The global gaming market is expected to have a CAGR of 13.20% from now until 2028 and reach $545.98 billion by 2028.

That clearly shows why gaming influencers are increasing in numbers. They’ve got a huge market to cater to, especially as the gaming industry continues to grow.

Gaming influencers build their communities around the common interest of gaming videos that is interactive, engaging, and easy to watch at the same time. It’s a creative content jackpot where all you have to do is play games.

So, brands are already cashing in on the opportunity to collaborate with gaming influencers.

If you’re looking out for the right gaming influencers for you, here is a list of YouTube gamers you should check out:

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Best Gaming Influencers on YouTube

1. Markiplier

This Los Angeles-based gaming influencer produces gaming videos, original comedy sketches, animated parodies, and other bits of entertainment.

Mark Fischbach or Markiplier, as he is popularly known, has 30.4 million subscribers. As of December 2021, his YouTube channel has over 16 billion views. Making him one of the top YouTube gamers.

markiplier-gaming influencers

Image via YouTube

2. Tyler Blevins

Tyler Blevins, or Ninja, is a gaming influencer with the highest number of followers on Twitch. He is also among the top five most watched Twitch streamers in the gaming world.

He is also among the top YouTube gamers. With 22 million subscribers it's one of the biggest gaming channels.

ninja gaming influencers

Image via YouTube

While he became popular for his Fortnite videos, he also streams other games like Battlefield V and Realm Royale.

Every week, he streams his games live for 60 hours. In the past, he has collaborated with brands like UberEats, NZXT, and Revelation.

3. Sean William McLoughlin

In the gaming circuits, Sean William McLoughlin is known as Jacksepticeye. He is known for his comic style in his vlogs and Let’s Play series.

With a fanbase of 22 million subscribers, his YouTube channel is the most-subscribed channel in his homeland, Ireland.

jacksepticeye gaming influencers

Image via YouTube

In the past, as one of the most popular YouTube gamers he used his influence to raise funds for charities. Overall, he has raised over $1 million in charity fundraisers.

4. Daniel Middleton

Daniel Middleton is known on YouTube as DanTDM. Previously, his virtual identity was The Diamond Minecraft.

With an annual income of $16.5 million, this British gaming influencer topped the Forbes list of the Highest-Paid YouTube Stars in 2017.

As of December 2021, he has one of the largest YouTube channels with 25.7 million subscribers and more than 18 billion views on his gaming videos.

dantdm gaming influencers

Image via YouTube

A former Tesco worker, Middleton specializes in live streaming Minecraft on his YouTube channels. Other than making Minecraft videos, he has also toured the world where his live performances have been sold out.

5. Alastair

Alastair Aiken, known in the virtual world as Ali-A, is another one of Britian's top gaming influencers who makes vlogs and gives Fortnite and Call of Duty commentaries.

He has two YouTube channels: Ali-A and More Ali-A. The channels have subscriber counts of over 15 million and 5 million, respectively.

ali-a gaming influencers

Image via Youtube

Last year, he also created another YouTube channel with his partner called, “Clare & Ali.” This channel features the couple’s travels and other daily adventures, rather than the normal Call of Duty videos.

6. Lia

Lia, or SniperWolf, is one of the few female YouTuber influencers in the world of YouTube gamers. Her YouTube channel features Call of Duty and Fortnite videos.

In addition to those Fortnite and Call of Duty videos, her channel features videos on relationship advice, riddles, Cosplay videos, and more. Making her one of the most popular YouTube gamers with content beyond gaming videos.

sniperwolf gaming influencers

Image via Youtube

Currently, she has 15 million subscribers on her main channel. Her secondary channel called “Little Lia” has 1 million subscribers.

7. Lachlan

Lachlan’s YouTube channel mostly features him playing Fortnite. You can also find a few videos of Minecraft and Pokemon Go. This Australian gaming influencer has 11.9 million subscribers on his channel.

lachlan gaming influencers

Image via Youtube

Recently, he launched his own clothing range that goes by the name, “Power By Lachlan.” It features hoodies, T-shirts, and caps. Proving that playing video games can lead to big business opportunities.

8. H2ODelirious

H20 Delirious who is known as Jonathan Gorman Dennis in real life has never revealed his face to his fans. Very little is known about his background as well.

h2odelirious gaming influencers

Image via Youtube

Originally from Virginia, he recently moved to North Carolina. His YouTube channel mostly features Let’s Play videos. Currently, his YouTube account has 11.8 million subscribers.

9. Matthew Patrick

This gaming influencer’s screen name is MatPat. His YouTube channel, GTLive, was one of the first gaming channels on YouTube. In 2016, he also created a YouTube Red series called MatPat’s Game Lab.

matthew patrick gaming influencers

Image via YouTube

His main channel, The Gaming Theorists, initially featured his performances and auditions. Now the Gaming Theorists channel features videos related to gamer psychology and theories behind popular games.

