A lot of people think that content marketing is not for ecommerce businesses as their primary goal is to simply sell products. And, if that is the goal, why would you bother with the effort to create content for your website to engage your audience, right?


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Content marketing is one of the most versatile marketing techniques and is as useful for ecommerce as it is for any other type of business. Ecommerce content marketing, when done right, can help you achieve numerous marketing goals as well as improve search engine optimization efforts and increase conversion rates.

Whether you want to drive more traffic to your website or simply create brand awareness among new audiences, ecommerce content marketing can do it for you.

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All you need is some inspiration to get started on how to do ecommerce content marketing… the right way. That is where I can help you.

I have curated a list of 21 best ecommerce content marketing examples to provide you with some inspiration.

Which are the Best Examples for Ecommerce Content Marketing?

Here are the best content marketing examples to inspire your ecommerce marketing campaigns in 2024.

1. Asda

This is probably one of the most innovative examples of ecommerce content marketing. Imagine a retailer starting a YouTube channel and gathering 159k followers.

Sounds great, right?

This is certainly a content marketing feat achieved by few.

After all, why would people want to follow a retailer on YouTube, of all places?

What could a retailer possibly create that could get that many people interested in watching their YouTube videos?

Well, for one, Asda did not make it look like a retailer’s YouTube channel. They named it “Mum’s Eye View” and mentioned their brand name in a very small font.

This brought the attention away from the brand’s name and towards what the channel was actually about.

asda ecommerce content marketing examples

Image Source: YouTube

The channel has content on a variety of topics like food, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, etc. The content is created just like any other YouTube channel would have, but using products that they sell.

This way, they actually promote their products and show them in use, without making it look like promotional content marketing at all. This is a social media marketing technique that will take time and effort but will definitely pay off in the long run.

2. Lush

Lush is a handmade cosmetics brand that takes great pride in its products and that reflects in their website content as well. They take their ecommerce content marketing very seriously and have ingrained content creation in every aspect of their online presence and marketing strategy.

They have detailed product pages  on their ecommerce site for every single one of their products. They sell each product like a unique experience in itself. Their product pages have beautiful product images, creatively-crafted product descriptions, and even a list of ingredients.

And, they don’t just stop at that. They also provide customer reviews and ratings for all their products to provide social proof and encourage more purchases.

Now if that is not amazing ecommerce content marketing, then what is?

lush ecommerce content marketing examples

Image Source: LUSH Cosmetics

3. MADE.com

MADE.com combines Instagram and their ecommerce website in a seamless social media marketing campaign. They encourage people to create content showcasing their products and then feature that content on both Instagram and their website.

Anyone who wants to get featured simply needs to show the company’s products in use and use the branded hashtags (#goals and #MADEdesign). This generates free content creation for the company that they can then showcase on their website’s homepage.

User-generated content provides social proof and encourages more purchases.


Showcasing how other people are using their furniture also provides prospective customers with design ideas. This further enables faster purchase decisions and encourages people to buy the products displayed in the Instagram posts from other users.

This is a brilliant example of how you can use user-generated social media content on your ecommerce website.

made.com ecommerce content marketing examples

Image Source: MADE.com

4. Sephora

Sephora’s Beauty Insider community is a platform where people can talk about anything and everything related to the brand, beauty industry, and other related topics.

The company has moderators who manage the community and encourage people to have more conversations there.

sephora ecommerce content marketing examples

Image Source: Sephora

This is a unique example of ecommerce content marketing as it includes a mixture of online communities, social media marketing, and user-generated-content.

What you can learn?

You can start a similar community for your users where they can discuss all brand or industry related topics. This generates tons of UGC as well as keeps your audience engaged without needing much content marketing effort on your part.

5. Scotts Menswear

Scotts Menswear has their own blog that you can reach from one of the tabs on their website. The blog post topics include sports, men, fashion, and anything else that would be of interest to their audience.

Their primary target customers are men who are into sports and their content is specifically designed for them. The content marketing strategy comes into the picture when they mention their products within a blog post.

Scotts’ writers are experts in internal linking and almost all of their blog posts have a mention with a link for one product or another.

See, for example, how they have smartly added the “Adidas Originals” link within their blog post on Terrace Fashion.

scotts menswear ecommerce content marketing examples

Image Source: Scotts Menswear

What you can learn from this marketing strategy is how to add internal links in your blog post. You attract organic traffic via your blog and then use internal product links to direct them to your ecommerce website. This is a perfect mix of SEO with content marketing for your ecommerce business.

6. Net-A-Porter

This ecommerce brand is heavily content-focused and this can be seen right from their ecommerce site. They showcase different product collections with attractive captions to encourage people to check out more.

net a porter ecommerce content marketing examples

Image Source: NET-A-PORTER

They also feature some articles featuring influencers or other contributors, alongside the product collections. These posts are also related to fashion and lifestyle and often feature products that you can buy from their website.

What can you learn from this?

