TikTok has become the hub of creativity, entertainment, and viral sensations today. It resonates with millions of us who enjoy short-form videos such as comedy sketches, dance challenges, and lip-sync videos.

One of the key factors that fuel TikTok's popularity is its powerful algorithm which excels at curating personalized content, resulting in a constant stream of engaging videos tailored to individual preferences.

In this article, I’ll explore the most viewed TikTok videos. I’ll delve into the fascinating world of viral moments, heartwarming stories, and jaw-dropping talents that have captivated global audiences.

Let’s dive in.

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List of 20 Most Viewed TikTok Videos

Let’s look at the 20 most viewed TikTok videos that have garnered massive attention—amassing staggering view counts.

From dance videos to mind-blowing video effects, these videos have captivated millions and defined trends on TikTok.

Here’s a list of these incredibly diverse Top TikTok videos.

VideoCreatorNumber of Views
Harry Potter IllusionZach King2,1 Billion
Welcome to the Sisters Christmas PartyJames Charles1.7 Billion
This is the best hiding spotZach King1.1 billion
Glass cake illusionZach King966 million
M to the B lip syncBella Poarch754 million
Paint LoopZach King660 million
Бабушка не растеряласьRahim Abram475 million
Say it Right danceJamie Sorrel Horse432 million
How did she know this dance?Kool Kid Nelly430 million
Smiling BabyDaexo398 Million
SailJordi Koalitic361 million
Face warp challengeBillie Eilish358 million
Cm on broKhaby Lame352 million
Big YawnLubee Bat Conservancy325 million
A frog climbed into the closetNadir Sailov318 million
Could be the new Khaby?Khaby Lame303 million
Turning into an animalEmma Cxmpbell297 million
It’s not a green screenNick Luciano296 million
Why you ruined a t-shirt?Khaby Lame277 million
I don't remember making thisWill Smith272 million

Top 20 TikTok Videos of All Time

1 – Harry Potter Illusion By Zach King (2.1 Billion Views)– Most Viewed Video onTikTok

@zachking They rejected my application to Hogwarts but I still found a way to be a wizard. 🧹#illusion #magic #harrypotter ♬ Zach Kings Magic Broomstick – Zach King

Zach King is one of TikTok’s earlier creators known for his creative and mind-boggling illusions.

His most famous video, also the most viewed TikTok video ever, is the Harry Potter’s magic broom illusion, which has garnered over 2.2 billion views.

In this video, Zach King uses his video editing skills to make it appear as if he is flying magically just like Harry Potter. He’s wearing a Gryffindor robe and holds a wand, which adds to the magical atmosphere. 

As you’ll notice once you read the list, the Harry Potter illusion is one example of his impressive work. Zach has gotten a few videos in the most viewed TikTok videos list. 

He combines his expertise in video editing and visual effects with his sense of humor to create these entertaining and awe-inspiring videos that help him get lots of views on TikTok.

2 – Welcome to the Sisters Christmas Party By James Charles (1.7 Billion Views)– Second Most Watched TikTok

@jamescharles Welcome to the Sisters Christmas Party! 🎅🏻❤️ #fyp #christmas #HolidayBeat ♬ Tactical Christmas – Chivi 😘

James Charles is a popular American makeup artist on YouTube and a top TikToker. He’s the creator of the second-most-viewed TikTok video ever.

In 2019, James created a captivating Christmas transition video showcasing his house before and after Christmas decorations.

In the video, James Charles takes his viewers through his house's transformation for the holiday season. 

He begins by showing his house in its original state, then throws a Christmas ornament down,  transforming it into nothing short of a breathtaking view. 

From ornate wreaths and twinkling lights to opulent ornaments and festive accents — every detail exudes a sense of grandeur and luxury. The video provides viewers a glimpse into a world with such extravagance and impeccable taste.

The awe and envy expressed in the comments section demonstrate how viewers were captivated by the stunning transformation and the opulence displayed in James Charles' Christmas decorations.

James’ video has since garnered an impressive 1.7 billion views, highlighting its widespread appeal

3 – This Is the Best Hiding Spot by Zach King (1.1 Billion Views)

@zachking This is the best hiding spot ever #hideandseek #magic ♬ original sound – Zach King

In this particular video, Zach King embarks on a comical adventure looking for the perfect hiding spot.

The video begins with Zach inside a bathroom and looking around suspiciously as if he's about to play a game of hide-and-seek. 

As he searches for an ideal hiding place, he employs his magical editing skills and illusion techniques to create funny and realistic scenarios.

In one of the illusions, Zach enters a mirror. Through clever video editing, he appears to step through the glass and joins his reflection on the other side, where they both try to find a hiding spot, creating a mind-boggling and humorous effect.

