Instagram is a great tool to increase your presence in regards to Social Media. You can gain a tremendous number of followers and increase your popularity with very few limitations. However, there are a few things you need to do in order for you to get your Instagram account to work for you. Of course, the most important part is going to be taking pictures. But, did you realize the type of pictures you take can directly impact your followers? Upload a wide variety of pictures to gain a diverse following. Nothing personal but nobody wants to see 500 pictures of your car.

It is important that you take unique photos and not just upload every picture you capture. You should look for pictures that give you a “feeling’ of some sort or are creativity in nature. For example, don’t just take pictures of your dog sleeping with your children without giving a small explanation on why you are posting it. Make sure the picture has something behind it.

It seems as though the people on Instagram are geared more towards the artistic side of photography and not the simple pictures the average person takes. Instagram is more “dressed up” than “casual” website. Once you are able to determine the types and styles of pictures that are working for you, stick with it. You can and should make minor modifications and tweaks to it without entirely losing what works. You don’t want to have all of the same pictures, but some variations with similar styles can prove to be beneficial.

Many people tend to overload their Instagram regularly. Instead of overdoing it, upload one or two pictures at a time. Give your followers a chance to spread the word before you add more. When someone clicks on your name, they are going to see the last few pictures you added so it is important that you make sure they are pictures that are “worthy” of your name and not just snapshots that you could live without the world seeing.

Another thing that is vital to gaining followers, is the social aspect. Don’t be “that person” that is only looking for people to like your stuff. If you see something that you like, “like” it if a thought comes to mind when you see an image, post a comment. This will let people see the person behind the account. By interacting with the other users you are also advertising yourself. You are putting your name on another person picture that will bring people to your picture, in turn, they will click on you and in many cases, they will become one of your followers. Keep it social!

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