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Explainer videos are a huge part of marketing. As attention spans dwindle, people don’t have the patience to read big blocks of text. Instead of reading lengthy articles, many people prefer watching videos. In a nutshell, videos are the future of content marketing.

Not convinced?

Check out these findings from The State of Video Marketing 2020 report:

  • 66% of people said they preferred to learn about a product or service through short videos.
  • 84% of people said that they were convinced to buy a service or product after watching a branded video.

If you still haven’t explored video marketing, it’s time to dive in. Videos can help you boost your brand awareness, visibility, and sales. At the same time, they can help you keep your audience engaged.

Not sure which kind of videos to create?

Here is a tip:

Create explainer videos.

According to the previously cited study, they are the most commonly-created videos. Furthermore, 96% of consumers said they had watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service.

But, what exactly are explainer videos?

Let’s find out…

What Are Explainer Videos?

Think of an explainer video as an introduction to a new company or brand. Using an explainer video, a company can explain the details of a specific product or service.

In addition to this, businesses can use explainer videos to communicate how they can help solve their audience’s pain points. Through explainer videos, organizations can also communicate their business values, mission, and goals.

Explainer videos can also be used for training, recruitment, internal communication, or for marketing purposes.

Tips to Create an Awesome Explainer Video

Want to make an awesome explainer video for your business?

Of course you do!

Here are some tips to guide with the video-making process:

1. Use the Right Tools

Before you begin making your video, it’s important to equip yourself with the right tools. It can make a world of difference.

With the help of video maker tools like mysimpleshow, Powtoon, Adobe Spark and others, you can create engaging explainer videos. Even if you are a newbie, these tools make it easy for you to create professional-looking videos quickly.

Want help from experts?

You can simply outsource the work by leveraging explainer video services like simpleshow. They can help you explain the most complex topics in a short, absorbing, and easy-to-understand manner.

simpleshow Explainer videos

Image via simpleshow

2. Write a Short and Concise Script

A well-written video script is the key to communicating your message. Keep in mind that the script for your explainer videos needs to be short. Ideally, you need to write content that can fill up 90 seconds or less.

Convey your message with simple vocabulary in a conversational tone. If you use complex words or technical terms, you may not be able to keep your audience engaged.

So, what should you talk about in your video script?

There is a tried-and-tested formula you can use:

  • Begin by introducing your product or company.
  • Next, discuss a major pain point that your audience faces.
  • Follow it up by showcasing how your product or business can solve that problem.
  • End the video with a powerful call-to-action.

3. Highlight the Benefits For Your Target Audience

In your video, don’t list the features of your product. Your audience can check them out on your product or website.

Instead, you need to focus on highlighting your USP. Tell your audience about how your product or service can make their lives easier.

Regardless of the industry you’re in, you’re likely to have many other competitors in the same space.

So, what is it about your product or business that makes you unique?

Why should customers choose you over your competitors?

These are the questions you should address in your explainer videos.

4. Focus on Good Audio

High-quality audio is a prerequisite for making a great explainer video. Make sure you add a professional voiceover to your video.

Additionally, ensure that the voice-over is recorded at a reasonable pace. If the talking is too fast, your audience may miss out on important information.

To set the right tone for your video, you can also add some background music. Just ensure that it doesn’t overpower the voiceover.

Now you know all the ingredients that go into making an awesome explainer video.

What’s next?

Let’s take a look at some explainer video formats and examples to help you get inspired.

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5 Explainer Video Types That You Can Explore + Examples

When it comes to explainer videos, you can get as creative as you want. There are a number of formats you can experiment with.

Let’s take a look at some of them:

1. Infographics Video

These types of explainer videos use animated objects and infographics to communicate their message. Microsoft used an infographic video to educate their audience about how their cloud solution works.

Infographics Video Explainer

Image via YouTube

2. Cut-Out Animation Videos

As the name suggests, these videos use paper cut-outs in them. Margaret Scrinkl, an animator, made a video to spread awareness about donating blood with this video type.

Cut Out Animation Videos Explainer

Image via YouTube

3. Fully Animated Videos

These types of explainer videos leverage animation to connect with the audience. It could include 2D or 3D animation.

Airbnb made an animated explainer video highlighting the unique experiences that their guests can experience with them. In the video, they also explain how guests can familiarize themselves with the hosts and leave reviews.

Fully Animated Videos Explainer

Image via YouTube

4. Screencast Videos

If you want to give your audience a complete walkthrough, screencast videos are your best bet. It’s as if you are sharing your screen with them. These types of explainer videos are well-suited for software solutions and apps.

The folks at Slack use a screencast video to explain what their software program can do and how their audience can use it.

Screencast Videos Explainer

Image via YouTube

5. Live-Action Videos

Live-action videos are just like the advertisements or videos you see on TV. They involve people and real locations. If you are looking for a human touch, you should opt for live-action videos.

Dollar Shave Club, for example. Have an explainer video which explains their monthly subscription model.

Live Action Videos Explainer

Image via YouTube


Explainer videos can help you reach out to potential customers and make them familiar with your products and services.

Not only are they great for improving your brand awareness, but they can also boost your online visibility. If you get them right, you can expect to get more high-quality leads. Go on, make your own explainer video now!

Do you have any questions related to explainer videos? Please add them in the comments section below.
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