They simply use the platform, like any other user, to create music playlists that people would like to listen to. If you know your target audience well then you will be able to find the right followers, who you can then direct to your website.

net a porter2 ecommerce content marketing examples

At NET-A-PORTER, you can read and shop at the same time. This is a brilliant use of content creation to keep the website viewers engaged and encourage purchases at the same time.

7. Barney Cools

This is a men’s clothing brand that has over 5.1k followers on SoundCloud, which is a music platform.

This clearly shows that you don’t necessarily need to create content around your products or even your brand. You can create any type of content that interests your target audience.

barney cools ecommerce content marketing examples

Image Source: SoundCloud

Ecommerce content marketing does not always need to be product-centered but should actually be customer-centered. The idea is to understand your target customers well and identify their likes, interests, and preferences. Become a part of their lives and not just a brand that they purchase from.

8. ProFlowers

If you want an all-out, over-the-top ecommerce content marketing example, then this is the one for you.

ProFlowers created an exhaustive guide on, “151 types of flowers,” that stood out as one of the best pieces of content on the topic.

This detailed guide not only got tons of organic traffic but also got numerous backlinks from other industry websites. After all, who could beat such an exhaustive list? So, why not simply use it?

proflowers ecommerce content marketing examples

Image Source: ProFlowers

The lesson to be learned from this is to create detailed informational content that becomes a reference guide for everyone.

This kind of content is great for getting both organic traffic and backlinks. It does take time and effort to create something that detailed, but it is definitely worth the effort in the long run.

Moreover, the beauty of such content is that it never gets old. You just need to create such content once and it will be your golden goose for years to come.

9. Northern Brewer

While we are on the topic of guides and informational content, Northern Brewer’s brewing database definitely comes to mind. This is a similar digital marketing strategy to the one adopted by ProFlowers, but instead of a document this a dynamic database.

The content marketing strategy for Northern Brewer contains all the knowledge you need on brewing beer or selecting one for yourself and can be used by anyone. This is again a thorough guide that gets both organic traffic and links from other websites.

northern brewer ecommerce content marketing examples

Image Source: Northern Brewer

What can you learn from this?

As an ecommerce content marketing technique, creating detailed guides on a relevant topic is one of the best. A database like that, on any topic, will keep bringing traffic from different search engines for a long time.

What’s more, is that you can always keep updating and expanding the database to include more information that also enhances search engine optimization.

Creating a fixed document or pdf might not be as good if you want to regularly update your content. However, creating a database right on your website provides you with that flexibility.

You can then add your product links in such content, as naturally as possible, to direct traffic to your online store.

10. Field Notes

Field Notes is a stationery brand that uses a unique ecommerce content marketing technique. They started a quarterly subscription service and made a film about each to promote that quarter’s subscription box.

A stationary subscription service, in itself, is a unique idea and making videos about it is a brilliant use of content to create buzz.

Moreover, keeping the frequency constant means that regular users will actually look forward to the next video to find about the next edition.

field notes ecommerce content marketing examples

Image Source: Field Notes

The essence of this ecommerce content marketing technique boils down to creating a regular content series. This in turn helps to improve search engine optimization and drive organic traffic to your online store.

11. Airbnb

Airbnb, as a company, has content marketing integrated into all aspects of their online presence. The company’s social media content strategy revolves around user-generated content.

Airbnb’s Instagram account is almost exclusively used to share pictures of their customers at their properties. The company encourages customers to post such pictures and tag the brand to get featured on their page as part of their social media marketing efforts.

airbnb instagram ecommerce content marketing examples

Image Source: Instagram

Their website also has tons of visual, informative, and useful content that helps their prospective customers make better travel and stay decisions. They provide information on where to go, what to see, and where to stay from their different content collections.

For example, their “Airbnb Adventures” content series curates a list of expert-planned trips including detailed itineraries. They also have a content series on “Top-Rated Experiences” that can help users plan their trips better.

airbnb adventures ecommerce content marketing examples

Image Source: Airbnb

Overall, the use of tons of useful, visual content right on the homepage is what makes this an interesting ecommerce content marketing technique.

12. REI

This is an adventure and sports gear brand with blog that caters specifically to their target audience. Their blog posts provide useful information on adventure travel, how to plan and prepare for it.

The content is informative and genuinely helps adventure enthusiasts instead of being promotional content marketing.

rei ecommerce content marketing examples

Image Source: REI

If you are a niche marketer, advisory content can really do wonders for your ecommerce site and get you the desired organic traffic.

13. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

This one is again quite a unique entry on our list of best content marketing examples for ecommerce businesses.


As we know, most airlines have an in-flight magazine of some sort. However, KLM has an online magazine that has become popular even among non-customers.

They provide useful travel resources and posts on interesting topics that travel enthusiasts love to read about. This kind of ecommerce content marketing aims to broaden the company’s reach beyond existing customers or even prospective ones.

klm royal dutch airlines ecommerce content marketing examples

Image Source: iFLY

14. BarkBox

BarkBox is a monthly subscription box for dogs that comes filled with toys and treats for our four-pawed friends.

Their ecommerce content marketing strategy is very simple—use tons of cute dog pictures everywhere.

Their website and social media accounts are filled with such pictures. And it works too because everyone loves looking at cute dogs.

