If you are a business owner, it is highly likely that you already are or are considering marketing through social media strategies to create business growth. In fact, recent surveys have found that over 73 percent of business owners are now using social media sites to power their brand and get the word out about their company. Therefore, having a strong social media presence on the Internet is now essential for keeping up with competition, as well as tapping into interests of potential new customers. When implemented properly following the guide below, marketing through social media is the number one answer for incredible success for your business!

Developing a Social Media Marketing Plan

Before your business can begin creating extravagant marketing campaigns for social media, it is essential that you establish a detailed plan of attack. Starting a campaign without a plan is similar to wandering through a foreign city without a map or knowledge of the language; you will only end up confused and lost. In order to start creating a solid marketing plan, brainstorm a list of all of your business’ goals. Ask yourself what you are hoping to achieve, who your target audience is, what would draw the attention of your target audience, and what message you are hoping to send to these customers. Some of your business’ goals may include increasing website traffic, conversions, brand awareness, and communication with the targeted audience.

Getting to Know the Social Media Platforms

Of course, each social media platform on the Internet offers business a unique environment for developing marketing strategies. Since social media networks differ from one another, the marketing techniques will need to be adjusted slightly to accommodate these changes. It is important to develop a special plan for each of the platforms that you intend to utilize. Here is an overview of the most common social media platforms that business can benefit from and how the marketing plan will need to be tailor-made.


Facebook is a casual and friendly environment that people go to for relaxation or getting in touch with their friends. Therefore, the platform requires an active marketing strategy that will start with building a Facebook Business Fan Page. It is recommended that business owners pay particular attention to the design of the page, as the visual layout is a key aspect of how the audience will respond to the Facebook page. Ensure that your plan includes furthering interaction with targeted audiences by delivering posts, articles, videos, and photos that are relevant to your business.


Considered by many social media experts as the newest competitor for Facebook, Google+ is an upcoming networking site that provides the same casual and fun environment. Businesses should take advantage of the wide range of features offered, including the ability to upload photos, links, videos, and creating circles. For example, with the Google+ circle feature, your business could create a fan circle for sharing exclusive discounts or coupons to dedicated customers. You could also host video conferences on Google+ hangouts for further communication with your audience.


Start your social media marketing strategy by following Twitter accounts in your industry or related fields, and you should notice a steady flow of followers too. Take the opportunity to broadcast updates across the Internet about your discounts, specials, and business news. Always retweet whenever a customer compliments your business, and do not forget to answer customer questions as quickly as possible. With an estimated 500 million existing accounts, Twitter provides an ultimate marketing tool for expanding your business’ branding.

Learn Marketing through Social Media

Not only will social media in marketing improve the amount of traffic to your site and help you reach more customers, it will also provide a valuable opportunity for learning from your target audience. Also, keep track of your website data through Google Analytics, which will help you measure the success of your marketing strategies. As a result, you will be able to learn and continually adjust to create the most optimal social media marketing plan that will help your business soar!