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Flick is a simple, yet effective, Instagram hashtag search and management tool. It also has lots of analytics that help you understand what’s working best, and what isn’t.

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Value For Money:
  • 7-day free trial
  • Simple user interface
  • More cost-effective than other similar tools
  • Instagram analytics capabilities
  • Advanced hashtag search and management
  • Low-priced plans have some analytics-based usage limits
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Quick Review

Flick is a useful tool that you can use to find Instagram hashtags, create hashtag sets, and analyze the performance of the hashtags you use on Instagram. It also has analytics capabilities to help you assess the performance of your Instagram content and understand your target audience.

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Flick Review: Key Features

  • Advanced hashtag search
  • Hashtag collections
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Hashtag performance analytics
  • Instagram content analytics
  • Instagram account insights
  • Can be used across devices
  • Free training and learning resources

Who is it Designed For?

  • Bloggers
  • Content Creators
  • Social Media Managers
  • Small-to-Medium-Sized Businesses
  • Agencies

Why Do I Use Flick to Find Quality Hashtags for Instagram?

As a digital marketer and influencer, I am always looking for good software and tools to help me build my social media presence. I stumbled upon Flick while searching for good hashtag search tools that I could use for my posts.

I started using this tool and liked how easy it was to use. It not only helped me find the best hashtags for any post but automatically tracked my Instagram hashtag use and performance.

It did the boring work that I used to do manually: finding hashtags that are a suitable size and level of competition for my account as well as working out which hashtags were actually getting me more impressions on my Instagram posts.

Want to know the best part?

It also provides in-depth analytics into multiple Instagram accounts' performance and helps me understand my audience better. That is why I decided to write this review of Flick, to introduce you to this powerful tool.

This Flick review is aimed at providing you with enough information about the tool for you to make an informed decision. Feel free to read more Flick reviews before you make your choice.

Ready to read my detailed review of Flick?

Find it in the next section.

Detailed Flick Review: What Makes it the Best Instagram Hashtag Tool?

In this section of this review, I will discuss, in detail, the four key features of this tool and how you can use it to grow your Instagram account.

So, let’s get started.

This is the key feature of this tool and the main focus of this review. The user interface is as simple as it gets: you simply type a topic or keyword and get a list of 40 hashtags.

hashtag search

Let’s look at a simple example of the keyword “healthymeals” If you search for food-related hashtags, you get the following list of 40 hashtags, organized by their level of competition.

What’s more, is that you can view these hashtags in a grouped or a table view. The table view provides key hashtag metrics for deeper analysis.

Grouped View:

hashtag search_grouped view

Table View:

table view

To copy these hashtags, you can “select all” and choose the “copy to clipboard” option. After that, you can simply copy and paste them to your Instagram post and you’re done.

You can also choose only a few of the hashtags manually or further refine your search results. Flick provides filters like average likes and total posts for any hashtag, so you can refine your hashtag search results according to your needs.

If you’re not sure which filters you should be using, your best bet is to link your account and apply “Smart Filters” which Flick will create for you, based on the account you’ve linked.

Want to know the best part?

Flick is available to use both on your computer and mobile devices, as it can be used via the web or their mobile app. The mobile app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Pro Tip: Create your own search filter presets to save time and find hashtags that are the most relevant to you.

2. Hashtag Performance Analytics

In this part of my review, I will tell you about the one feature that sets it apart from other hashtag generator tools. Flick tracks your hashtag use and analyzes the performance of your hashtags.

There are two ways to do this:

By visiting the “Content” tab, you can see which hashtags have worked best for each individual post you’ve made. This is great for keeping in the loop with what’s working best as you go. (But more on that later).

hashtag performance analytics

Or, you can go to the “Hashtags” tab under the Analytics menu, you will find valuable insights into the performance of your hashtags. You can see how many of the hashtags you used, how many you actually ranked for, and other key hashtag metrics.

You will also find your top-performing hashtags amongst the hashtag metrics and the ones that didn’t perform as well so you can discontinue using them.

hashtag performance analytics 2

How can you get these insights?

You simply have to link your Instagram account with Flick.

Also, if you want to drill further into any one of the categories, simply click on the “Show me the data” option under each hashtag collection. This will provide you with in-depth analytics data points on various hashtags.

hashtag performance analytics 3

Pro Tip: Audit your hashtags’ performance regularly and clean your lists to include only the best-performing hashtags.

3. Instagram Analytics

Even though Flick is essentially a hashtag search and management tool, it also provides some social media analytics capabilities.

