From social media to pop culture, cannabis has become a prevalent topic in recent years.

With its growing legalization, a new community of cannabis influencers has emerged, sharing their experiences, knowledge, and passion on various social media platforms.

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From celebrities to activists, entrepreneurs to content creators, these influencers are making a difference in the world of cannabis. They are worth checking out if you want to stay up-to-date on this rapidly evolving industry.

In this article, I’ll share a list of the top 20 cannabis influencers you should follow if you’re interested in this niche.

List of the Top 20 Cannabis Influencers Based on Their Popularity

Before we get down to the details, here’s an overview of the top 20 cannabis influencers, ranked in the order of their social media following.

From seasoned veterans to rising stars, this table features the biggest names in the cannabis industry, along with their Instagram handles and follower counts.

NameNumber of FollowersInstagram Name
Whiz Khalifa40.2M@wizkhalifa
Seth Rogen9.9M@sethrogen
Weed Humor5M@weedhumor
Koala Puffs692K@koala.puffs
Jessica Cueb134K@pothead.princess
Jorge Cervantes96K@jorgecervantesmj
Bess Byers88.2K@imcannabess
That High Couple84.9K@thathighcouple
Vic Styles68.3K@thevicstyles
Steve DeAngelo61.9K@steve.deangelo
Syd Smiley37.5K@_shadesofsyd
Jamie Evans32.5K@theherbsomm
Travis Petersen20.9K@the_nomadcook
Dr. Michele Ross15K@drmicheleross
Rachel Burkons13.6K@smokesipsavor
John H Berfelo8.7K@john_berfelo_official_
Rachna Patel1.1K@dr_rachna_patel

Now that we’ve gone through the list, it’s time to take a deeper look and discuss some of the details surrounding the best cannabis influencers.

The Best 20 Cannabis Influencers & What They Offer

If you’re new to cannabis marketing, finding the right cannabis influencers can be challenging.

To help you out, I’ve compiled a list of the best cannabis influencers on various social media channels.

1. Wiz Khalifa – 40.2M Followers

Cameron Jibril Thomaz, known by his fans as Whiz Khalifa, is an American rapper, actor, songwriter, and cannabis influencer. 

He’s known by most for his hit song, “See You Again,” which featured in the blockbuster movie, “Furious 7,” peaking at number 1 on the Billboard 100 for 12 non-consecutive weeks.

He has been vocal about his love for cannabis throughout his career and has claimed to spend over $10,000 a month on cannabis.

In 2017, he even launched his own mobile game, Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm.

He also owns the cannabis brand, Khalifa Kush, which has become a popular strain among cannabis enthusiasts.

khalifa kush website

On social media, Wiz Khalifa often posts pictures and videos of himself smoking or promoting cannabis-related products. He frequently advocates for its legalization and responsible consumption.

2. Seth Rogen – 9.9M Followers

Seth Aaron Rogen is a Canadian-American actor, screenwriter, and comedian. Apart from his breakout hit movie Knocked Up, which cemented Seth Rogen as a leading man, he was also the leading man for the stoner comedy, Pineapple Express.

In 2019, Seth Rogen and his long-time friend and co-writer, Evan Goldberg, launched Houseplant, which manufactures cannabis products and accessories.

Rogen isn’t shy about sharing his love for cannabis, as well as pottery. He enjoys creating custom pottery like ashtrays during his free time, which he sells on Houseplant.

3. Weed Humor – 5M Followers

Weed Humor is a popular weed influencer who has gained a large following for his humorous take on all things cannabis.

He creates a variety of content, ranging from:

  • Comedic skits
  • Memes
  • Reviews of cannabis products and strains
  • Useful tips for cannabis enthusiasts
  • How to enjoy cannabis responsibly and avoid overindulging

What sets Weed Humor apart is his ability to take a lighthearted approach to cannabis culture while still providing valuable information and insights.

His content is relatable and entertaining.

Whether you're a seasoned smoker or a new cannabis user, his content is sure to put a smile on your face and provide valuable insights into the latest trends and products in the world of cannabis.

