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Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, with ~1 billion monthly users. Its growing popularity has made it a key marketing platform for digital marketers.

But the level of competition on Instagram is also increasing for marketers. It is becoming increasingly difficult for brands to make their content stand out in a slew of content from numerous marketers.

So how can you make your Instagram content more influential and distinct? By using Instagram Stories stickers.

Instagram Stories stickers are one of the best Instagram marketing tools out there. They are a great way to add more fun and personality to your content and make it more engaging for your audience. And they can help you improve your Instagram engagement rate and grow your Instagram account.

How to Add Instagram Stories Stickers?

After you add a photo or video for your Instagram Story, you can add stickers by clicking on the square smiley icon at the center-right of the screen.

Instagram Stories Stickers Story

Image via Instagram

Once you open the Instagram Stories stickers tab, you will see several options for adding stickers. Select the type of sticker that you want to add and make your creative Instagram Story.

Instagram Stories Stickers

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While most Instagram Stories stickers are in the form of fonts, emojis, or icons which are ready to use, some require an additional step. For stickers like location, mention, hashtag, and questions, you need to fill in additional information.

For example, if you want to use the polls sticker, you need to add a question and some options for answers. Or if you want to use the mention sticker, you need to add the Instagram profile link for the person or brand that you want to mention.

Once you have added a sticker, you can simply drag and drop it to place it anywhere in your Instagram Story. You can also reshape and resize your stickers, simply by pinching and zooming.

You can delete the sticker by dragging and dropping it on the delete bin icon, as shown below:

delete the Instagram Stories Stickers

Instagram’s stickers functionality is easy to use and self-explanatory, so the best way to learn about how to use them is to pick up your phone and start experimenting.

While Instagram Stories stickers are a great feature to improve your content, make sure you don’t overdo it. Using too many stickers in one Story may make it cluttered and would turn out be counter-productive. So, use your judgment and add the stickers that work best for you.

After you have finalized your content, post it on Instagram using “Your Stories” icon at the bottom of the screen.

Different Types of Instagram Stories Stickers and How to Leverage Them

Instagram provides a plethora of options when it comes to Instagram Stories stickers. Some of these can be used as effective marketing tools, while others simply add more fun and personality to your Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories stickers are a good choice if you want to make your content more influential and increase audience engagement.

Following are some of the popular types of Instagram Stories stickers and their usage:

#1. Questions

One of the key goals for any social media marketer is to drive audience engagement by posting influential content. What better way to drive engagement than giving them the choice to ask questions on your content?

Using the questions sticker on your Instagram Stories, you can invite questions from your audience. Anyone who wants to ask you a question can just tap on the questions sticker and type their question. You can check the audience’s questions by swiping up on your Story. You can tap on the question, write a response, and share it in your Story.

Instagram influencers and celebrities often use this sticker to host Q&A sessions with their fans. Brands can use this feature to invite celebrity guests to answer questions about a particular topic. They can also invite their own executives to answer questions about themselves or the brand and its products.

In the below example, Josh Zad, the founder of Alfred drinks, used the questions sticker to answer customer questions. The questions ranged from new store openings to the brand’s marketing strategy to personal questions about the founder.

Josh Zad Instagram Stories Stickers

Image via Instagram

Since the sticker allows the flexibility of asking open-ended questions, there is no limitation on the range of questions that can be asked.

If you want your audience to start a conversation with your brand and get more engaged with your Instagram content, using questions sticker is a great means to achieve that. So, get creative and use this Instagram Stories sticker to make your Instagram Stories more influential and engaging.

#2. Polls

Polls are a type of Instagram Stories stickers that allow you to write a question and customize your answers. People can answer your question by tapping on one of the customized answer options that you have provided.

Polls are a great way to check your audience pulse and know what type of content they want from you. It is an engaging tool that can be used for consumer research, without making it tedious like a long survey.

Polls can be used to gather audience preferences on a variety of topics. You can ask your audience what kind of a content they like more. You can also conduct a poll on their favorite products from your brand or the products/services they would want in the future.

Polls are a type of Instagram Stories Stickers

Image via Instagram

Polls can also be used to get feedback on your existing content, products, or services. Or you can simply ask a research question to get to know your customers better.

