After talking with Luke Deering, founder of Entrepreneur Finder, about his concept and what he plans to do for fellow entrepreneurs, I had to do an interview with him.

So what exactly is is a free interactive resource designed around the needs of entrepreneurs, professionals, skilled individuals, students, and investors.

1.  How can entrepreneurs leverage your site?

The very early premise for the site was to design an online platform that would funnel all the information, people, and resources that entrepreneurs need in their company’s life cycle to one place. This is a really big question, but in short, if you are an entrepreneur you can leverage to find the right investors, mentors, partners, employees, or interns, access key resources, news and relevant events. The site is designed to help so many types of users, but the backbone of the is to stimulate entrepreneurship.

2.  If I am an entrepreneur with an idea how do I get started?

For now, the best thing to do is to reserve your Username URL and invite your friends to join since this will get you onto the early access list. In regards to getting started, once you receive your invite, we have made it as simple as possible. On the front page, users select their primary reason for joining the site: to raise funding, find a mentor, or employees etc. Once this is completed, all users need to do is to select a country of origin, tag themselves as one or more user types (entrepreneur, recruiter, student, professional, skilled individual, investor or mentor), then upload a picture and they are on the site. Profiles are full of options to provide additional content to bring your identity to life.

3.  Will there be local mentors for entrepreneurs?

Absolutely, and that list will consist of successful entrepreneurs, professionals, successful alumni from university networks, and retired professionals. This is an area of the site’s tools that is very personal to me. When I was leaving university, I approached my school on numerous occasions to see if they could put me in touch with an alum that would be interested in becoming my mentor. However, they did not have the time, the interest or the tools to do that for me. I could not leave other students mentor-less, like me, so we have put a lot of time in developing the perfect mentoring environment.

4.  If I want to find consultants to help get my business to the next level, will that be available on the site?

Definitely. In fact, we have an automatic matching feature that is tailored to the needs of the user and based on the content they provide. We also have various search tools which will help you find consultants and be found as a consultant. These tools are powerful, discipline-specific and designed to help you find the exact person you need as easily as possible.

5.  How do I protect my ideas once I have posted on EntrepreneurFinder?

So, predominantly it’s up to the discretion of the user when they post content and make it public or not. If your idea is not far enough along for you to feel comfortable, we encourage our users not to publish it. We do have safeguards in place so that you can control who can view that specific content, but we still advise users to be smart about what they share.

6.  Will there be rating systems for providers/consultants that we use?

Yes, for sure. We allow users to endorse other users, and the number of endorsements is reflected on the user’s profile. Members can also leave comments attached to the endorsements. These comments are either approved or not approved by the user receiving the endorsement. We do not have a “vote down” function. But we do have two options for bad experience: one is to simply not endorse the user and the other, if your experience is that bad, is to report the specific members to us. I am sure over time we will add additional features around the rating system, based on what users need.

Thank you for your time Luke and I am really excited about being an Entrepreneurial Consultant on Entrepreneur Finder.  Cheers!

Article written by: Shane Barker