4. Berner – 2M Followers

Berner (real name – Gilbert Anthony Milam Jr.) is a cannabis trailblazer, documentary filmmaker, and cultural ambassador.

He films a series of episodes with the hashtag, “#MarijuanaMania” on his YouTube channel. In these videos, Berner:

  • Explores the cannabis culture in different countries and regions
  • Documents the vast variety of cannabis community
  • Visits farms to learn what it actually takes to create some of best strains the world has ever smoked
  • Vibes with other cannabis consumers and brand owners who are involved in cannabis cultivation and preservation

You can see teasers of these episodes on his Instagram account.

Berner also founded Cookies, which is a $1 billion cannabis company today, and VIBES Papers, which sells premium rolling papers cultivated in France.

Other than being a cannabis influencer and entrepreneur, Berner is also a rapper and often releases music videos on his YouTube channel. He also does shows.

5. Koala Puffs – 692K Followers

Koala Puffs (real name – Anjela) is a popular cannabis influencer who creates fun videos of herself creating rolls and using different strainers.

She also posts memes related to the use of cannabis in daily life and often shows off her smoking buddies in her content.

Other than being popular on Instagram, Anjela has also built a huge following on TikTok by posting relatable content that incorporates consuming her favorite puffs into daily life situations.


Who else is in the same boat?

♬ My Superhero Movie – Jacob Jeffries

She also runs her own cannabis and CBD line and offers monthly Koala subscription boxes (that include items like pipes, rolling trays, etc.) to cannabis enthusiasts.

6. Jessica Cueb – 134K Followers

Jessica Cueb, popularly known as Pothead Princess, is one of the top cannabis influencers on Instagram.

She regularly posts cannabis product reviews and recommendations, and also offers big discounts. You can see her visiting cannabis farms as well.

Other than sharing her experiences with cannabis, she is also a foodie. Jessica shares some of the most mouthwatering dishes on her Instagram Stories, and also has an exclusive Highlights titled, “Foodie.”

7. Jorge Cervantes – 96K Followers

Jorges Cervantes, real name George Van Patten, is an American writer, publisher, and horticulturist. He is an also award-winning cannabis cultivation author and advocate.

Whilst studying abroad at the University of the Américas in Puebla, Mexico, George fell in love with his now lifelong passion, cannabis.

In 1981, after establishing a garden landscaping business in Portland, Oregon, George also started growing cannabis indoors

After realizing that there wasn’t much credible information available about growing cannabis indoors, he set out to study and research his and others' indoor growing endeavors. His findings and guide to growing cannabis indoors, Indoor Marijuana Horticulture, was released in 1983.

He changed the book's name to Gardening Indoors with Soil & Hydroponics, to avoid any legal issues.

By now, the book has been translated into several languages including Dutch and German, and taken on the subtitle, “Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower's Bible.”

He launched another book, “The Cannabis Encyclopedia,” which is your go-to guide for all things cannabis cultivation and consumption.

When you follow this CBD influencer, you can learn everything about growing cannabis. You can read detailed guides through his books and even blog posts.

jorge cervantes' blog post on how to germinate marijuana seeds

8. Bess Byers – 88.2K Followers

Bess Byers is a content creator and cannabis advocate. She’s also the founder of Blaise Creative, a digital media marketing agency for cannabis brands.

On her Twitter account, she posts plenty of reviews of cannabis products, as well as political posts about marijuana legalization.

She loves visiting different marijuana farms and dispensaries and posting about them on her Instagram, as well as educating people about the medical uses of cannabis. 

You’ll almost always see her with a lit joint in her photos, showing off how much she loves cannabis.

You can also find plenty of interesting stories and tips on her blog, ImCannaBess.

9. That High Couple – 84.9K Followers

That High Couple is a popular cannabis influencer duo made up of Alice and Clark, who share their experiences and adventures in the world of cannabis.

