When you’re focusing on the social media game, a lot of marketers make the rookie mistake of overlooking LinkedIn. With over 550 million professionals on this networking platform, it presents a great opportunity to promote your business.

However, what you must remember is that marketing on LinkedIn isn’t the same as that on any of the other channels. There are a few basic principles you need to grasp before you can run a paid campaign successfully on LinkedIn.

Whether you’re a newbie or someone using LinkedIn for marketing already, here are some great resources to help you. These 12 articles, written by experts, include the A to Z of everything you need to know about LinkedIn marketing.

#1. 5 Predictions for Social Media Marketing on LinkedIn in 2018 by Andrew Hutchinson

Andrew shares some interesting insights on some of the advanced features the LinkedIn platform might offer in 2018. He talks about the Microsoft acquisition and what kind of integrated capabilities we can expect next year. I particularly found the focus on video pretty interesting. Read on to know more.

#2. Driving traffic and branding with Linkedin in paid marketing by Chris Smith

You might already be aware that paid marketing on LinkedIn is quite different from any of the other social platforms.

In this article, Chris takes us through a step-by-step approach on what you need to do to advertise on LinkedIn. If you’re just getting started with LinkedIn marketing, this is pretty much everything you need to know.

#3. LinkedIn, a B2B marketer’s dream? by Smart Insights Team

If you thought that social media has very little to offer to B2B marketers, this article will debunk that myth. And rightfully so. The Smart Insights team shares some of the most important tips to use LinkedIn effectively for your marketing.

It includes some of the best practices to enhance your personal brand and your Social Selling Index (SSI). Clueless about what that is? I recommend that you read on.

#4. 12 LinkedIn Marketing Tactics to Achieve Social Media World Domination by Ryan Hanley

This is one of my personal favorites. Ryan lists down 12 of the most important things you need to do to make your LinkedIn marketing effective. What I love about it is, how simple yet crucial some of these things are for your marketing. Most of them are often overlooked by us. Read this guide to make your LinkedIn profile stand apart from your competition, so you can get the most out of your efforts.

#5. The 5 Biggest Mistakes Marketers Make Using LinkedIn's InMail by Aaron Agius

Let’s be honest here. If you’re trying to use Inmails for your marketing on LinkedIn, they certainly aren’t inexpensive. However, I’ve seen many marketers say that they’re not getting an adequate number of responses from their Inmails. While there are others who have seen immense success with Inmails.

In this article, Aaron hits the nail right on the head and shares some of the most crucial tips to make your Inmails effective. Very insightful indeed.

#6. 10 LinkedIn Publishing Tips: We Analyzed 3000 LinkedIn Blog Posts by Paul Shapiro

Paul lists some of the key things you need to keep in mind when using LinkedIn’s publishing platform.

He shares some amazing stats that show what works and what doesn’t when you post an article on LinkedIn. Everything from character counts in your title to the number of images you should be using. This has it all.

#7. How I Got 24 Times More Views on LinkedIn by Emeric Ernoult

If you’re sharing some expert business tips, certainly Facebook is not the right platform for you. You know LinkedIn can work wonders when you share a technical or business article that will help professionals. But how many times should you be reposting them ideally? Read this one to find out.

#8. LinkedIn Website Demographics: What Marketers Need to Know by Kristi Hines

This one is a comprehensive guide on how to start advertising on LinkedIn. Kristi shares a detailed tutorial on how to set up your ad campaigns and how to manage them. She has also included screenshots of every step so you know exactly what she’s referring to. This is indeed every LinkedIn advertiser’s Bible.

#9. A Guide to LinkedIn Ads: How to Run a Successful Campaign by Rob Mathison

Another one of my favorites. Rob not only takes the pain to explain all the different kinds of ads you can run on LinkedIn but also shares use cases for each. He also shows you the steps to create and manage a campaign and how to maximize your ROI from it. A great read!

#10. How To Become The Best LinkedIn Marketer by Mariam Naved

This article is great if you’re pressed for time and quickly want to run through the basics of LinkedIn marketing. Mariam explains everything that you need to do design a compelling Company page and run an effective Sponsored posts campaign.

#11. LinkedIn Advertisers Can Generate Leads From Sponsored InMail, Dynamic Ad Units by Laurie Sullivan

If you’re one of those who’ve been using LinkedIn ads for some time, then check out this article for some advanced lessons. Laurie describes some of the more advanced use cases of Inmails and Sponsored content for generating leads. A very insightful article that talks about features not many people are aware of.

#12. The Silent Rise of LinkedIn to 500M Members: What Marketers Need to Know for 2018 by Brian Peters

Brian debunks the myth that a lot of people still believe to be true. That LinkedIn is just a platform for searching for jobs.

In this article, Brian takes us on a journey of how LinkedIn has evolved over the years and introduced newer features. He brilliantly explains how the platform can be a secret weapon for marketers today.

What’s Next?

Have you learned any other useful LinkedIn marketing tips recently? If you’ve come across any more insightful articles about paid marketing on LinkedIn, please feel free to share them below.