Just like in most things in life, there are good ways and a bad ways of doing influencer marketing.

Do the latter, and you’ll end up spending truckloads of cash without getting anything in return.

If you’ll do the former, however, you can find yourself enjoying a constant stream of increasing website traffic that will take you to ROI wonderland in no time.

I’m just getting started, of course.

The fact is, there are a plethora of benefits that a business can get from using influencer marketing.

That is… If you’re doing it right. (And that’s a big IF!)

To help you get a better understanding of the art and science of influencer marketing, allow me to share with you some of the most helpful influencer marketing tips that I’ve read this week.

If you’re looking to learn more about how influencer marketing works, then you need to give these posts a closer look.

Let’s hop right in.

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1. Top B2B Influencer Marketing Campaign Examples by IZEA

This post covers 5 influencer marketing campaigns that managed to garner remarkable results.

While the guide is a treasure trove of golden nuggets when it comes to influencer marketing tips, there are several key things that stuck in my mind after reading the posts.

Here are some of them:

  • Influencers don’t always have to possess celebrity status.
  • You don’t need to break the bank for influencer marketing to work.
  • Sometimes, your best influencers are your very own customers.

If you’d like to learn how to dominate influencer marketing in a B2B setting, then you need to check out the guide.

2. How to Launch a Killer Influencer Marketing Campaign by Neil Patel

In true Neil Patel fashion, the post takes a deep dive into the world of influencer marketing tips – from outlining your goals to finding the right influencers for your brand, from identifying the right platform to establishing real, and sincere connections.

These are just some of the major takeaways that you can learn from the guide:

  • Build authentic connections.
  • People crave connections that are sincere, which is why traditional ads have lost their appeal.

3. Influencer Marketing Secrets Revealed: Can it Boost Conversions? by Ann Smarty

If you’ve been in the marketing industry for quite some time now, then you’d know first hand that people buy from people, and they listen to the recommendations of the people they trust.

In this post, Ann Smarty talks about influencer marketing as a modern-day celebrity endorsement. And just like Neil, she underscores the value that brands can reap from micro-influencers.

The juicy part of Ann’s article, however, is this: “How do you squeeze the most benefit from influencer marketing?”

Ann lists three key influencer marketing tips (plus some tools you can use to make your life a tad bit easier):

  • Know your influencers well.
  • Thank them appropriately. Some prefer monetary compensation. Others would feel insulted if you offered to pay them. As such, survey your influencers well so you know what works for them.
  • Focus on building loyalty.

4.  5 Influencer Marketing Trends You Need to Know by Kim Westwood

This post starts with Kim giving us a clearer landscape of how the influencer marketing industry is currently on a bullish trend.

She shares data from other sources on how 86% of marketers have used influencer marketing in the past year, and how influencer marketing could become a $2 billion industry by 2019.#mindblowing!

If you aren’t sold on how valuable influencer marketing is by now, then I don’t think you’ll ever be convinced.

Here are some trends in the influencer marketing space that newbies and experts alike must be aware of:

  • Long-term influencer relationships are the way forward.
  • There is going to be a surge in multi-brand collaborations as more and more brands seek partnerships to split between them the costs associated with engaging influencers.
  • Influencer marketing for B2B businesses will take off.
  • Influencer events, which are brand-hosted events featuring influencers, will become more popular.

5. 7 Strategies for Effective Influencer Marketing by Melonie Dodaro

Imagine your inbox getting bombarded with requests from people you don’t know, people who want something from you, or people who don’t even take the time to personalize their email templates before hitting the “Send” button.


That’s how a regular day looks for an industry influencer. And you can bet your family jewels that they aren’t happy with getting the crappy emails.

If you don’t want the influencers to see your email as JUST another crappy email from a spammer, then you need to check out Melonie Dodaro’s post.

In his guide, Melonie shares seven influencer marketing tips on how your outreach emails won’t be deleted or sent to the junk folder by the influencers.


6. 10 Elements Needed to Create Effective Collaboration Between Your Brand and Your Influencer by Murray Newlands

Collaboration contracts… you need to establish one if you want your partnership with an influencer to run smoothly.

The fact is, if you don’t prepare a clear set of expectations and rules that detail what you’re expecting from the influencer (and what they can expect from you), unnecessary tension can easily arise between you and the influencer.

That’s bad, of course.

Very bad.

After all, while working with an influencer can do your company truckloads of good, them (the influencers) spreading bad things about your company can also bring you TONS of a headache.

In this guide, Murray Newlands lays out 10 essential elements that must be stipulated in the collaboration contracts between brands and influencers. Some of the points that he includes are:

  • The content to be produced.
  • The amount of media to be used in each post.
  • The channels that will be included in the collaboration. Etc.

7. How the Rise of Influencers Like Lilly Singh and Andrew Bachelor Have Disrupted Advertising by John White

“…marketers have realized they can get more bang for their buck getting a regular person to be their spokesperson.”

That’s just one of the many golden nuggets that John White highlighted in his post.

He also covered several crucial points about influencer marketing that marketers should keep in mind when running their campaigns.

For one thing, he talks about how authenticity matters the most.

He mentions how most people can now determine whether a person is posting something online for a paycheck, or if he or she truly believes in the product and the brand that he/she is representing.

8. 11 Impressive Influencer Marketing Campaigns by Nikki Gilliland

The more you learn from the success (and failures) of other brands, the easier it becomes for you to create influencer marketing campaigns that will bring you remarkable results.

Nikki can help you with just that.

In her article, she shares 11 influencer marketing campaigns that yielded amazing results.

Some of the brands she shared were Daniel Wellington, Apartments.com & Super Bowl 50, ASOS Insiders, and Glossier's UGC (among other brands).

9. Declare Independence from B2B Influencer Marketing Blunders: 5 Tips for Success by Emily Hinderaker

The tips pointed out by Emily on how to succeed at B2B influencer marketing isn’t exactly common — that’s what I appreciate the most about her article.

Instead of the usual, “Do guest posts,” “Look for people with a large number of followers,” or “Prepare a ginormous amount of cash,” Emily shares other alternatives that brands can use when running their influencer marketing campaigns.

What alternatives am I talking about, you might want to ask?

Check out Emily’s article now. 🙂

It’s Your Time to Shine!

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