With the online buzz about Klout.com and how it is The standard measure of online influence. Some believe it is the next level of stature or how people will evaluate your true reach or influence over your followers, friends or family. Only time will tell!

Well with all being said, there were some Seattle Marketing Masterminds (@abelmind and @gknutson) that loved the idea and thus started “what the klout?” just over a month ago. When I asked them why to start this site, they replied: “We are just two marketing guys who wanted to learn more about Klout.com and have fun doing it.” Well, good job gentlemen! I hope Joe Fernandez (@JoeFernandez, CEO, and C0-Founder of Klouts') gives you a few extra Klouts' points for the amazing infographic!

Klout: A Infographic Love StoryAn Infographic Love Story

Posted by: Shane Barker