Polls can also be used to get feedback Instagram Stories Stickers

Image via Instagram

Instagram Polls can also be used for feedback Instagram Stories Stickers

Image via Instagram

To make polls more fun, you can use Instagram’s recently launched “emoji slider” feature. It allows people to answer questions by the magnitude of preference on a slider scale, instead of tapping on preset answers. See example below:

Instagram Stories Stickers

Image via Instagram
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#3. Text

You can use the text sticker to write directly on the photo or video on your Instagram Story. You can use this feature to describe the content of your Story or provide some additional information.

For example, in the below Instagram Story, the influencer has posted a picture of food and used the text sticker to describe the food items in the picture.

Instagram Stories Stickers

Image via Instagram

#4. GIFs

Instagram also provides the option to add GIFs to Instagram Stories. These are usually used to add a fun element to the Stories, making them more engaging. You can either search for a trending GIF, using Instagram’s in-built search feature or you can create and add your own GIF.

In the below example, entrepreneur Gary Vay-Ner-Chuk has posted a GIF on his Instagram featuring himself, asking people to swipe up to read more. This is a much more fun and engaging alternative to simply writing “swipe up.”

Instagram Stories Stickers

Image via Instagram

#5. Hashtag

You can add a hashtag to your Story using the hashtag Instagram Stories sticker. This will allow the audience to directly go to the page related to that hashtag, simply by tapping on it in your Story.

Adding hashtags to Instagram Stories is a popular marketing tool used by influencers and brands to direct traffic to their brand, event, or product specific hashtag page.

Instagram Stories Stickers

Image via Instagram

#6. Mention

Mention sticker can be used to give a shout-out to someone that you want to recognize for their efforts. You can tag the influencers that you have worked with or brands that you like. This is a good way to build relationships with other brands and people on social media.

Instagram Stories Stickers

Image via Instagram

#7. Time and Weather

You can also choose to show the current time and weather on your Instagram Story, based on your phone’s current location. Using these stickers will simply add the time and weather details on your Instagram Story. You can drag an drop the stickers and choose where you want to place them.

#8. Location

This sticker is used to tag the location of the place mentioned in your Story. The viewers can just tap on the sticker and see the exact location of the place.

In the below example, the founder of Alfred strategically placed a location sticker in his Story, while answering a question about store interiors. The sticker has a direct link for the exact store in the picture, making it easier for potential customers to check the location of the store.

Instagram Stories Stickers

Image via Instagram

#9. Emojis, Fonts, and Other Stickers

Apart from the stickers mentioned above, Instagram offers numerous ready-to-use stickers in the form of colorful fonts, commonly-used slangs, emojis, and icons.

Following are some of the Instagram Stories stickers options available:

You can use these standalone or in conjunction with other stickers, on any type of Instagram Story. No matter what your content is, these stickers can be used to add color to your Story and make it more fun and engaging. See an example of a sticker in use below:

Instagram Stories Stickers

Image via Instagram

Mix it Up

Now that you know about various types of Instagram Stories stickers and how to use them, get creative and start mixing various types of stickers to form highly engaging Instagram Stories.

There are no set guidelines or rules on how you can mix and match various stickers to create unique Instagram Stories, so the best way to do it is by experimenting or by drawing inspiration from others.

Following are some examples of Instagram Stories using a mix of different stickers:

This Story by Benefit Cosmetics has a GIF of a sliding Oreo, hashtags, and a mention of Oreo.

Instagram Stories Stickers

Image via Instagram

In this Instagram Story by Cosmopolitan magazine, there is a poll sticker with two customized answers, along with flashing icons and an image of the celebrity in GIF format to make the story more eye-catching. They have also used the mention sticker to tag the celebrity in the picture.

Instagram Stories Stickers

Image via Instagram

These are just some of the numerous ways in which you can use a combination of different stickers and customize your Instagram Story to make it more influential.


Given the level of competition and the sheer amount of content being uploaded on Instagram, marketers need to make their content stand out from the crowd. Instagram Stories stickers are probably the best tools in your arsenal, to make your Instagram Stories more and engaging.

So, start using these Instagram Stories stickers and watch your Instagram engagement rate increase dramatically.

If you have any other creative examples of how to use Instagram Stories stickers to design engaging Instagram Stories, let us know in the comments below.
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