Social Media Strategist Boosts Business Exposure and Profits

 Sacramento, CA – Dec. 1, 2011 – A passion for social networking, Internet marketing and product development has resulted in Shane Barker emerging as one of the preeminent experts on the development and execution of long-term social media campaigns and marketing strategies. Sought by corporations worldwide, the social media strategist’s services are now available to anyone seeking innovative and lasting solutions to boost their business.

“Today’s marketing is about building relationships through social networks,” said Shane Barker, CMO of

Barker offers consultant services to help fledgling businesses prosper and established businesses soar. Proving his expertise in building businesses, he partnered in a start-up endeavor that boasted a value of over $15 million in just two years. Any individual starting a business faces a wide variety of challenges and Barker works closely with them to provide the expert advice needed for a successful launch.

Social networking is essential for businesses to market their products and services successfully in today’s economy. It is the online equivalent of word of mouth advertising and helps clients build brand recognition, attract traffic and increase exposure. Shane Barker is adept at the essential link building that establishes positive brand reputations and presents companies as desirable firms with which to conduct commerce.

SEO is a crucial part of any good business strategy to help firms rank highly in search engine results and achieve greater visibility. Barker has countless methods and techniques to help clients increase exposure, optimize search engine results and escalate sales. Most Internet users don’t look beyond the first ten search results and even more view only the top five, making top rankings a priority in marketing plans.

Business thrives on new and innovative ideas and those seeking to develop a new project can greatly benefit from Barker’s expertise in raising business capital or locating investment partners. The marketing consultant partners with a select network of investors and institutions looking for unique business opportunities. A business or individual may have the next million-dollar idea, but may never see it come to fruition without the appropriate support and knowledge Barker can offer.

Shane Barker speaks extensively throughout the year, primarily about social media. He provides information on how to engage audiences and how to harness the power of social media.  Barker displays how to establish a solid social foundation for their enterprises and build their brands with the use of tools like QR codes.

The Sacramento based strategist is a recognized authority in social media and email marketing, providing solutions for greater visibility and exposure. The entrepreneur can assess the probable success rate of new products and help clients find the capital they need. The first step toward business success begins with the expert advice that Barker provides.

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