I've been a social media user since 2005. In that time, you could say I've become a fierce addict — at times managing up to 50+ social profiles! But it's been more than a way to pass time. I've treated it as a serious job. A few months ago, some entrepreneurs from Uzbekistan found me on Twitter, read my blog and now it is another chapter of my amazing journey.

How I Use Social Media

Before we get into the job I landed by using social media, let's talk a bit about how I use social media. I regularly post articles to my blog about my entrepreneurial adventures and my life. Then I use social media to share my stories. I also use social media to genuinely engage others online. Just like an in-person conversation, your true passion for something will reveal itself when you're using Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare or Instagram online. Of course, that requires you to read and reply live. Setting an auto post schedule for your Facebook or Twitter account will not get you quality engagement!

The New Way to Job Search

Before we talk all about the startup that found me, let's discuss more about the new way of job searching in 2013. I didn't land this job by attending career fairs, updating my resume and emailing headhunters. The job, quite frankly, found me. The time I spent engaging on social media is what got me noticed, and the startup selected me based on my social media presence and activity. The startup, Modera, then approached me about managing the social media and marketing aspects of the business.

What is Modera?

Modera is an “Instagram meets hot or not” where users go to post photos of their fashion and lifestyle and compete online on a virtual catwalk. There's no need to travel to Paris or London to the fashion houses to stay in touch with the hottest styles. Modera's blog keeps readers up to date will all the latest in the fashion world.

It has now grown to a point where founder Nodir Mirsaidov and co-founders Marat Ibragimov and Sanjar Babadjanov have come to the West Coast to join me in pursuing Series A funding. Modera is poised for some amazing growth, as we get ready to roll out our App and launch some advanced features on the website.

This post was inspired by one Joshua Waldman recently wrote for the Huffington Post. Joshua's blog is a really good read, and so is his new book, The Social Media Job Search Workbook.

Even if you aren't looking to land a social media job, it's worth your time to pick up a copy of Joshua's book. You never know when you will come across an opportunity like I did. While I was originally contacted for my social media presence and online marketing skills, but because of my hard work, I have now become a co-founder of Modera.