They create engaging and informative content about all aspects of cannabis culture, including:

  • Product reviews
  • Strain recommendations
  • Discussions about the politics and legal status of cannabis
  • The benefits of consuming cannabis
  • Various consumption methods

The couple often shares their personal experiences with cannabis, which can be helpful for those who are new to cannabis or exploring different products and methods.

Other than Instagram, they also create informative and entertaining content for their YouTube channel.

that high couple youtube channel

Overall, That High Couple is a highly respected and influential cannabis influencer duo, and their content is a must-watch for anyone interested in cannabis culture.

10. Vic Styles – 68.3K Followers

Vic Styles is a lifestyle and fashion influencer along with being a cannabis advocate who has made a name for herself in the cannabis community.

She uses her popularity to share her personal experiences with the plant, promote cannabis education, and advocate for legalization. She often posts pictures and videos of herself consuming cannabis and shares information about different strains and consumption methods.

She is also the founder of Black Girls Smoke and Good Day Flor. She launched Black Girls Smoke to eliminate stigmas, color lines, and gender bias in the cannabis industry.

Vic Styles also got her story published in Rolling Stone Magazine.

What sets her apart from other cannabis influencers?

Her content focuses on using cannabis for wellness and self-care. She advocates for using the plant to:

  • Relieve stress
  • Manage anxiety
  • Heal depression
  • Help with other mental health issues
  • Improve creativity

She also posts tips for using cannabis for self-care on her TikTok account along with other fashion and beauty-related content.

@thevicstyles #self #selflove #lovelettertomyself ♬ original sound – Vic Styles

In addition to her work in the cannabis industry, Vic Styles is also a fashion influencer. She has been featured in publications like Forbes for her work.

But even when creating content related to fashion, she often incorporates cannabis-inspired designs into her outfits and makeup looks, which has helped to promote cannabis culture in a positive and stylish way.

Her content is informative, uplifting, and inspiring, and she is definitely worth following if you're interested in the intersection of cannabis and wellness.

11. Steve DeAngelo – 61.9K Followers

Steve DeAngelo introduces himself as, “The Father of the Cannabis Industry,” on his Instagram account. He has been advocating the legalization of cannabis in the US for over four decades.

Steve was born on June 12, 1958. He was known to skip school in favor of participating in anti-war demonstrations, which eventually led to him leaving school to join the Youth International Party.

He is the co-founder and chairman emeritus of Harborside Cannabis Dispensary, a prominent cannabis dispensary chain based in Oakland, California. This was one of the first dispensaries to start selling legally when cannabis became legal in the state of California.

Overall, Steve DeAngelo has been a trailblazer in the world of cannabis marketing, using his platform to:

  • Educate the public about the benefits of cannabis.
  • Build a brand around cannabis activism.
  • Connect with a wide audience of cannabis enthusiasts through social media and events.
  • Pave the way for the legalization and normalization of cannabis.

12. Haleyann – 46.6K Followers

Haleyann is also known as “The High Woman” – her Instagram handle name. She primarily focuses on CBD, weed, and vapor products, and has a loyal following in Southern California.

When you follow her, you can expect to see content like:

  • Reviews of cannabis products, sometimes with discount codes for their purchase
  • Her personal experiences with cannabis
  • Educational content about different strains and consumption methods
  • Information about the latest trends in the cannabis space
  • Entertaining and informative content about cannabis culture

13. Syd Smiley – 37.5K Followers

Syd Smiley describes herself as a health and wellness content creator and model, specializing in fitness, herbalism, mental/spiritual health, and legal cannabis content.

She has built a large following on Instagram and TikTok by sharing her experiences with cannabis and providing valuable insights into the industry.

Here’s the type of content Syd creates:

  • Personal stories about how cannabis has impacted her life
  • Valuable information about various cannabis strains
  • Cannabis consumption methods
  • Reviews of various cannabis products
  •  Tips to use cannabis in a safe and responsible way

♬ original sound – Pretty Marie Artist

She creates informative content without being preachy, and is accessible to both seasoned cannabis users and those who are new to the plant.

