The unsurpassed growth of social media in the 21st century as a platform for advertising has completely redefined Internet marketing for businesses of all sizes. From Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and LinkedIn, businesses have more pathways for marketing than ever before to target and interact with their prospective customers directly. However, all social media platforms are not created equal. Facebook has quickly grown into being the juggernaut that continually crushes competition by offering advertisers a larger audience and the potential for more revenue with the highest return on investment. Read on to learn our top seven reasons why Facebook ads are the best option for small and medium businesses to attract more customers in the evolving world of social media marketing.

1. Highest Level of Exposure on Social Media Sites

Since its inception one decade ago, Facebook has grown into the leading social networking service of the World Wide Web and a powerful medium for connecting people around the globe. It is now estimated that one out of every three people log on to their Facebook account at least once per day in the United States, which is equivalent to around 128 million people. On a larger scale, Facebook has reported to receive approximately 1.28 billion active users worldwide each month. In addition to declaring it the #1 social media platform, these surprising statistics make Facebook the second most visited website on the Internet right on the heels of Google.

With all of these eyeballs glued to the social network’s page, you can guarantee that there will be plenty of exposure available for your Facebook ads. While users are updating their statuses, posting selfies, sharing life stories, and checking their notifications, your company’s advertisements are displayed as part of their newsfeed to pique their interest in your product or service. Since half of all adult Facebook users have more than 200 friends in their network, it is also possible that anyone seeing your ad will share your business’s information with others. When it comes to high traffic volume, it is undoubtedly clear that Facebook remains unbeaten.

2. Ability to Target a Specific Audience

In comparison to other social media platforms, Facebook offers the best options to reach out to specific audiences for better targeting abilities. Rather than wasting time advertising to people who are uninterested in your product or service, Facebook will comb through profiles to find a mention of your specific keywords and place your ads only on certain users’ newsfeeds. You have the freedom to target your Facebook ads to a broad or narrow market as desired to receive customizable results. For instance, you have the ability to target individuals based on geographic location, language, age demographic, gender, relationship status, workplace, university, hobbies, education level, college major, and more.

Even more importantly, ads on Facebook follow users’ other activities as they travel through the World Wide Web anonymously after they have clicked on your advertisement. Like Google Adwords, this allows your retargeting ads to be displayed to potential customers as they visit other websites just about anywhere online. With this repeated exposure, you are more likely to generate greater online sales by keeping your brand present and bringing interested “window shoppers” back to make a purchase.

3. More Flexibility for a Customizable Ad Design

One of the best parts of advertising on Facebook is receiving more control over the way your company’s ad is designed as well as who will be viewing the ad and potentially clicking on it. When creating your ads, Facebook puts you in the driven seat with complete control over building the customizable ad design by writing the title, crafting the body content, and including an eye-catching picture. Compared to Google AdWords, Facebook also provides more flexibility for unleashing your creative talents with additional character length for ad description and the option for image-based advertising. Since Facebook understands that the appearance of the ad is essential to drawing customers, you have full rein to represent your brand effectively.

4. Cheaper Alternative to Other Internet Marketing Strategies

While Facebook offers the biggest marketing opportunity with exceptional targeting, it still maintains an unbelievably affordable price that is considerably cheaper than all other Internet marketing strategies available. In comparison to $2.75 on Google AdWords, the average cost for Facebook ads is around $0.25 per 1,000 people. With the lowest cost per 1,000 impressions ad in the history of marketing, advertisements on Facebook are only 1% of the cost of advertising on cable television. In fact, if you business spends just one buck to advertise on Facebook each year, you will be able to expand your reach to 4,000 people that would not have known about you otherwise.

On Facebook, there is also a very large range of packages available for advertising campaigns. Whether you are just starting your small business or are celebrating years of success, there are a number of inexpensive packages offered to help you reach as many Facebook users as your current budget will allow. Also, Facebook grants advertisers the ability to choose between click-based or impression-based pay structures to tailor your advertising campaign to meet your budget preferences. With the low rates and customizable fee structures, 49% of Facebook advertisers report receiving a return profit of five times their initial ad cost.

5. Helpful Performance Measures and Reports

Although Facebook is a cheap advertising platform that usually garners powerful results, it is essential that you know exactly what your business is getting out of the money you are spending. Luckily, Facebook Ads Manager is available to allow advertisers to clearly see the results that their ads have created towards meeting organizational goals. For instance, Facebook enables you to view helpful performance measures on the number of times your ad was shown, how many different people saw it, how many times it was clicked,
and the average cost per conversion. When you are well-informed about your overall ROI from Facebook advertising, you will be able to try out different ad strategies and find what works best.

6. Opportunity to Reach Potential Customers On-The-Go

We already know that the average computer user spends around 6.35 hours scrolling through Facebook each month, but usage is no longer held back to find a desktop. By the end of 2017, it is predicted that more than one-third of all people on this planet will own and use smart phones on a daily basis. As a result, more and more Facebook users will be viewing the social networking site from their mobile devices to stay in touch on-the-go. For businesses, this means that advertising on Facebook will unlock opportunities to target purpose-driven shoppers in their local area who are searching for a business like theirs. Advertisers not only have the chance to reach people while they are sitting at their computers, but also when they are out in the world.

7. Enhanced Audience Engagement to Build Brand Recognition

Last but certainly not least, Facebook presents the opportunity to build brand recognition by leveraging off the powerful word-of-mouth concept of social proof. According to a recent Facebook study, 92% of people trust word-of-mouth recommendations in comparison to just 47% of people who trust media recommendations. On Facebook, you can create fan pages that users can join to directly engage with your customers for building both brand image and customer loyalty. When people notice that one of their friends “Likes” your product or service, your company is able to break down any barriers of trust much more quickly than any other form of advertising. Achieving enhanced brand recognition will improve the visibility of your Facebook ads, create more positive buzz around your business, and boost your overall bottom line.


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