Many buyer journeys come to a dead end due to unnecessary gates, lengthy forms, and poorly placed calls-to-action (CTA).

You need content that impacts your buyers profoundly and steers them down the sales funnel. And for that, you need a content experience platform.

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ClearSlide is one such platform. It helps marketers create customer experiences which are designed to convert prospects.

When it comes to a content library and analytics, ClearSlide beats the competition by a wide margin.

But many of its advanced features are available only in the high-tier packages.

There is no free ClearSlide download for startups with a small budget.

Consequently, businesses wanting full-featured solutions on a limited budget are opting for ClearSlide alternatives.

The Best ClearSlide Alternatives: Reviewed

The marketplace is saturated with great content experience platforms, with differential abilities and pricing plans.

Since modulating content for customer experience is an ongoing process, you can’t really afford a hit and trial approach.

In such a scenario, selecting the right ClearSlide alternative becomes hard.

To save you time and effort, we’ve lined up and reviewed 11 of the best ClearSlide alternatives available.

Check out how each software program stacks up to the competition and find your best fit.

1: HubSpot

If providing your customers with a frictionless buying experience is your business objective, HubSpot is the right platform for you.

Whether you’re working in the B2B or B2C market space, HubSpot can cater to your needs in your budget.

Top Features

  • Its on-target personalized messaging will engage buyers and prospects at different buyer journey stages.

It also considers factors such as locations, sources, and personas of consumers while designing messages and calls-to-action (CTA).

  • Its marketing tool lets you build and curate compelling content, such as landing pages, blog posts, campaigns, and emails.
  • You can increase your Google rankings by adopting HubSpot’s real-time SEO suggestions.
  • With all packages, HubSpot includes a free CRM for you to manage your clients, prospects, and communications.


HubSpot offers three pricing plans: Starter (priced at $35 a month), Professional ($560), and Enterprise ($2,240).

With all packages, you get email marketing, live chat, and ad management features.

You can also check out our detailed review of HubSpot here to learn more about it.

hubspot clearslide alternative
Image via: HubSpot

2: PathFactory

Is your website losing visitors before they convert?

Are you puzzled about why your unique and optimized content isn’t getting good engagement?

PathFactory helps you develop a proactive content delivery strategy. Using this, you can serve action-oriented content at every stage of the buyer journey.

Top Features

  • PathFactory’s Content Insight and Activation Engine uses artificial intelligence (AI) to drill down into each customer’s buyer journey.

It gives you actionable insights that regular analytics fail to capture. You also get concrete suggestions for content creation and delivery.

  • The platform identifies sales-ready leads by studying their content consumption and pattern in real-time. This can help shorten your sales cycle time considerably.
  • It pins relevant content and provides intelligent recommendations so that your visitors can find content painlessly.
  • Content Tracks can help you package your content together in such a way that it becomes binge-worthy.


Pricing details are available upon request.

pathfactory clearslide alternative
Image via: PathFactory 

3: Uberflip

Uberflip is an established name in the customer experience domain. It accelerates buyer journeys so that they culminate productively.

It converts every touch point in the journey into a conversion opportunity by serving content that the prospects need at that point.

Top Features

  • It unifies third-party content from YouTube, Wista, RSS, SlideShare, and Twitter. This content hub helps create a holistic experience for your customers from one interface.
  • It sets up a dedicated marketing stream for each prospect. They are redirected to destinations, complete with a contextual banner, personalized message, and your branding.
  • The Smart Filters and Tags feature comes in handy while searching for and organizing content.
  • It leverages AI to predict and suggest content that users will appreciate based on their history and intent.


For pricing information, you can contact their sales team.

uberflip clearslide alternative
Image via: Uberflip

4: Ion Interactive

Ion interactive is an ClearSlide alternative that converts every customer touchpoint into a sales opportunity.

It transforms your existing sales team and content into ROI-generating resources, without deploying any IT support or coding.