10. TheRadBrad

Bradley Colburn, known virtually as TheRadBrad, is an American YouTube gaming influencer who has 10.4 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

He also has a social media presence on other platforms including Steam, Facebook, and Twitter.

theradbrad gaming influencers

Image via Youtube

His YouTube channel features mainly gameplay walkthroughs for popular games such as Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty. But also for information about newly released games and gaming news.

In his videos, he takes the audience through a virtual adventure while he makes funny observations.

11. Tom Syndicate

This British gaming influencer’s actual name is Tom Cassell. However, he has built several businesses with his alias, Tom Syndicate. His YouTube channel, TheSyndicateProject, has 9.9 million subscribers.

tom syndicate gaming influencers

Image via The Syndicate Project

His Twitch channel, Syndicate, was the first channel on the platform to reach 1 million followers. He is also the voice of Loki in the mobile app game called Marvel Avengers Academy.

12. Miniminter

Simon Minter, also called Miniminter, is a YouTube gaming influencer with over 8.5 million subscribers. On his channel, he features FIFA videos, Omegle videos, Q&A sessions, as well as some real life videos.

miniminter gaming influencers

Image via YouTube

His second channel MM7Games features games like Monopoly, Uno, The Walking Dead, and others.

13. iHasCupquake

Tiffany Garcia’s YouTube channel, iHasCupquake features videos of gaming, baking, DIY videos, and arts. This American gaming influencer shot to fame with her Minecraft videos in 2010.

ihascupquake gaming influencers

Image via YouTube

She has 2.9 billion YouTube subscribers. In the 2018 Guinness World Records: Gamer’s Edition, she was made a record for having the most number of views for a female YouTuber.

14. Toby Games

Toby Turner who is also known by his screen name Tobuscus is a well-known face on Youtube. Since the time he registered on the platform, he has four YouTube channels.

tobygames gaming influencers

Image via Youtube

His latest channel, TobyGames, features a series of funny Let’s Play videos. In the past, he has featured playthroughs as well.

15. Vikkstar

Vikram Singh Barn, aka Vikkstar, is a British gaming influencer from Sheffield. For four consecutive years, he uploaded a video every day on his YouTube channel.

vikkstar gaming influencers

Image via YouTube

He was a part of a gang of gaming influencers who lived together in a home and were known as “The Sidemen.” He is still a part of the group but has moved out of the home. Vikkstar’s YouTube channel has 7.4 million subscribers.

16. Kathleen

Kathleen, aka Loserfruit, is a YouTuber and Twitch gaming influencer who has more than 1 million subscribers on both platforms. She is often seen streaming Fortnite, Call of Duty, and League of Legends games.

kathleen gaming influencers

Image via YouTube

In addition to that, this Australian influencer also streams Super Mario, Overwatch, and Just Dance sometimes.

17. Shonduras

Shaun McBride’s is known for his finger-drawings on Snapchat. His YouTube channel, Shonduras, has 1.6 million subscribers and mostly features vlogs and random videos.

His gaming videos are limited to a few Rocket League videos. He is the owner of an Esports team called Spacestation gaming.

shonduras gaming influencers

Image via Youtube

18. Sonja Reid

Sonja Reid, who goes by the YouTube name OMGitsfirefoxx, hosted the SXSW Gaming Awards in 2018. This Canadian gaming influencer started streaming in 2013 while she was working in the retail sector.

omgitsfirefoxx gaming influencers

Image via YouTube

In 2014, she quit her job to focus on her gaming career. In 2015, she became the most followed female user on Twitch.

19. Valkyrae

Rachell Hofstetter, aka Valkyrae, currently streams her games on Twitch and uploads videos on YouTube. This American gaming influencer spends most of her time playing Fortnite.

valkyrae gaming influencers

Image via YouTube

Valkyrae is the first female gaming influencer for 100 Thieves. She believes more women should join the gaming community.

Often she is seen playing games in all-female teams. Her YouTube channel has more than 3.5 million subscribers.

20. Randika Dwiputra

This Indonesian YouTube gaming influencer is a pro at Warpath Moskov. His YouTube channel has 713k subscribers and is a favorite for mobile gaming fans who like Mobile Legends.

randika dwiputra gaming influencers

Image via Youtube

21. Adil Benrlitom

Adil Benrlitom, better known as ScreaM on YouTube, plays for Team GamerLegion. This Belgian gaming influencer has played against European squads like Titan, G2 Esports, Team Envy, and others.

His YouTube channel has only a few videos as he started uploading them only about seven months ago. Currently, he has 628K subscribers.

scream gaming influencers

Image via YouTube


As gaming is gaining steam around the world, gaming influencers are becoming nothing short of celebrities. The only difference is that they engage with a close knit community of gamers on different social media platforms regularly.

I hope the above-mentioned list of the top YouTube gaming influencers helps you find the best gaming influencers to collaborate with.

Which other gaming influencers do you think need to be on this list? Please share your views in the comments section below.

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