Since the inception of the internet, there has been a continued thirst for information and knowledge.  With the original idea of Google, now the #1 search engine, that thirst was filled with a nice, big, tall glass of water.  Now is that tall glass of water unfiltered, regular, tap water or Smart water that you are drinking?  That can be eliminated by how you get your information, also known as your search technique. If I need to find some information on any subject (i.e. authors, reports, papers, calculator, unit conversions, etc) I can find it within minutes of a simple search. Most of my techniques have been acquired through research that I have done over the years but today I found an article at Mashable, that referenced an infographic from the guys at HackCollege that breaks it down.  It is a great resource, enjoy!

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving!

Google Search: How To Be More Effective At It

Article written and posted by: Shane Barker

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