Top Features

  • The platform lets you create interactive ebooks, infographics, posts, and quizzes to engage your audience effectively.
  • It helps you build interactive landing pages and conversion optimizers.
  • Its integration with Oracle Eloqua, Salesforce, Marketo, and Demandbase enables the exchange of Ion Interactive’s explicit data to nurture and capture leads better.
  • The Sell-Side visual timeline gives your sales teams actionable insights into where your buyers are and what content they are looking for in real-time.

This ensures that all cross-functional sales teams are on the same page and can create a holistic marketing solution.


You can get a free quote through their website.

ioninteractive clearslide alternative
Image via: Ion Interactive

5: Ceros

The next ClearSlide alternative in our lineup is Ceros, a platform for building experiential content.

It offers customized solutions for marketers, designers, and students, and for different industry verticals.

Top Features

  • You can craft immersive digital experiences that endear consumers to your brand. With personalized content, you can further strengthen your bonds.
  • Lead generation becomes easier with Ceros’ innovative content ideas, such as quizzes, assessments, and landing pages.
  • Ceros constantly works on upgrades and integrations with leading social and marketing platforms, including HubSpot, Marketo, and Snapchat.
  • UI designers will find it easy to operate since its interface is intuitive and similar to Adobe’s.


You can get in touch with their sales team for prices.

ceros clearslide alternative
Image via: Ceros

6: Showpad Content

Showpad Content is another powerful ClearSlide alternative which creates winning content and a positive experience for customers.

It bridges the gap between customer aspirations and customer engagement strategies, leading to better sales.

Its non-traditional approach to content packaging and delivery sets it apart from its peers.

Top Features

  • You can import entire content libraries from your CMS into the platform. Then, it tags and archives files so that they surface at your beck and call.
  • For better content management, it assigns metadata to files, including access permissions and user settings. You can cater to your sales teams content needs in a targeted manner.
  • It presents your content innovatively by grouping conversations by buyer persona and context. This kind of content can boost your conversion rates.
  • Its interactive ROI calculator uses real-time data about each customer from your business intelligence (BI) systems to help you tailor effective content experiences that convert fast.


They have three plans, Essential, Plus, and Ultimate, with different price points. You can contact their team for pricing info for any of their plans.

The Essential plan assists in content discovery and insights.

The Plus plan comes with personalized guided selling. The Ultimate plan bundles up sales processes.

showpad clearslide alternative
Image via: Showpad Content

7: Contently

Contently provides end-to-end content experience solutions to brands.

It has a complete set of tools — content strategy, customer experience platform, and a talent network.

This ClearSlide alternative helps you convert abstract strategies into concrete experiences and delight your customers along the way.

Top Features

  • You get a calendar to manage your cross-channel content from a single window.
  • It lets you tailor campaigns for different personas, and tag and link content to corresponding campaigns.
  • You get intelligent talent recommendations for editorial and designing services.
  • Contently’s Tone Analyzer and automated governance features can help you to personalize your brand voice so that it resonates with your target audience.
  • Its Content Requests feature lets co-workers look up shared content and collaborate on it easily.


You can register for a content consultation on their website.

contently clearslide alternative
Image via: Contently

8: ON24

If you need an always-on customer engagement portal, ON24 is the apt choice for you.

The ON24 Engagement Hub module helps you delight audiences with captivating webinars and media content.

The ON24 Target module can help increase your lead generation rates by creating action-oriented landing pages.

Top Features

  • You can create relevant playlists of content pieces to keep your audience engaged longer.
  • You’ll be able to embed Engagement Hubs into your customer-facing channels so that customers have the resources they need at their fingertips.
  • It deeply analyzes the Engagement Hub and each content piece to build metrics that matter. This eliminates the guesswork about what works and what doesn’t.
  • You get reasonable SEO services so that your content’s reach and visibility improve.
  • To drive more traffic, ON24 converts live events into binge-worthy webinars that viewers can consume on-demand.


Prices are available upon request.

on24 clearslide alternative
Image via: ON24

9: Skyword

Skyword is a formidable ClearSlide alternative that provides end-to-end solutions for a positive experience customers will remember.

