Onboarding customers is one of the most essential parts of customer service. Onboarding should be considered a goal when a customer begins using your services, especially if you have a complex service.

Lincoln Murphy suggested in an article about customer onboarding that it goes beyond making sure consumers understand your product or service: it should help them see the value in your product/service.

In an age where competition in the market is very fierce, you can take the opportunity to focus on this element of the buyer’s journey and really shine as a business.

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Customer Onboarding Tips for Success

By having an onboarding process, you not only wow your customers, but also encourage them to become loyal to you as well.

Here are the five reasons why it has that effect:

1. It Lessens Pain Points

Even when you’ve managed to convert a customer, the pain point doesn’t disappear. There will always be pain points all throughout the buyer’s journey.

This is why customers will switch brands. They encountered a problem with the first product which prompted them to look for other alternatives.

Lincoln Murphy says that this differs from customer to customer.

They need to ask these questions to find what they’re currently missing from their experience:

  • What are the things that they have to do in order to get value or in order to get to a point where they see the value potential?
  • What are the things they need to do with your product?

By having an onboarding process, you can help lessen the customer’s pain point.

For example:

A manual will help answer their question on how to use the product and how to use it effectively. You need to give them all the tools in order to succeed and continue to use your product, otherwise you’ll see a drop off rate for these customers.

What you need to do is ensure they’ll never feel like you haven’t been lying to them. Whether it’s a manual or a training guide to ensure the best use of your product is the most important for onboarding.

it lessens pain points customer onboarding

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There’s less effort on their part to look for answers since you’ve already addressed the problem the moment they got the product.

2. It Shows Awareness

Customers will often leave a brand not because the product was bad but because customer service was bad.

You can have the best, most awesome product in the market, but if you don’t have an onboarding process for it, you will lose customers.

Having a well-organized onboarding program shows that you are aware of the most common problems consumers have and have prepared answers for it.

Customers will trust your expertise and will likely choose you over the other brand.

3. It Makes You Stick Out

An onboarding process will make your brand more attractive to new customers. It’s important to note that during this time, they are still forming their initial thoughts about your brand.

If they don’t like the initial experience, they might leave.

But a good onboarding process will create a positive experience for the customer that will impact your relationship with them.

4. It Creates Familiarity

As we have mentioned above, it’s not always product quality that wins but customer service.

When you have a proper onboarding process, you create familiarity with your brand that will make customers more comfortable with using your product.

For example, you can use products like biometrics used as identification and security that Jumio uses for identifying customers.

it creates familiarity customer onboarding

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This verification system helps businesses establish the true identities of their users.


By verifying the government-issued identity documents of users in real-time.

It also safeguards customer data and offers security. Even if a bank is on the lower tier in the list of top banks in the world, they will gain those valuable customers just by having a very comprehensive onboarding process that helps make biometric sign up easier.

5. It Shows Your Value

A major part of having a successful marketing campaign is demonstrating your product’s value to the customer.

While your customer may have already bought your product, it will take more than that to make them stay for good.

With an onboarding process, you will get a chance to highlight the value of your product and show customers why your company was worth choosing over other brands. It makes them feel that they made the right decision in choosing you.

This can be especially helpful if the product you’re selling tends to be on the higher end. People want to know they spent their money well.

An onboarding process will do a great job of making them feel they made the right choice in purchasing your product.


Onboarding is really just an added layer of customer service that will make your customers feel more valued and cared for.

By taking the extra step to refine your onboarding process, you will attract more customers that will not just stay for the long haul but will also rave about you to their friends and family.

Do you have any questions about creating an onboarding process for your customers or any customer retention tips to add? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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