13 08, 2014

Top 6 Marketing Strategies for Online Retailers

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Marketing Strategies for Online Retailers Online retail sites are now attracting nearly 10 percent of brick-and-mortar stores' customers, according to a Gallup poll conducted during the last holiday season. 6 percent of those surveyed had bought a product online after showrooming it in a physical store, while another 3 percent said they viewed the item in-store intending to buy it from a website. Projections by eMarketer anticipate global business-to-consumer e-commerce sales growing 20.1 percent this year to total $1.5 trillion. [...]

27 03, 2014

The Dangers of Pressing “Like”

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According to Get Cyber Safe, roughly 156 million phishing emails are sent every day with about 16 million making it through filters and into your inbox. While you may think you’re too savvy to fall for an email scam, you might be overlooking your social media accounts. Simply hitting ‘Like’ on a Facebook photo could lead to sharing your information and aiding scammers in the process. Community Support Scams Adorable, vulnerable children with a balding head from chemo treatment pops [...]

18 03, 2014

14 Awesome Tips to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog Site

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Having trouble with driving traffic to your blog site? Are you stuck with the same number of visitors every month, with less and less unique visits coming in? If you are, then this article will surely help you because it discusses the many things that you can do to drive more traffic to your blog site! Blog owners are always looking for ways to drive more traffic into their website. They are always looking for ways to be creative, to [...]

13 03, 2014

3 Ways to Get More Online Business Leads

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Your sales career lives and dies by the quality of your leads. Having a high percentage of good quality business leads continually flowing in can help you build a successful business and enjoy strong financial rewards. In the past, getting leads involved direct mailing, cold calling, and attending networking meetings. Today, the Internet offers plenty of choices for building leads with less work. Start making your business what it was meant to be by using these three techniques for getting [...]

10 02, 2014

Five Most Essential Online Marketing Services

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With more and more consumers increasing their time spent online, many businesses have shifted much of their advertising and marketing strategies to the Internet to build brand awareness and attract new customers. Since online marketing services can be so encompassing and come in various different forms, it can sometimes be a challenge for business owners to figure out which is the perfect match for their company’s needs. If you are searching for new ways to increase your website’s traffic, read [...]

27 01, 2014

THE 5 Worst Live Tweets Ever

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Let’s face it: Live-Tweeting is almost never cool. Think of anything you’ve ever done. Any time you’ve gone to a concert, seen a movie, gotten ready for the day, prepared a bowl of cereal, taken a multivitamin. Would you like to give all of your Twitter followers a play-by-play of these unadventures? If so, you’re in the same category as these guys: 5. Any Sporting Event “B.S. call!” “J-E-T-S! JETS! JETS! JETS!” “That pass did not deserve a fumble.” Are [...]

20 01, 2014

How Can You Build Your Brand Like a Celebrity?

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How Can You Build Your Brand Like a Celebrity? Since the explosion of digital media and mobile device technology means that managing all social media profiles in order to maximize exposure to a target audience; celebrity consulting can help businesses build a brand just like a celebrity through all types of Internet media outlets. If you have any social media accounts, chances are likely that you follow at least a couple of your favorite celebrities. Successful celebrities ares obviously well-versed [...]

16 01, 2014

3 Lessons In Customer Service From the Airline Industry

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3 Lessons in Customer Service from the Airline Industry The airline industry is infamous for its absolutely deplorable customer service. Here’s what happened in the airline industry in 2013, according to Christopher Elliot, author of How to Be the World's Smartest Traveler (and Save Time, Money, and Hassle): In 2013, companies stayed busy segmenting their "best" customers with gimmicky loyalty programs while relegating the rest to smaller plane seats and rooms with fewer amenities. They merged into enormous, customer-hostile companies [...]