Using this platform, you can build a content marketing strategy, source talent, localize content, and track its performance.

Their powerful features can get you to the top of the stack in record time.

Top Features

  • It lets you tailor customized buyer personas and journeys and shows their alignment with the larger content strategy.
  • It maintains a rich talent pool of subject matter experts from varied domains. You can engage them as content contributors for your website.
  • The Skyword Enterprise Planner arranges your content projects by region, department, and campaign. You get a bird's eye view of the entire content strategy from one interface.
  • It helps you seize selling opportunities by giving you new insights about your product, market, and resources.


You can request a demo or quote from their website.

skyword clearslide alternative
Image via: Skyword

10: Outgrow

The dark horse in the race of ClearSlide alternatives is Outgrow, a specialist platform meant for building interactive experiences.

Content made using Outgrow has a high degree of appeal owing to its palatable format.

Quizzes, calculators, chatbots, polls, and many other content types grab audience attention effectively.

Top Features

  • You get a library of tools and templates to build varied content pieces.
  • To maximize your content’s impact, it’s optimized for multiple screen sizes and browsers.

Plus, it’s branded so that the impact lingers in the audience’s subconscious long after the interaction is over.

  • Its powerful funnel analytics identify content consumption patterns and drop-off points.
  • If interactivities and surveys are your preferred means of customer engagement, you’ll find Outgrow’s Development Studio extremely helpful.

You can design questions, decide branching logic, and set output responses for different scenarios.


Prices start atm $14 a month for making interactive quizzes only. For unlimited content types and volume, the subscription costs $95 monthly.

outgrow clearslide alternative
Image via: Outgrow

11: Kapost

Content needs to deliver value and justify the marketing spend. If this is your principle, Kapost is a great ClearSlide alternative for you.

It unifies your siloed content under a central hub and restructures it for better accessibility.

Apart from that, it ensures that your content strategy is data-driven and echoes your brand voice.

Top Features

  • It helps you design targeted buyer journeys which are based on precise analytics and not guesswork.
  • It creates a searchable and sortable unified repository for your content. Custom taxonomy and advanced filtering helps ensure easy reporting.
  • You get to orchestrate entire journeys by using workflow templates, custom metrics, and agile storyboards.
  • Your cross-functional sales teams can collaborate in-platform by annotations and comments.


You can contact their sales team to find out the prices.

kapost clearslide alternative
Image via: Kapost


Q1. Does ClearSlide have any competitors?

Yes. ClearSlide competitors include:
– HubSpot
– PathFactory
– Uberflip
– Ion Interactive
– Ceros
– Showpad Content
– Contently
– ON24
– Skyword
– Outgrow
– Kapost

Q2. What is ClearSlide?

ClearSlide is a content experience platform. It helps marketers create customer experiences that are designed to convert prospects.

Q3. What are the best ClearSlide alternatives in 2022?

The best ClearSlide alternatives include:
– PathFactory
– Uberflip
– Ion Interactive
– Ceros
– Showpad Content
– Contently
– ON24
– Skyword
– Outgrow
– Kapost

Q4. How much does ClearSlide cost? How does it compare to competitors?

For ClearSlide pricing, you will have to contact their customer support or sales team. Their pricing depends on the specific needs of your business.

There are many ClearSlide alternatives that offer many of the same features and simpler options at lower costs.

Q5. What are the web-based alternatives to Webex and GoToMeeting?

ClearSlide is one of the best web-based alternatives to Webex and GoToMeeting.

No ClearSlide Free Download? Which ClearSlide Alternative is Best?

The answer to that question depends on the specific needs of your business.

The efficacy of your content is reflected in its value, not volume. When content is personalized and experiential, it can drive stupendous returns.

These ClearSlide alternatives can assist you in whipping up such content and delivering it on target.

Many of these platforms are free to use and others have no-obligation trial periods. You can sign up for a demo of many of them as well.

Let us know if you found this article helpful. If you’ve used any of these tools, please share your experiences and insights in the comments below.

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