So I attended a great conference in San Francisco called the WarmGun 2011.  There were a number of amazing speakers but the one that really stood out for me was Mike Krieger (@mikeyk) the co-founder of Instagram.

Here are some of the key notes of the presentation:

  • Instagram: 12 million users in 12 months
  • Company Slogan: Fast, Beautiful photo sharing
  • It is about the experience of feeling like your pictures load fast, not the code.
  • Perform actions optimistically
  • Make the user feel productive
  • If your upload fails, they would rather be upfront and tell you
  • Adaptive pre-loading:  so if somebody is scrolling down the page and they stop, that picture loads first.  It is not in the order of uploading.  Key to the user experience
  • If you listen to the users tap and swipes, you will be able to improve their experience.
  • Move bits when no one is watching.  Process when questions are being ask (i.e. writing a caption)

Also congratulation to Mike Krieger (@mikeyk) and Kevin Systrom (@Kevin) of Instagram for the recent announcement by Apple.

In its annual iTunes store retrospective, Apple named ubiquitous photo app Instagram as its “definitive” app of the year, saying that the photography filter program makes it “near-impossible to take a bad shot.”

Article written by: Shane Barker

Instagram filter used: Lomo-fi