When you link your Instagram account to Flick, you can get data about your account’s performance as well. You can see recent profile views, the reach of and engagement on the latest posts, and other data points.

instagram analytics

There are separate tabs for insights into your content performance and audience demographics as well.

Under the Content tab, you will find your latest posts and their engagement and reach hashtag metrics, as shown below.

instagram analytics 2

Under the Audience tab, you will find in-depth audience insights. You can find out who your audience is, where they are from, which languages they use, what times they are most active, etc.

instagram analytics 3

You can also see the audience activity for your account and how it has changed compared to the last period.

instagram analytics 4

Pro Tip: Use the “Audience Activity” report to find the best times to post on Instagram to get the most engagement.

4. Hashtag Collections

This review of Flick wouldn’t be complete without the mention of this last feature: hashtag collections.

When you search for hashtags using Flick, you can not only copy them but can also add them to your collections. You can create different collections for different topics and can use them every time you post something related to that topic.

hashtag collections

Pro Tip: Instead of creating a few big collections, create numerous small collections for niche keywords that you can directly copy and paste for your Instagram posts.

What Are Others Saying About Flick?

“I use Flick daily at work. It’s helped me understand how to use hashtags properly so I can spend more time creating content. Our posts have been reaching about 15-30% more people since optimizing hashtags.”
Julia Cohen
Social Media Manager & Creator
“Flick allows my team and I to isolate the most relevant hashtags to obtain the most reach on our posts. Our clients love the results and we love how much time this app saves us. Game. Changer.”
Benjamin Brandon
AutInstagram Consultanthor
“Flick is by far the best tool for improving your hashtag strategy. Not only is it superbly accurate but it also saves us a lot of time! We've been able to help our followers find hashtags they can rank on, for free!”
Karim Roland
Founder @Barbell_marketing


Q1. What is Flick Tech?

A. Flick is a simple and easy-to-use hashtag search and analytics tool to find quality hashtags for Instagram. You can also use it as a hashtag tracking tool and see which hashtags are performing well for you.

Q2. How much does Flick Tech cost?

A. Monthly subscription plans for Flick start from $10 (plus taxes) per month, but you can get discounted (20%) prices if you opt for an annual subscription. You can also try the tool for free for seven days before you invest in a paid subscription.

Q3. What is the Flick App?

A. Flick offers a mobile app for both Android and iOS devices that performs the same functions as the online tool. The Flick app allows you to perform Instagram hashtag searches and to check analytics directly from your phone.

Q4. How do you manage hashtags?

A. You can create Instagram hashtag collections using Flick and can save several such collections for easy use. So, every time you need a set of hashtags, you can simply go to your collection, instead of searching for Instagram hashtags from scratch.

Q5. How do I find the perfect Instagram hashtags?

A. Use the Flick Instagram hashtag search tool to find quality Instagram hashtags for your posts and Stories. Simply search for a term and Flick will give you a list of associated hashtags for it.

Q6. How do you make a good hashtag?

A. For most Instagram posts, you simply need to find quality Instagram hashtags using an Instagram hashtag search tool like Flick. However, if you want to create a branded hashtag, make sure that it has your brand or campaign name. Also, keep the spelling simple and memorable to encourage more people to use it.

Q7. How do you find popular Instagram hashtags?

A. Use Flick’s Instagram hashtag search feature to search for relevant hashtags related to any topic. Simply enter a keyword or topic and you will get a list of relevant hashtags that you can use.

Q8. How do you claim a hashtag?

A. You can use websites like Twubs or Hashtags.org to register your branded hashtags. However, when you create a hashtag, make sure that it is unique and not currently being used before you register it.

Q9. How do I create my own hashtag?

A. You can simply use the hashtag symbol (#) and add any numbers and/or letters that you want after that to create a hashtag. You can also use an underscore, but do not use other special characters or spaces. It is a good practice to create hashtags that are easy to spell and remember, so that others can also use them.

Q10. Have any more questions?

A. Find all your answers in Flick’s Help Center or get in touch with their support team by sending your questions to them via chat.

What’s the Final Verdict?

I hope you found this Flick review useful and are now in a better position to assess whether it is the right tool for you or not. Be sure to use their free trial option to check out the user interface and features before you make your decision.

As for me, I had a good experience using this tool and would recommend it to anyone who wants a simple tool to manage their Instagram strategy. I would like to end this review by giving it a big thumbs up from my side.

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