How Can You Build Your Brand Like a Celebrity?

Since the explosion of digital media and mobile device technology means that managing all social media profiles in order to maximize exposure to a target audience; celebrity consulting can help businesses build a brand just like a celebrity through all types of Internet media outlets. If you have any social media accounts, chances are likely that you follow at least a couple of your favorite celebrities. Successful celebrities ares obviously well-versed in the craft of using various social media tools to build up their careers, but just how are they so successful? As a successful consultant for the celebrities, the following are my top tips for how businesses can help build their brand like a celebrity to attract new customers and keep them coming back for more.

1. Connect with Customers like Friends

Using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media outlet gives celebrities the chance to actually talk with their fans in a relatively safe environment. Therefore, one of the most effective methods celebrities use social media to build their brand is by getting up close and personal with all of their fans. Since people love interacting with their favorite stars, this often results in celebrities attracting hoards of fans that are seeking a prized “retweet” from a movie or music star. In the same way, businesses can utilize social media to form stronger bonds with their customer base to create the individualized attention that so many clients strive for. Simply by interacting with customers like they are friends on social media will build connections that increase the exposure of your brand.

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2. Do Not Shy Away From Self-Promotion

Celebrities have the effective habit of using several social media platforms simultaneously to keep fans updated on upcoming albums, movie releases, tours, teaser videos, and insider information that keeps fans on the edge of their seats. As a result of the fact that fans are constantly kept guessing, the excitement causes the mega stars to sell out their tickets as soon as they open or go on sale. For businesses that are trying to build their brand, social media is particularly perfect for self-promotion through daily tweets, photos, or status updates that will continually keep the brand in the public eye. Through solid positive self-promotion, businesses can keep customers updated on upcoming products, sales, specials, activities, and more.

3. Renovate the Public’s Opinion on Products/Services

When celebrities have committed a faux pas in the public eye, they often find social media the ideal outlet for reaching out to their fans and rebuilding their brand. In the process of apologizing, atoning, and explaining their actions through reputation management in celebrity consulting, many celebrities have saved their music or film career through restructuring their fan base. Since fans are very forgiving of stars that they see as apologetic or humble, they are more likely to jump back on the bandwagon in support. Similarly, businesses that have made some steps in the wrong direction can easily change the public opinion’s on certain products or services by a public apology on social media and rebuilding a brand after discretion.

4. Respect and Reward Customers for Loyalty

When celebrities identify their most loyal fans out of their crowd of followers, they tend to reward them to show respect for their devotion. For instance, some celebrities will award the most spirited fans with free music, movie tickets, backstage passes, meet and greets, autographed merchandise, and tickets to special events. Although marketers may question how much money is lost by giving away products for free, celebrities have proven that it more than pays for itself as their brand gains much more than just some lost short-term revenue. Therefore, businesses should always take the time to select loyal customers from their social media profiles and reward them for their commitment to form connections on a more personal level as well as receive respect in return.

5. Hire Smart Social Media Consultants

Unsurprisingly, many celebrities do not constantly update their multiple social media profiles themselves without a bit of assistance from trained professionals. While many celebrities stick to Twitter and Facebook as their main outlets, they hire talented social media managers to update their other profiles with all of the latest buzz on their careers to keep fans interested. With a consultant on duty, celebrities are able to consistently stay connected with their fan base even when busy within the studio or away on location for filming. Since customers also enjoy receiving fresh content on a daily basis, it is highly recommended that businesses also consider hiring a manager with celebrity consulting expertise to keep their profiles active. In addition, a social media consultant for the celebrities will be able to provide a slew of insights on the best practices for ensuring the social media page continues to build the brand effectively.


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