Zach King's TikTok videos are widely enjoyed for their blend of humor, creativity, and visual effects. He brings  amusing scenarios to life that leave people wondering, “How did he do that?”

4 – Glass Cake Illusion by Zach King( 966 Million Views)

@zachking Do you see the glass as half full or half empty?? #perspective #magic ♬ Glass Half Full Zach King – Zach King

As I have mentioned earlier, Zach King is a top TikToker, with all his videos getting massive viewership. He has a number of videos in the most viewed Tiktok videos list.

In this video, Zach King begins by pouring water halfway into a glass. He then places the glass on the table and picks up a knife.

He attempts to cut through the glass with a knife, but instead of the expected shattering or resistance, it seamlessly glides through the glass, showcasing a cake.

This creates an unexpected and amusing effect leaving his viewers in awe — as always.

5 – M to the B Lip Sync By Bella Poarch (754 Million Views)

@bellapoarch To the 🐝 🐝 🐝 #fyp ♬ M to the B – Millie B

Bella Poarch is the third most followed TikToker, with 92.2 million followers. She is known for her short lip-sync, dance, and comedy videos on the platform. 

Bella Poarch attributes her rise to fame as her video landed fifth spot of most-viewed TikTok video.

In the viral video, she lip-synced to Millie B's “M to the B” while making exaggerated facial expressions. It became one of the most liked and viewed videos on the platform, propelling her to internet stardom.

Bella Poarch has since amassed a large following on TikTok and other social media platforms, including Instagram and YouTube. 

She also pursued a career in music as a result and released her debut single, “Build a Bitch,” in May 2021.

Bella has achieved immense success on TikTok and beyond and partnered with various top brands because of this video.

6 – Paint Loop Illusion by Zach King (660 Million Views)


⚠️ Caution wet paint. Who watched until the end??

♬ original sound – Zach King

In yet another of Zach King’s creations and most viewed TikTok videos, Zach King starts by dipping his paintbrush into a can of paint. He then proceeds to do some paint job on a wall. 

Once done he moves to another section, but the corridor he was painting magically turns into a wall. As someone tries to go through it bumps on it and ends up covered in paint.

He continues to paint another corridor but as he moves through, it turns out to be another wall. He keeps doing the same and transitioning magically, giving a surreal and captivating illusion of a paint loop

7 – Бабушка не растерялась By Rahim Abram (475 Million Views)


Бабушка не растерялась😅😂

♬ Mo Bamba – Sheck Wes

Rahim Abram is a famous Russian TikTok creator with over 14 million followers.

His most viewed TikTok video is captioned “Бабушка не растерялась” which is Russian for “grandma didn’t hesitate”.

In the skit, Rahim's mother can be seen diligently mopping the floor while Rahim and his grandmother each pour Coca-cola from bottles into glasses. 

Despite the liquid spilling and causing a mess, they continue pouring, oblivious to the chaos they created.

The comical twist comes when his mom becomes increasingly frustrated and throws a bucket full of water covering his head, causing an abrupt end to his pouring. 

However, Rahim's grandma, seemingly unfazed and smiling ear to ear, continues pouring Coke into her glass, adding an extra layer of hilarity to the scene.

8 – Say It Right Dance By Jamie Big Sorrel Horse (432 Million Views)


♬ Say It Right – Sped Up Remix – Nelly Furtado & Speed Radio

In this eight-second video, Jamie Big Sorrel Horse captivates viewers with a simple dance and lip sync to “Say it Right” by Nelly Furtado in front of a bathroom mirror. 

His little dance would shockingly become a viral sensation, earning a spot among the most-viewed TikTok videos of all time.

The impact of his video extended beyond his performance. It sparked the “Say it Right challenge”  trend on TikTok. 

Inspired by Jamie's effortless and engaging dance, countless creators attempted to replicate his moves, further propelling the video's popularity.

This particular video demonstrates the power of the TikTok algorithm, where even creators with a smaller following have the potential to become famous overnight. Jamie accomplished this viral success despite having a relatively modest following. He now has over seven million followers.

9 – How Did She Know This Dance? By Kool Kid Nelly (430 Million Views)

@koolkidnelly How did she know this dance😱🔥 DC: @DENNISMIK💫 ♬ Calm Down – Rema

The video begins with Kool Kid Nelly stepping into an elevator, while a group of girls stands behind him.

As the elevator descends, Kool Kid Nelly playfully pretends to lose his balance and fall. In a moment of concern, one of the girls quickly rushes to his aid, believing he actually stumbled.

However, it turns out to be a clever ruse as Kool Kid Nelly swiftly transitions into an energetic dance routine to the song “Calm Down” by Rema. 

