Social networks in every country might live on the same Internet, but that doesn’t prevent differences in online customs and culture from developing along geographic borders.

Ongoing market research service Global Web Index has mapped these differences in the infographic above (click here to see a full preview).

The research, run by London-based consultancy Trendstream, has conducted six waves of surveys about global consumer adoption of the Internet and social media in 36 markets. It used data from its February 2011 surveys of between 750 and 2,000 online users in each market to define three behavior types: messagers, groupers and content sharers.

In some countries, many of them Asian, most people were focused on content sharing. Others, like the UK and Canada, had more people who put a greater emphasis on sending messages.

Trendstream also used data from the survey to map social network penetration in each country that it surveyed

source: Mashable