You can bet your family jewels that the SEO scene isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

If anything, the landscape has grown to be such a ruthless, cutthroat, and merciless space where a business can easily be overtaken by their competitors in the blink of an eye.

That being said, if you want to improve your search ranking, and remain relevant and competitive in your industry, then you need to stay abreast of the current SEO trends and techniques.


I want to help you with just that.

(Staying on top of the latest SEO trends to improve your search ranking, I mean.)

That is why I’m going to share with you some of the best SEO tips I’ve read this week.

Through my weekly roundups, I want to help you grow your marketing weapons of mass destruction to help you dominate your niche.

Let’s hop right in.

(Note: If there are other posts about SEO or how to improve your search ranking that you feel should be added to this list, please share them in the comments section below, and write a brief description of what makes the post awesome.)

1. 12 Killer Link Building Strategies by Robbie Richards

Robbie’s RLR technique is the bomb.

Not only is the approach effective and simple to implement, but it also gives you the framework that you need to dominate your competitors and improve your search ranking.

How does the RLR approach work, and what does it even mean, you might want to ask?

Read his post now.

2. Bulk Check Indexed Pages for Sites by Dixon Jones

If you’re an avid user of Majestic, then you need to check out Dixon’s post.

In his post, he talks about a new feature that they added to their already amazing tool.

Spoiler alert: The new feature allows you to check 100,000 domains at once.

Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

Read his post now to learn about the new feature.

3. The 5 Most Common SEO Myths by Jason Parks

Have you ever watched one of those building demolition videos where you can see huge skyscrapers come painfully crashing down?

I have.

And that’s one of the first images that cross my mind every time I see websites getting penalized by Google due to faulty SEO.

If you’d like to avoid the same fate as those buildings, then you need to learn the difference between a legit SEO strategy, and those that are just myths.

Jason’s post covers five common SEO myths that a lot of business owners are still falling for.

Don’t be one of them. OK?

Check out Jason’s post now.

4. Domain Ranking Factors: SEO Shortcuts You Should Not Take by Natasa Djukanovic

SEO shortcuts. These are the kinds of SEO “strategies” you should avoid — if you can even call them “strategies.”

Natasa shares several of SEO shortcuts that are (sadly) widespread in the industry.

If you’re in the process of developing your search engine optimization strategy to increase your search ranking, I encourage you to check out the “SEO shortcuts” in this post first. That way, you can avoid them like your life depends on it.

5. Google Can Rank /page & /page.html Separately if Content is Different by Barry Schwartz

As always, Barry's insights about search marketing are priceless.

In this post, he helps us understand the real difference between /page and /page.html (beyond the obvious technical difference).

If you’ve been wondering how Google treats both pages, then you need to check out this post.

6. Google Recommends Using Self Referencing Canonicals by Jennifer Slegg‏

Have you ever found yourself asking these questions?

  1. Should I add self-referencing canonicals on all my pages?
  2. Should I add self-referencing canonicals only on pages where I need them due to duplicate pages?
  3. How does Google recommend using self-referencing canonicals?

If you answered “yes” to any or all of the above, then you’re in luck. Jennifer addresses these questions and more in her post.

7. SEO for a New Website: The Very First Things to Do by Marieke van de Rakt

If you have no idea how to optimize your newly created website for the search engines, then Marieke’s post should be your go-to guide.

She includes truckloads of crucial points that you need to understand to increase your search ranking, including site structuring, keyword research, snippets, and more.

8. Advanced SEO Techniques by Michael Martinez

In his post, Michael covers how to improve your website's speed and optimize your web design to improve your search ranking and get more traffic.

If you could use more traffic (and seriously, who couldn't?) then you need to check out this post.

9. An Absurdly Easy Way to Improve Your SEO by John Nemo

LinkedIn. That’s the platform that John’s post is centered on.

John talks about several reasons why marketers and business owners should use LinkedIn, and how they can use it to improve their website’s SEO, and increase search ranking.

Today, LinkedIn has an estimated 843.38 million monthly visitors, (according to

If you aren’t leveraging this platform to get better leads and sales, then you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

What’s next?

What are some of the best SEO tips and tricks you’ve learned recently?

Please take the time to share them in the comments section below.

Also, like I said before, if you've read any other great posts about SEO trends, or how to increase your search ranking, please add them in the comments section, (with a brief description of what makes the post special).

I look forward to reading your comments. Cheers!