Guest posting or guest blogging is often seen as a promising way to secure high-quality backlinks for your website and climb search rankings. However, Google’s E-E-A-T guidelines and the Helpful Content update have shifted the emphasis on content quality, expertise, and user value.

Your guest posts must show your experience and authority in the field and provide valuable information to readers. You need to carefully pick guest posting sites of high authority and great topical relevance.

In this article, find the top websites for guest posting and their domain authority (DA) and domain rating (DR) details. You’ll also find insights into finding guest posting sites and vetting their quality.

Read on to boost your backlinks and authority with guest posting.

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List of Guest Posting Websites for Various Topics and Industries

To help you out, I’ve compiled a list of guest blogging websites accepting guest posts across niches. You can find their domain authority (DA) and domain rating (DR) metrics and article submission links.

Pro tip: Ensure your article meets their guest post submission or contribution guidelines carefully to ensure quick approvals and publishing.

1. Guest Posting Sites for Animals and Pets Topics

WebsiteDADRSubmission URL
Dogs Naturally5676Contribute
Breeding Business5064Contribute
All Natural Pet Care4334Contribute

2. Guest Posting Sites for Art and Crafts

WebsiteDADRSubmission URL
Design Milk6981Contribute
Practically Functional6463Contribute
Communication Arts6379Contribute

3. Guest Posting Sites on Automotive Topics

WebsiteDADRSubmission URL
ET Auto9194Contribute
ADV Pulse5050Contribute
The Drive8681Contribute

4. Guest Posting Sites for Blogging Niche

WebsiteDADRSubmission URL
Daily Blog Tips6774Contribute
HellBound Bloggers (HBB)4558Contribute
HuffPost UK9087Contribute
Be A Better Blogger3744Contribute

5. Guest Posting Sites for Books and Publishing

WebsiteDADRSubmission URL
The Good Men Project8179Contribute
Independent Book Review3551Contribute
Book Riot8480Contribute

6. Guest Posting Sites for Career Topics

WebsiteDADRSubmission URL
Career Reload3532Contribute
Apres Group5049Contribute
Campus To Career3927Contribute

7. Guest Posting Sites on Design Topics

WebsiteDADRSubmission URL
Design Your Way7572Contribute
Creative Nerds6862Contribute
CSS Author9468Contribute
Graphic Mania4654Contribute

8. Guest Posting Sites for Education Niche

WebsiteDADRSubmission URL
Getting Smart7675Contribute
Greater Greater Washington6171Contribute
Times Higher Education7685Contribute
eLearn Magazine9191Contribute
Educational App Store5671Contribute

9. Guest Posting Sites on Entertainment

WebsiteDADRSubmission URL
World of Buzz8168Contribute
Flickering Myth8071Contribute
Hidden Remote7859Contribute

10. Guest Posting Sites for Family and Parenting Niche

WebsiteDADRSubmission URL
Scary Mommy7879
Amsterdam Mamas4038
Brisbane Kids5462

11. Guest Posting Sites on Fashion

WebsiteDADRSubmission URL
Marie Claire UK8580Contribute
The Fashion Guitar5446Contribute

12. Guest Posting Sites on Finance

WebsiteDADRSubmission URL
Wise Bread7276Contribute
Money Saving Mom6772Contribute
Cash Lady5053Contribute
ABC Money6659Contribute

13. Guest Posting Sites for Food and Drink Category

WebsiteDADRSubmission URL
Disney Food Blog7570Contribute
Food Matters6272Contribute
Perfect Daily Grind6075Contribute

14. Guest Posting Sites on Health

WebsiteDADRSubmission URL
Alternative Daily7564Contribute
CrossFit Journal7388Contribute
Women’s Health Interactive4953Contribute
A Lust For Life4661Contribute
Well-Being Secrets4961Contribute

15. Guest Posting Sites for Home and Garden Topics

WebsiteDADRSubmission URL
Thompson & Morgan6471Contribute
Compact Appliance5865Contribute
DIY Show Off5763Contribute
Veggie Gardening Tips4431Contribute

16. Guest Posting Sites for Internet Marketing

WebsiteDADRSubmission URL
Marketing Profs8184Contribute
Digital Monk6351Contribute
Digital Success2639Contribute

17. Guest Posting Sites on Law and Politics

WebsiteDADRSubmission URL
Above the Law8079Contribute
Activist Post7171Contribute
The Standard4738Contribute
Attorney at Work5070Contribute

18. Guest Posting Sites on Lifestyle

WebsiteDADRSubmission URL
Caracas Chronicles6361Contribute
Ms. Career Girl5966Contribute
Celebrity Cars Blog5841Contribute

19. Guest Posting Sites on Marketing Topics

WebsiteDADRSubmission URL
Benchmark Email6584Contribute
Marketing Tech News5676Contribute
Chatter Buzz3860Contribute

20. Guest Posting Sites on Music

WebsiteDADRSubmission URL
Wunderground Music5234Contribute
Cover Me Songs5545Contribute
Planet DJ4250Contribute
Guitar Chalk4945Contribute

21. Guest Posting Sites on Photography

WebsiteDADRSubmission URL
Digital Photography School8181Contribute
MCP Actions5655Contribute
Photography Talk5664Contribute
Top Design Magazine5358Contribute

22. Guest Posting Sites on Real Estate

WebsiteDADRSubmission URL
Realty Times5877Contribute
American Concrete Institute5677Contribute

23. Guest Posting Sites on Religion

WebsiteDADRSubmission URL
Charisma Magazine6163Contribute
Christianity Today8083Contribute

24. Guest Posting Sites on Science

WebsiteDADRSubmission URL
EGU Blogs6974Contribute
Greater Good Science Center9291Contribute
American Scientist7078Contribute

