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You may be hesitant to let somebody else do your content marketing for you. That’s completely reasonable—it can be very nerve-racking to have someone that’s not you work on something you’re going to put on your own website.

As anxiety-inducing as this may seem—especially for any control freaks out there—there are actually many upsides to outsourcing some of your content creation. If you can find someone or an agency who you know can produce good work, then the hardest part of content outsourcing is over.

They are well-versed in writing stuff that will help your business thrive. And time and energy you previously spent creating content can now be used for other awesome things that go into keeping your business running.

Luckily, content outsourcing is super easy with the help of Dropbox file storage and sharing. In this article, we’re going to discuss how Dropbox can make it easy to send large files and outsource content.

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There are all kinds of content someone can create for you to help you increase your online traffic.

The kind content someone else can be making for you

Everything now is done online. Books are now available on apps or reading devices, and newspapers are beginning to post more online content than anything else. So at this stage in the game, much of your business needs to be done online in order to reach all potential audiences.

As the world of online marketing has grown, so has the selection of strategies people can choose from in order to promote their work.

Before we get into why content outsourcing can work for you and your online business, we’ve compiled a list of the types of content people produce and the techniques that content producers keep in mind in order to show what this process does for a specific brand.

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Types of Content

Social Media Marketing

Since the birth of social media, everyone’s become obsessed with checking it and posting on it regularly. Let’s face it, you’re probably on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn plenty yourself.

As the popularity of these platforms grew, so did social media marketing, which is the use of these apps and their algorithms to expose your business to users.

There are many nuances to social media marketing, according to the experts, such as when is the best time to post on social media depending on the platform you’re using (Facebook and Twitter later at night at the end of the week, LinkedIn in the morning midweek). Further techniques include keeping up with the times and what people want to see on social media, as well as navigating the loads of fake news online.

With all of these things to learn about social media marketing, it makes plenty of sense to outsource your content to help you manage different accounts and keep them running.

Blog Posts

If you’re unclear on what a blog post really is, just think of it as website where visitors can interact with the websites creator. Furthermore, blog posts are recurring, as opposed to the basic website design.

So why are blogs great for marketing? By incorporating a blog onto your existing website, you can easily bring more traffic to your website. When you post relevant content that’s embedded with researched keywords—more on that in a bit—to your blog, you can boost your search engine ranking.

Keep coming up with a steady flow of blog posts to give your website more opportunities to show up earlier on search engine queries.

To wrap up an awesome blog post, it’s a good idea to leave it open for some reader feedback and encourage your audience to leave some comments. Make sure to answer those comments as they come in.

A blog post also serves as an excellent resource in promoting your email newsletter, which is the next platform we’re going to dive into.

Email Newsletters

Pretty self-explanatory, an email newsletter is a regular publication a website sends out to subscribers. The letter will usually talk about any updates to the company or product, as well as what’s going on in the world of the market involved.

If email newsletters sound sort of pointless to you, they shouldn’t. Southern lifestyle magazine Garden & Gun has used Talk of the South, their email newsletter, to boost revenue with effective and thoughtfully placed ads in a well-written newsletter.

By outsourcing the work of newsletter upkeep and design to the email management business, Emma, Garden and Gun has since seen an increase of 40% in newsletter readership.

Now that you’re aware of all the different kinds of marketing content that you can potentially outsource, find out about what makes content successful.

Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Keyword Search

When you’re writing content for your business website, it’s great to have that content anchored with a few keywords.

By targeting keywords in your content, it can help you better understand what people are looking for when they hit the search button, who and how many are looking for it, and how they want to be presented with this information when they find it.

When choosing which keywords to use, it’s best to tap into what your business provides for others. As you begin to search what keywords best align with your company and which words will bring you more traffic, you’ll begin to discover other keywords along the way.

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Content outsourcing is a lot of online communication—get ready.

What Content Outsourcing Will Be Like For You

If this compelling evidence has convinced you that content outsourcing is the way to go, then you’re probably wondering what that process really looks like in day-to-day work.

Content Collaboration

Working with other people is awesome. It allows you to bounce ideas off one another and think about things you might not have before, or maybe look at certain things in a different way. Once you partner with other people on your project, the possibilities are endless.

If you’re outsourcing your content, there’s a good chance you won’t be meeting face to face with this person when they’re writing it and you’re editing it. For example, if someone writes and designs your newsletter or blog posts, you’re probably going to need a method of collaborating remotely without sending emails back and forth.

Luckily, with Dropbox’s annotations feature, all of the content collaboration is in one place—app or webpage, depending on which device you’re using to do your work.

When using Dropbox, you can write directly on top of whatever file you’re operating—Excel, Photoshop files, PDFs—without downloading any additional software. You can highlight text or annotate a file to highlight some awesome work done by your content creator and easily share any notes with other people working on the file.

Cloud Storage

Maintaining an online presence for your business takes lots of work from many different people. All of the work that goes into writing blog posts and designing the webpage will ultimately take up precious hard drive space on your computer.

But with Dropbox’s cloud storage plans, your computer space is saved for downloading other awesome software to help you create.

Once all of your stuff is safely stored on the cloud, you can easily send large files to anyone you may be collaborating with in order to help make your brand the best it can be.

If the thought of sending large files via email—in order to make content outsourcing successful—sounds scary to you, you’re not off-base. Sharing large files via email is a nightmare, it just takes so long to send, receive, and open huge files.

With cloud storage, you don’t have to worry about struggling to send large files over email. Once your files are uploaded to the cloud, you can easily send them to any partner by creating a shared link for the file and sending that link via text, email, or chat.

Once your recipient gets that link, they can instantly view and download the file you just shared. With cloud storage, all of your files are protected and can be easily shared.

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Now is the time to start online marketing.

Embracing the world of online content marketing can truly help your business thrive. But the deeper you dive into that world, the more people you may need to help you come up with content.

Fortunately, businesses of all kinds have many tools at their disposal in order to produce the best content in the easiest and most efficient way possible.

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