

klear blogger outreach tools

This tool lets you find and connect with bloggers from various industry niches. It also provides detailed blogger analytics o help you assess and select the best bloggers for your brand and target audience.

The tool provides an integrated communications platform to manage all blogger relationships via one platform.

6: Ninja Outreach

ninja outreach blogger outreach tools

Ninja Outreach has a massive influencer database where you can find and connect with bloggers and influencers in your industry niche and location.

The tool allows you to run automated email outreach campaigns for guest posts, link building, content promotion, generate leads, or any other purposes.

Another one of the key benefits of this tool is that it also tracks conversation history and measures click and open rates for email campaigns.

7: Traackr

traackr blogger outreach tools

Traackr is an influencer relationship management platform that helps you connect with influencers in an effective manner.

It tracks influencer activity and lets you connect with influencers at the right moments and touchpoints.

8: Group High

group high blogger outreach tools

Using Group High’s database of over 50 million websites you can find relevant blogs and bloggers for your brand and email outreach.

It also has an import engine that can help you build blogger lists at the click of a button.

Also, it provides email outreach templates for you  to send emails to bloggers with a personalized pitch.

9: Follow Up Then

follow up then blogger outreach tools

This is an automated email follow up tool that you can use along with your regular email outreach campaign.

All you need to do is use this tool while sending outreach emails to bloggers and it will provide follow up emails at specific times and help you get more out of your email outreach campaign.

10: Pitchbox

pitchbox blogger outreach tools

Pitchbox is an influencer outreach and content marketing tool for brands and small businesses.

It can help you find relevant bloggers and conduct email outreach and follow-ups in an effective manner that helps with your sales process.

You can automate your email outreach and follow-ups and personalize at a scale, using this tool. It is much more effective than random cold emailing.

11: Little Bird

getlittlebird blogger outreach tools

This is a powerful tool that can help you find experts, bloggers, and blogs on any topic, using Twitter.

This was acquired by Sprinklr and integrated with its larger social media management platform in 2016.

This tool also helps you build a social media connection with bloggers before you actually send them a pitch.

14: SalesHandy

saleshandy blogger outreach tools

This tool allows you to send automated, personalized emails to multiple prospects and sends timely follow-ups.

It also provides information on email engagement rates and email outreach campaign performance.

15: HeyPress

heypress blogger outreach tools

This tool helps you find tech journalists and bloggers and allows you to build blogger lists.

You can use this tool for blogger outreach, by easily searching for bloggers and building outreach lists.

16: Julius Works

julius works blogger outreach tools

This tool can be used to find influencers for extra-specific niches using a variety of search filters.

Apart from providing lists for your outreach campaign, it also helps you determine whether a particular influencer or blogger is the right culture fit for your brand.

It also has an influencer relationship management platform to build and maintain influencer relationships.

17: ANewsTip

anewstip blogger outreach tools

This tool monitors news articles, blogs, and tweets from global media professionals to bloggers and journalists by topic.

This tool also enables you to build a contact list for your outreach efforts and send emails to them with personalized pitches rather than just cold emailing.

18: Social Animal

social animal blogger outreach tools

This tool can help you find articles, bloggers, and influencers by keywords. It also delivers blogger lists for your outreach strategy, right in your mailbox and regularly sends updates for the same.

19: Press Hunt

press hunt blogger outreach tools

This tool provides you access to over 400,000 journalists and bloggers to build a contact list for your email outreach.

It also provides contact details for the bloggers in your email outreach that you can directly import to Excel.

20: Howler AI

howler ai blogger outreach tools

This is one of those blogger outreach tools that help you run automated email campaigns. It matches you with relevant bloggers and journalists in your niche and helps you connect with them effectively.

It also allows the option to send two follow-ups after your initial outreach. Almost like your own marketing agency.

21: Pressfarm

pressfarm blogger outreach tools

This outreach tool helps you build a contact list for your blogger outreach campaign. It can provide you access to over 20,000 bloggers and journalists’ contacts and online profiles.

Which Blogger Outreach Tool is Best?

You can use these outreach tools to give your outreach campaigns a boost. Whether you need to find bloggers, build contact lists, or run automated email campaigns, these wonderful tools can help you with it.

Know of any other blogger outreach tools that you want us to include in this list? Let us know in the comments below.


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