25. Guest Posting Sites on Self Improvement

WebsiteDADRSubmission URL
Dumb Little Man6074Contribute
Pick the Brain6172Contribute
Examined Existence5556Contribute

26. Guest Posting Sites on Sports

WebsiteDADRSubmission URL
Times of Sports News63Contribute

27. Guest Posting Sites on Technology

WebsiteDADRSubmission URL
The Sociable6677Contribute
Linux Journal7480Contribute
I Love Free Software6867Contribute
Hypergrid Business5660Contribute

28. Guest Posting Sites on Travel

WebsiteDADRSubmission URL
Honeymoon Always5554Contribute
The Planet D5176Contribute
Times of India9491Contribute

29. Guest Posting Sites on Web Design, Web Development, and WordPress

WebsiteDADRSubmission URL
Web Design Ledger7778Contribute
Web Designer Hub5557Contribute

30. Guest Posting Sites on Writing

WebsiteDADRSubmission URL
A List Apart8286Contribute
The Write Practice5772Contribute
Jane Friedman6974Contribute
Make a Living Writing5570Contribute

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How to Find the Best Websites for Guest Blogging

Guest posting also known as guest blogging is the best way to build backlinks and boost your website traffic.

It’s a simple concept — You write guest posts for another website (usually one that has a higher domain authority than yours). The target website gives a backlink to your website in the guest article.

While they get valuable content for their readers, you benefit from increased readership and link juices to boost your authority as an expert in your niche. Guest posts are an ethical way to improve your search rankings, traffic, and exposure.

However, many website owners struggle to find the ideal guest blogging sites to publish posts on.

You can search for guest posting websites using the following methods:

1. Find Guest Posting Sites Using Google Search Queries

It is the easiest way to find relevant guest posting sites currently accepting guest articles. Here is a list of search queries you can use:

  • “write for us”
  • “guest post”
  • “guest article”
  • “guest posts wanted”
  • “guest blogger”
  • “become a guest blogger”
  • “guest bloggers needed”
  • “guest posting guidelines”
  • “now accepting guest posts”
  • “contribute”
  • “contribute to our site”
  • “contributing writer”
  • “contributor guidelines”
  • “submit post”
  • “submit article”
  • “submit content”
  • “submit your content”
  • “submit news”

You can also add a category to the search queries for niche-relevant guest posting sites search. For example, if you want to find a social media guest posting website, search: “write for us” Social media.

google search for guest posting sites

You’ll get a list of websites that let you submit a post related to social media.

Similarly, you can find guest posting sites in a specific country by adding the country’s name to your search query. Here’s an example:

search for country-specifc guest posting sites

2. Analyze Competitor Backlinks and Referring Domains to Find Guest Posting Sites

You can use a backlink analysis tool like Semrush’s Backlink Analytics tool or Ahrefs to analyze the referring domains of your competitors. This will help you identify websites relevant to your niche that may offer a backlink to you.

referring domains of competitors

You can reach out to those domains to collaborate on a guest article. Acquiring links from them will help you give strong competition to your competitors.

3. Look for Guest Posting Directories or Site Lists Like THIS One

An easier way to find relevant guest posting sites is to leverage someone else’s research. You can look for guest posting directories or lists of websites accepting guest posts like the one I created.

The good part about these is that you get additional information, saving time and research efforts and helping you vet the sites quicker. Some key details include:

  • The website’s domain authority (DA) and domain rating (DR)
  • The list of topics it accepts guest posts for
  • Other guest posting guidelines
  • Article submission URLs
  • Contact information

These lists can help scale your guest posting campaigns effortlessly.

Key Metrics to Vet the Quality of Guest Posting Sites

Before you pitch a website to publish your guest article, vet the site for the following to ensure you don’t waste your efforts on a low-quality website.

  • Check the domain authority (DA) and domain rating (DR) using tools like Semrush, Moz, and Ahrefs. Higher DA and DR indicate better authority.
  • Ensure the site’s content aligns with your niche or industry.
  • Review the quality and quantity of backlinks the website has.
  • Monitor traffic trends and monthly visitor counts to ensure substantial exposure. You can also look for engagement metrics like average time on site, bounce rate, and page views.

Best Guest Posting Practices to Build Links Successfully

Keep these points in mind for the success of your guest blogging efforts.

  • Personalize your guest post pitches for every website. Refrain from bulk emailing templates to get more responses and conversions.
  • Choose topics not covered on the website. However, they should be relevant to your niche expertise and the site’s top content categories.
  • Focus on creating high-quality content that adds value to the website you’re contributing to. Ensure the post benefits the readers to make an impact and build authority. Remember, relevance is your key to success.
  • Proofread and edit your content for grammar, tone, and SEO before submitting it for publishing. You can use writing tools like ContentShake and Surfer SEO to ensure your article reads and ranks well.
  • Build genuine relationships with bloggers, publishers, and editors to open more meaningful guest posting opportunities.
  • Diversify your link profile by acquiring links from a variety of high-authority websites. Don’t stick to a specific network of publishers for link building.
  • After your guest post is published, engage with readers in the comments section, share the post on your social profiles, and keep track of its SERP performance. Be responsible for the article till the end to grow your readership and enhance brand visibility.

Ready to Submit Your Guest Blog Post?

I hope the above list makes it easier for you to find relevant websites for guest blogging. Remember to double-check the domain authority of the guest blog post websites you choose for guest blogging.

Before you reach out to them, make sure they publish quality content. After all, their reputations affect yours. Also, make sure that you request their guest post guidelines as different websites have different guidelines

Do you have any questions about guest blogging? Feel free to mention them in the comments section. I’ll be happy to answer them for you.

Last but not least, don’t miss downloading my comprehensive list of 2100+ guest posting websites (updated May 2024).


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