But that’s not all they do.

They also provide social proof by showing pictures of their happy customers on their website. While not every company can post dog pictures, the social proof technique can be replicated for almost any company.

barkbox ecommerce content marketing examples

Image Source: BarkBox

15. Zingerman’s

This is another great ecommerce content marketing example that involves detailed informational content. However, in this case, the content is actually a book and not a post or guide.

This website’s target audience is food lovers and the book caters to them perfectly.

It is essentially a guide to good eating, which not only engages their audience but also opens a new channel of revenue.

zingerman ecommerce content marketing examples

Image Source: Zingerman’s

Is this right for your ecommerce business?

Replicating this ecommerce content marketing strategy might not be feasible in all cases, but you can at least create ebooks. This will open a new stream of revenue for your business while providing useful information to your audience.

16. LIFX

LIFX is an LED lights brand that has used ecommerce content marketing to make people care about bulbs. Sounds weird right? But it’s true!

The way this company uses content marketing to explain its products through video and text content is bound to catch everyone’s attention. They talk about their products and product benefits with such passion that it makes people care about it.

lifx ecommerce content marketing examples

Image Source: LIFX

17. AO Life

AO Life has a whole series of lifestyle posts right on their homepage. These posts are related to the niche that the brand operates in but are not promotional, but focus on engaging their users.

Here’s what their homepage looks like:

ao life ecommerce content marketing examples

Image Source: AO Life

They don’t hard sell their products through content marketing. They write content in which they can naturally mention their products.

They are also very smooth when it comes to showing their products in use within a post, without anyone knowing that they are actually selling their own products.

For example, they recently posted an article on Christmas cocktail recipes. The post had everything that was promised, including detailed instructions on how to mix and blend cocktails.

christmas cocktail recipes ecommerce content marketing examples

At each step, they showed pictures of products that are used to prepare the cocktails, including pictures of blenders that they sell. At the end of the post, they simply added a CTA saying “find your perfect blender.”

find your perfect blender ecommerce content marketing examples

Now that is content marketing at its best—mentioning products within a long-form content in the most natural way possible.

18. ASOS

ASOS is another apparel retailer on this list, but for a different reason. They provide fashion advice and tips to people to help them dress better.

There are countless apparel retailers worldwide, but only few actually make the effort to help you shop and dress better. This kind of ecommerce content marketing helps you stand out from the rest and get loyal customers.

asos ecommerce content marketing examples

Image Source: ASOS

19. Jean Paul Gaultier

This is a luxury fashion brand that has taken ecommerce content marketing to the next level by merging online and offline.

As a prominent fashion brand, they regularly participate in fashion events worldwide. They, then, post video footage from those events on their website to engage their audience online as well.

These videos often showcase the brand’s latest collection and encourage more purchases.

jean paul gaultier ecommerce content marketing examples

Image Source: Jean Paul Gaultier

The ecommerce content marketing technique used here is to share content from brand events or events that you attend.

This will make your online followers a part of the experience and will help them connect with your brand better. Posting videos showcasing your latest collections as part of your content marketing will also provide the added benefit of improving sales and ranking on search engines.

20. Reebok

Reebok is a prominent sportswear and accessories brand that does lots of different campaigns. We have included it on this list for one such brilliant ecommerce content marketing campaign that stood out.

As part of this content marketing campaign, the company launched the “Be More Human” microsite. There, they posted content featuring women from different walks of life, who are transforming themselves and the world.

reebok ecommerce content marketing examples

Image Source: Reebok

The content marketing campaign features entrepreneurs, actors, and other powerful women from different industries. The content includes a few lines on how these women are changing the world view about women along with their pictures.

The women are shown wearing Reebok merchandise and the brand has smartly added CTAs to help people “shop the look.”

This is a great example of how you can use cause-based content marketing to actually sell your products. The trick is to choose a cause that your target customers will relate to and then create an ecommerce content marketing campaign around that.

You create customer journey and draw people in by connecting them with a cause. Then close the deal by subtly encouraging them to buy your products.

21. Bonobos

Bonobos is an apparel brand that created a “Chino Fit Quiz” that sort of became a benchmark on the topic of content marketing. Anyone who wants to buy Chinos can use that quiz to find out exactly what kind of pants they should buy.

This is a useful resource that can be used by anyone looking to buy Chino pants. The brilliance of this tactic lies in the fact that this quiz can be posted on numerous ecommerce websites from the industry.

This will help increase the reach of the content and also get backlinks from other industry websites.

bonobos ecommerce content marketing examples

Image Source: Milled.com

Quizzes are a fun way to engage your audience, while also attracting more people to your content. Create a quiz on a topic that will be relevant to your audience and post it on different platforms.

This will bring in referral traffic to your website and make your branded content reach more people.


These are some of the best ecommerce content marketing examples that you can get inspiration from. Try one or more of these ideas and see which one works best for your ecommerce business.

Once you get the hang of it, you can even create your own unique ecommerce content marketing tactics.

Do you have any questions on ecommerce content marketing techniques or how to use the techniques above to increase conversion rates? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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