What makes this video particularly memorable is the unexpected twist in emotions. After Kool Kid Nelly starts dancing, the girl initially appears a little upset or confused by the sudden change in the situation. But, as the dance progresses, her expression shifts, and she joins Kool Kid Nelly in the dance, showcasing her own impressive dance skills. 

Kool Kid Nelly has performed this trend multiple times. However, only this video made it to the most viewed TikTok Videos list. The combination of an engaging storyline, Kool Kid Nelly's skillful dancing, and the unexpected participation of the girl resonated with TikTok users, resulting in it going viral.

10 – Smiling Baby By Daexo (398 Million Views)

@daexo Repost! We are still in awe of how this blew up! 14.6 million likes & 135.6 million views 😱 eternally grateful! #foryoupage ♬ mua mua – Miya쌤

TikTok trends and viral videos emerge rapidly, and users enjoy making and watching cute and uplifting moments that put a smile on their faces.

An example of such a moment is this video which became one of the most-viewed TikTok videos ever.

Daexo’s smiling baby video shows a baby smiling as the mom plays with her cheeks. The playful background music syncs well with the baby’s smile.

The baby's innocent expressions have definitely evoked positive emotions making the video popular with massive likes and shares.

11 – Sail By Jordi Koalitics (361 Million Views)

@jordi.koalitic sail! #tiktok #art #myart #tiktokcreator #photo #creative #photgraphy #photoshot #video #dope #creator ♬ sonido original – @Jordi.koalitic

Jordi Koalitic is an exceptional photographer and TikTok creator who has gained significant recognition for his ability to create stunning photographs using everyday objects such as strings, mirrors, gift wrappers, and more.

His most watched Tiktok video, captioned “Sail”,  went viral putting it on the most viewed TikTok videos list.

In the video, Jordi showcases his talent by transforming simple household objects such as keys and strings into mesmerizing visual masterpieces. With careful composition, lighting, and detail, he creates several captivating photographs.

His TikTok videos demonstrate his creativity and also encourage aspiring photographers to explore new perspectives and unleash their artistic potential.

12 – Face Warp Challenge By Billie Eilish (358 Million Views)

@billieeilish #TimeWarpScan ♬ original sound – BILLIE EILISH

In this video, Billie Eilish, a famous singer and songwriter, tries out the Time Warp challenge. The Time Warp Scan filter is an effect that creates a scanning motion, giving the user's facial features a warp.

As Billie Eilish experiments with the filter, her facial features and expressions get distorted amusingly. This results in an unusual appearance which elicits laughter from Billie herself.

Billie Eilish's followers, who are fans of her music and personality, find her laughter endearing and relatable. They appreciate her ability to have fun and not take herself too seriously.

In the comments, they express their admiration for her genuine and natural beauty, emphasizing that her down-to-earth nature and sense of humor make her relatable to them.

13 – Cm On Bro By Khaby Lame (352 Million Views)

@khaby.lame Cm on bro 🤲🏾🤲🏾🤲🏾🤲🏾🤲🏾!! #learnfromkhaby #learnwithtiktok #imparacontiktok #khabylame ♬ suono originale – Khabane lame

Khaby Lame is the most followed TikTok creator, with over 158 million followers. He is famous for his facial expressions and non-verbal communication style.

Most of Khaby’s videos are about himself responding to unnecessary and absurd complexities commonly shown in life hacks and “how to” videos.

In the video, Khaby stitches a life hack suggesting using a small portable side mirror in the backseat of a car to help determine when it's safe to open the door when getting out of it. 

Instead of following the suggested life hack, Khaby rolls down the car window, leans his head out to check if any cars are approaching, and confidently opens the door to exit the vehicle. 

As usual, he makes his facial expressions and hand gesture shrug, comically demonstrating that there's no need for a portable side mirror to accomplish the task. 

14 – Big Yawn By Lubee Bat Conservancy (325 Million Views)

@lubeebatconservancy big yawn #bats #lubeebats #cute ♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

In this video created by the Lubee Bat Conservancy, viewers are treated to a delightful sight of a bat yawning while snugly tucked inside its wings. 

As the bat yawns, it reveals its tiny teeth and the stretch of its delicate wing membranes.

Comments on the video overwhelmingly express adoration for the bat, with viewers finding its yawn incredibly cute. 

The bat's small size and way of interacting with its wings create an irresistible appeal for many people.

The Lubee Bat Conservancy shares such videos to promote an appreciation for bats and their unique characteristics.

15 – A Frog In the Closet By Nadir Sailov (318 Million Views)


look to the end 😅 a frog climbed into the closet 🐸 😂

♬ Laxed – Jawsh 685

The video is captioned “A Frog Climbed into the Closet,” created by Nadir Sailov. But is it really a frog?

