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Many people are interested in wellness, exercise, and overall fitness. The surge in interest in maintaining good health has led to a rise in the popularity of fitness influencers.

Who are fitness influencers?

Well, anyone from pro athletes to gym freaks, yoga instructors, and beyond can be counted as fitness influencers. Basically, they are the people who inspire others to stay fit, get in shape, improve stamina, and enhance the overall quality of life.

But why are we talking about fitness influencers here?

What do marketers like us have to do with them?

Many successful brands in the fitness industry are leveraging people’s trust in these influencers.

Whether you are into designing sportswear or gym wear, or you produce food and drinks that appeal to health enthusiasts, this post is for you.

Why am I saying this?

If you’re into a business related to health and fitness products or services, you can partner with fitness influencers to market your brand effectively.

How Can You Find the Right Fitness Influencers for Your Brand?

One of the simplest tricks to find fitness influencers is to perform hashtag searches on Instagram. Use phrases that are related to the fitness industry to find relevant influencer profiles.

Alternatively, you can also use tools like HashtagsForLikes to make the task easier. This tool will help you identify the most popular hashtags that are relevant to your brand and niche.

However, finding authentic and relevant influencers can be time-consuming.

So, to simplify the process, we’ve compiled a list of popular influencers in the fitness domain.

Which Popular Fitness Influencers Can You Partner With?

Here are the 13 most popular fitness influencers you can partner with. These influencers can help you get more people to trust your brand, products, and services.

Fitness Influencer #1: August Robinson

August Robinson is a certified personal trainer at Crunch Fitness, which is a chain of over 265 franchised fitness clubs in the United States. She is also a yoga instructor and she has over 11.8K followers on Instagram.

August frequently shares glimpses of her workout regimen and pictures where she flaunts her perfectly toned body. She often partners with photographers and clothing brands that sell gym wear to promote them and offer discounts to her loyal followers.

August Robinson fitness influencers
Image via Instagram

Fitness Influencer #2: Mario Schafzahl

Mario Schafzahl is a personal trainer and coach, who inspires his followers to get shredded and stay shredded. Along with his usual workout and running posts, he also shares pictures of the impressive views around him.

What’s more?

With over 50K followers on Instagram, Mario partners with brands such as OLIMP Sport Nutrition to promote fitness and nutrition products.

Mario Schafzahl fitness influencers

Image via Instagram

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Fitness Influencer #3: Chris Ruden

Chris Ruden is a disabled, type 1 diabetic powerlifter, weight loss coach, and a motivational speaker. He talks about living with diabetes, nutrition, and losing body fat.

Isn’t that inspiring?

He inspires his 56K Instagram followers and many others to overcome their limitations with a positive mindset.

Chris Ruden fitness influencers

Image via Instagram

Fitness Influencer #4: Jamar Pusch

Jamar Pusch is an athlete and a competitive bodybuilder based in Germany. His impressive physique is a result of many years of rigorous training.

He inspires his 541K Instagram followers to adopt a training routine that their body responds well to. Jamar often endorses nutrition, gym wear, and other apparel brands.

Jamar Pusch fitness influencers
Image via Instagram

Fitness Influencer #5: Spencer Panchik

Spencer Panchik is an athlete, CF-L1 trainer, and coach. He is also the co-founder of CrossFit CliffSide along with his brothers, Saxon and Scott Panchik.

With 26.1K followers on Instagram, Spencer leverages the platform to inspire people with his workout videos and glimpses of challenging CrossFit Games.

Spencer Panchik fitness influencers
Image via Instagram
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Fitness Influencer #6: Fabian Kitzweger

Fabian Kitzweger is a fitness and travel enthusiast. He frequently posts inspiring workout Stories for his 207K Instagram followers.

And you know what?

You can also enjoy glimpses of his travel excursions to various cities around the world. He often endorses lifestyle, perfume, and sportswear brands, and he offers exclusive discount codes too.

Fabian Kitzweger fitness influencers
Image via Instagram

Fitness Influencer #7: Hannes T

Hannes T is a hardcore fitness lover, who strictly focuses on bodybuilding, muscle modeling, and a protein diet. You can see him transform his physique every day with a disciplined training regimen.

Hannes never shies away from sharing what is important to him. You can see him post pictures and videos with his dog and his little princess.

Hannes T fitness influencers

Image via Instagram

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Fitness Influencer #8: Joshua Taubes

Joshua Taubes is a personal trainer and coach, who inspires his followers to stay fit. His 344K Instagram followers look up to him for everyday workout advice.

He discusses the best exercises for bicep training, building back strength, and more. He recently partnered with YoungLA to promote their gym wear – sweatpants and fitted cargo joggers.

Joshua Taubes fitness influencers

Image via Instagram

Fitness Influencer #9: Steve Cook

Steve Cook is a gym freak committed to educating people about workouts and nutrition. He inspires his 2.2 million Instagram followers to practice various unique exercises.

What kind of content can you expect from him?

Steve lets his followers watch him as he works out to strengthen his muscles, chest, hands, upper body, and more. He also posts about the gyms he visits, fun activities, family time, and other personal stories.

Steve Cook fitness influencers

Image via Instagram

Fitness Influencer #10: Sara Brust

Passionate about health and fitness, Sara Brust frequently posts engaging workout-related content on Instagram. She has 242K followers, who view, like, and take inspiration from her workout videos.

Sara also offers a 12-week workout guide. She partners with many nutrition and apparel brands that produce products relevant to her audience.

Are you one of these brands?

Then she may be the go-to fitness influencer for you.

Sara Brust fitness influencers

Image via Instagram

Fitness Influencer #11: Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet earned the title of the Fittest Woman on Earth in 2014 CrossFit Games. A former gymnast and one of CrossFit’s most enduring athletes, Camille has about 1.3 million followers on Instagram.

That’s a huge following, right?

She leverages the platform to share her personal stories, training experiences, workout videos, diet plans, and a lot more.

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet fitness influencers
Image via Instagram

Fitness Influencer #12: Kira Hamilton

Kira Hamilton is a professional dancer and personal trainer based in NYC. Her love of dance helped her develop a passion for fitness and health.

She says that fitness helped her become more confident physically. And now she inspires her 112K Instagram followers to get more fit.

Are you looking for a passionate fitness enthusiast like her?

Kira Hamilton fitness influencers
Image via Instagram

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Fitness Influencer #13: Eric Janicki

Eric Janicki is a fitness coach with 200K followers on Instagram. A majority of his posts are all about exercises to tone different parts of your body. You can watch his everyday workout videos along with a few snaps from his personal life.

Eric Janicki fitness influencers
Image via Instagram

Now, It’s Your Turn!

You don’t have to be a hardcore sports or fitness brand to benefit from fitness influencer collaborations.

Is that so, you may ask?

If your brand caters to a health-conscious audience, you can partner with these influencers to engage with your audience.

Do you follow any other popular fitness influencers? If so, please feel free to mention them in the comments below.