Overall, Syd Smiley's work as a cannabis influencer is helping to shape the conversation around cannabis and break down the stereotypes and misconceptions that have long been associated it. 

14. Jamie Evans – 32.5K Followers

Jamie Evans, known as The Herb Somm, is an entrepreneur, author, and sommelier, specialiing in cannabis, wine/beverages, recipes, and the cannabis-culinary world.

On her Instagram, you can see Jamie exploring ways to infuse cannabis into food and drinks. She’s written two cookbooks, all about cooking with cannabis.

On her blog, The Herb Somm, you can find plenty of information regarding cannabis and food.

There are guides on how to decarboxylate cannabis and infuse cannabis with oils, as well as reviews of other CBD and cannabis-related products.

There’s even an awesome pairing guide for different terpenes for cooking enthusiasts looking to add some cannabis to their recipes.


15. Krishna Andavolu – 30.4 Followers

Krishna Andavolu is the host and producer of VICE TV’s cannabis-based show, Weediquette.

On the show, he explores how legalization has opened up the cannabis industry in several parts of the US and beyond. In several episodes, he also profiles people who use medical marijuana for PTSD and cancer treatment.

krishna's episodes of weediquette - vice tv’s cannabis-based show

Given his association with the green plant, it’s not surprising that he is one of the most popular cannabis influencers out there.

16. Travis Petersen – 20.9K Followers

Travis Petersen is an accomplished chef, educator, and the founder of the popular cannabis edibles company, “The Nomad Cook.”

He focuses on ending any stigmas around cannabis in cuisine, as well as educating people on how to correctly use and cook with cannabis.

He’s also the author of “Introduction to Culinary Cannabis.”

He is known for his innovative cannabis-infused recipes, which range from sweet treats like brownies and cookies to savory dishes like tacos and burgers.

Through his work as a cannabis chef, Travis has been able to showcase the versatility of cannabis as an ingredient. He promotes the idea that cannabis can be integrated into our daily lives in a safe and enjoyable way.

He was recently featured in the “Andrew Talks to Chefs” podcast to discuss the current state of culinary cannabis in America.

17. Dr. Michele Ross – 15K Followers

Michele Ross, a neuroscientist and mental health expert, is one of the most well-known and respected cannabis influencers out there.

Along with being a cannabis enthusiast, she’s a very prolific drug reform activist. Michele has promoted not only cannabis use but also the use of Psilocybin mushrooms and kratom.

Ross is the founder of the Endocannabinoid Deficiency Foundation, now known as the IMPACT Network, that’s based in Denver. This non-profit organization stands for improving marijuana policy and accelerating cannabis therapeutics.

Michele now spends her time teaching as a professor at the Institute of Plant-Assisted Therapy and the Holistic Cannabis Academy. She’s also the author of “Vitamin Weed,” “Chronically Cannabis,” “CBD Oil For Health,” and “Kratom Is Medicine.”

18. Rachel Burkons – 13.6K Followers

Rachel Burkons is another weed influencer and the founder of “Altered Plates,” a culinary cannabis hospitality group and events company.

Through her work as a cannabis influencer, Rachel creates informative content that:

  • Educates cannabis enthusiasts about the plant and its many uses
  • Gives insights on cannabis news, laws, and trends
  • Provides tips and tricks for incorporating cannabis into everyday life

Rachel's content is always well-researched and informative, and is presented in a way that is easy to understand.

She has collaborated with large cannabis brands like Mari y Juana Foods Co., Mari y Juana Beverages Co., and Kiva Confections.

19. John H Berfelo – 8.7K Followers

In 2005, John H Beferlo fell from a height of 28ft. onto concrete and badly injured his left side. It was during his treatment that he discovered cannabis could help alleviate pain.

Over the years, he taught himself how to grow his own cannabis and medicines. He shares his knowledge with other cannabis enthusiasts via his books, YouTube videos, and Instagram account.

