shane-barkerLife is a journey. Mine has been a whirlwind over the last 6 months! I was contacted by a startup in Uzbekistan via social media, and the next thing you know, Modera was born.

Anyone who has been involved in getting a startup off the ground, or from one phase to another knows it's really hard. It's a big committment to make it work, and it's completely different when your team only exists in a virtual world. It's a huge paradigm shift for me compared to consulting with individual clients.

It requires synergy to build a team, and that's what makes working online quite a challenge. A month ago, I helped orchestrate Nodir's move to the U.S. Not only is this the first successful startup out of Uzbekistan, it's also Nodir's first time living in the states. Next, the plan was to get Sanjar and Marat out here too, so that the whole executive and marketing team can interact in person and implement the vision together. And we're also excited to move our Community Manager Tim out here soon from Alabama. That is bound to be quite a culture shift as well.

So just where are we planning to put everyone? We knew the quintessential garage wasn't going to be big enough for our startup, so we established Modera Headquarters at a house in Sacramento's Arden Park.

In order to build synergy with the guys, I've made the decision to immerse myself in the business and move into the headquarters facility for 6 months. I feel this is the best way to develop and lead this growing group and demonstrate my dedication to the Modera team. I also understand we will need to overcome the challenges associated with a growing startup — and bringing the team under one roof will definitely give us the competitive edge.

As we look to the next few months, we'll be working towards securing Series A funding. It's extremely motivating to have so many intelligent, committed team members, and it makes the hard work all worthwhile. I am very excited to write the next chapter in the Modera journey…

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