24 09, 2014

How To Self-Publish Your Book

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Whether you’ve always aspired to be an author, or writing is a new venture for you, publishing a book is a big commitment. The process can be overwhelming— editing costs how much? What’s a MOBI file? — But remember, just because you’re self-publishing doesn’t mean you’re in it alone. Of course, everyone has a slightly different experience publishing, since every author has their own individual goals and expectations for their book. However, here’s a basic guideline of what the publishing [...]

1 07, 2014

9 Simple Tips for Writing the Best Headline EVER!

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In today's digital age of online journalism, it takes much more than great content and good website design to attract clicks from potential readers. In order to grab readers' attention span within the first few seconds, you need to create the best headline ever (i.e. catchy headlines) that make it impossible for them to resist reading more. Unless you reel in your potential customers instantly, it is likely that your content and product or service will largely go unnoticed on [...]