Engine Optimization (SEO) is the driving force behind the success of online businesses. “Search-engine friendly” websites establish a strong online presence by attracting new visitors and converting them into regular customers. With the proper implementation of basic SEO techniques, a website can achieve a higher ranking in the search engines results pages (SERPS).

The following are effective SEO techniques for an online business.

1. Choosing a precise domain name
There are many websites with inaccurate domain names. If you sell notebooks, you must include the word “notebook” in the domain name of your website; otherwise your website won’t appear in the relevant search engines when people will be searching for notebooks. The domain name needs to be brief and precise, reflecting your online products or services, targeting the right audience and conveying the right marketing message.

2. Choosing specific SEO keywords
Users look for particular products or services using specific keywords or keyword phrases. If they are looking for notebooks, they will enter the work “notebook” in their search engine. If they are looking for notebooks 2011, they will use “notebooks 2011” keyword phrase in their search engine. If you want your website to appear in these searches, you have to include specific keywords or keyword phrases in your website description to increase its visibility in the SERPS.

3. Using unique product descriptions
Using unique product descriptions and original user generated content will earn you high ranking in major search engines. Some business owners “copy-paste” their product descriptions and use identical descriptions with their manufacturers. However, this doesn’t allow you to be creative and add your personal value to your product descriptions or possibly stand out of competition.

4. Link building / Link exchange
Link building is a really effective tool that can help you increase the visibility of your website in the SERPS. By submitting your website to Yahoo or the dmoz directory, also known as the Open Directory Project, you can automatically receive links to your website and drive more traffic to it.

Link exchange allows you to: 1) exchange links with similar websites, 2) post product features or service descriptions in forums to attract prospective customers, 3) write rich SEO articles to promote your products and services and/or 4) use social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and the latest Foursquare to raise consumer awareness about your online business.

5. Site optimization
Site optimization includes choosing appropriate keywords and keyword phrases; focusing on on-page optimization so that both visible and invisible content contributes to page description; using Meta tags and backlinks; optimizing the images of your website using ALT tags so that each time a Google image search is performed, the traffic driven to your website is increased as a result of using ALT tags in the image of your product.

Conclusively, effective SEO requires high search engine rankings that can be achieved with high quality web content and appropriate keywords. By driving more visitors to your website you actually increase your website’s traffic, thus building sales momentum and taking full advantage of effective SEO techniques.

Original Article by: Chris Pomoni


  1. I noticed the “comment luv” plugin and decided to do a little “link building”. Great advice too, by the way. I’m stuck on page 5 so I’m going to try some of these techniques. Cool.

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