The title suggests that a frog has somehow found its way into a closet, creating a sense of anticipation and intrigue for the audience.

As the video begins, Nadir Sailov cautiously opens a shelf in the closet, creating a suspenseful atmosphere. Viewers naturally expect to see a frog as the title implies. Instead, a large spider appears,  giving them a jump scare. 

Turns out it's a prank scenario meant to frighten the viewers. 

The spider is not real but rather a visual effect meant to startle.

From the comments, the prank was successful.

16 – Could Be the New Khaby?  By Khaby Lame (304 Million Views)

@khaby.lame Could be the new Khaby ?🤣🤣 👩🏿‍🦱 🤲🏾 Potrebbe essere il nuovo Khaby? #learnfromkhaby #imparacontiktok #stitch ♬ suono originale – Khabane lame

The original video portrays a situation where a girl’s hair accidentally gets trapped by a car window. The girl seems to be in a state of distress. And in a moment of panic, someone decides to cut off the locked hair to free her.

In response to this video, Khaby Lame takes a humorous approach by wearing a dreadlock wig. He reenacts the situation, showing that there is a simple solution available. 

With a deadpan facial expression, Khaby rolls down the car window and effortlessly pulls the wig away, mimicking how the girl in the original video could have resolved the problem without cutting off her hair.

17 – Turning Into an Animal TikTok Fan By Emma Cxmpbell (297 Million Views)

@emma.cxmpbell Turning into an animal TikTok fan account at this stage #fyp #animal #lion #lioness #foryoupage #safari ♬ Such a Whore (Baddest Remix) – JVLA

Emma Cxmpbell, a TikTok creator with two million followers, shared the video expressing that she’s become fond of animal videos on the app.

In the video, a huge, fierce lion with an impressive mane is walking amidst a cluster of cars, seemingly stuck in a traffic jam. 

The lion's presence is adorable due to its majestic appearance but scary due to its large frame. 

The lion's tail sways playfully, and on its face is a  curious gaze that reveals a touch of innocence. This combination of imposing strength and unexpected cuteness is perhaps why the video went viral with millions of shares and likes.

18 – Not a Green Screen- Nick Luciano (296 Million Views)

@thenickluciano And no it’s not a green screen. 😂 run it up! #nickluciano #sugarcrush ♬ SugarCrash! – ElyOtto

In the video, Nick Luciano is watching another video where a girl is lip-syncing to the hit song “Sugarcrash” and receives 5.5 million likes. 

Inspired by the girl, Nick creates his video, showcasing his lip-syncing skills in a scenic outdoor setting with beautiful trees as the backdrop. I guess this was what he was referring to in the video caption.

Nick's video went viral accumulating over 49 million likes and becoming one of the most viewed TikTok videos.

19 – Why You Ruined a T-shirt? By Khaby Lame (277 Million Views)

@khaby.lame Bro why you ruined a T-shirt ?👕😔It was so easy…. – Fratello perché hai rovinato una T-Shirt?👕😔#learnfromkhaby #LearnWithTikTok #ImparaConTikTok ♬ suono originale – Khabane lame

In this video, Khaby Lame stitches another video where the person's T-shirt accidentally got stuck by the car door. The video shows the person attempting to free themselves by picking up a pair of scissors from inside the car and cutting the T-shirt to release it.

In his usual comedic style, Khaby Lame responds to this scenario by demonstrating a simple solution. He opens the car door effortlessly by reaching through the open window, freeing T-shirt from getting stuck without the need for scissors.

He then makes his humorous hand gesture to emphasize the simplicity of his actions.

20 – I Don’t Remember Making This By Will Smith (272 Million Views)

@willsmith I don’t remember making this…? @chrisashley ♬ #WIPEITDOWN – BMW KENNY

In this TikTok video Will Smith doesn’t remember cleaning a mirror. 

As he wipes the mirror with a sponge from end to end, his reflection transforms from his usual self into his character from the movie “Men in Black.”

The process repeats two more times within the nine-second video. On the last one, Will was shone with the bright light of the neuralyzer — making him forget he had cleaned the mirror.

The video's popularity and status as one of the most viewed TikTok videos can be attributed to its creative concept and Will Smith's star power.

Which One Is Your Favorite?

In the ever-expanding world of TikTok, there is always something new to discover, share, and enjoy. 

Among the top videos we've explored, which one captured your heart the most? 

Was it the breathtaking lion walking amidst a traffic jam, the hilarious stitching of Khaby Lame, or the moment shared by Billie Eilish during her Time Warp Scan? 

I invite you to share your favorite video with a comment below.

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