He is a vocal advocate for environmentally-friendly cultivation methods and fair labor practices. He also promotes social responsibility within the cannabis industry.

20. Rachna Patel – 1.1K Followers

Rachna Patel is a doctor and pharmaceutical consultant who treats patients with medical marijuana and CBD oil. She has been featured in more than 200 podcasts and on NBC.

rachna patel  cannabis influencer youtube banner
Image via YouTube

She has taken it upon herself to spread awareness regarding the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes. She has also written a book titled, “The CBD Oil Solution: Treat Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Insomnia, and More – Without the High.”

Rachna is a CBD and marijuana expert and can be your perfect choice for CBD marketing.

She is able to break down complex medical concepts into easily understandable terms. And, she is a vocal advocate of giving access to medical cannabis – to help people safely incorporate cannabis into their healthcare regimens.


1. Who are the most popular cannabis influencers on social media?

The most popular cannabis influencers include:
– Wiz Khalifa
– Seth Rogen
– Weed Humor
– Berner
– Koala Puffs

2. How can you market your cannabis business?

Some of the most effective techniques to market your cannabis business are:
– Paid social media ads
– Cannabis influencer marketing
– Content marketing
– Email marketing

3. How can you become a cannabis influencer?

To become a successful cannabis influencer, you need to:
– Educate yourself about the industry and its products.

– Pick your operational area wisely. Check CBD-related regulations to find out where CBD promotions are legal.

– Formulate a content marketing strategy anchored on videos and podcasts.

-Grow your organic engagement and followership on social media platforms.

– Partner with CBD brands to build your voice and presence on social media.

4. How can cannabis brands advertise on social media?

Cannabis advertising is tricky since it’s prohibited in many US states. If you need a risk-free advertising strategy, follow these best practices:

– Leverage user-generated content (UGC) to build trust.

– Write educational posts about the benefits of cannabis.

– Take advantage of Instagram Stories to bundle images, videos, and textual posts.

– Foster trust by sharing your cannabis team’s credentials on social media.

– Work with cannabis marketing experts and influencers who have a loyal and engaged following.

5. How can you make money working in the cannabis industry?

You can become a cannabis influencer and make good money by:

– Partnering with CBD brands

– Creating sponsored educational posts

– Posting cannabis product review videos to educate consumers about your partner brands and their products

– Promoting exclusive discount codes and earning commissions on each sale you generate for the brand

– Launching your own cannabis brand and selling products ranging from puffs and lighters to cannabis-inspired clothing and accessories

6. How big will the cannabis industry be in the next few years?

According to a report by Fortune Business Insights, the global cannabis market size is estimated to grow from USD 28.2 billion in 2021 to USD 197.7 billion in 2028.

The cannabis industry will grow at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 32.04% between the 2021-2028 period.

7. How can you find cannabis influencers on Instagram?

You can find cannabis influencers on Instagram using the following methods:

– Search for cannabis-related hashtags such as “#cannabis,” “#weed,” “#marijuana,” and “#cbd.” This will bring up posts that have been tagged with these keywords and you can browse through them to find influencers.

– Look for accounts related to cannabis, such as dispensaries, cannabis-related brands, and popular cannabis magazines. Check out the accounts they are following and their followers to find potential influencers.

– Use influencer marketing tools to find cannabis influencers on Instagram.

– Check the comments section on posts related to cannabis, and see who is engaging with the content. This can help you identify influencers who are already engaging with the audience you are targeting.

– Type in “cannabis influencers” in Instagram’s search bar and select the “Accounts” tab to find accounts that match your search term.

Remember to check their engagement rates, audience demographics, and overall reputation before partnering with any cannabis influencer.

Which of These Popular Cannabis Influencers is Your Favorite?

These cannabis influencers have all put in the effort and created their online personas around promoting cannabis and advocating for its legalization and medicinal uses.

If you love cannabis or are interested in learning more about the industry, give these cannabis influencers a like and follow.

Do you know any other popular cannabis influencers on social media? Please share your insights in the comments section.

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