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‘’Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family’’ – Kofi Annan

And attaining great knowledge and training is easier than ever.

How’s that?

There are numerous top online course platforms and sites that allow people to take a course from anywhere, anytime.

At the same time, these top online course platforms allow anyone to create courses and teach them. E-learning and online training are replacing traditional learning methods, such as classrooms and workshops.

Did you know that, according to Research and Markets, the digital course industry is projected to grow to $325 billion by 2025? Surprised?

However, with a vast amount of great online course platforms available out there, it can be hard to decide on the best option for you.

So what are the top sites for e-learning courses?

What Are the Best Online Course Platforms to Sell Your Courses On?

Today, we bring you the top 18 online course platforms for e-learning to choose which one is best for you to sell your courses on.

Also, we explain why they made it to our list of the best online course platforms.

Online Course Platform #1: Udemy

Udemy, when initially launched, used a pretty serious digital marketing campaign. We have all seen their great ads on social media at some point.

As a creator, you can earn money every time you sell your course(s) to a student, and you get paid monthly via two top platforms, PayPal or Payoneer. By becoming a creator with Udemy, you get to help people learn new skills to either advance their careers or enrich their hobbies.

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Ready to get started?

To start with Udemy, you just need to sign up, plan your course, record your course, and begin building your community.

How can Udemy help you?

They have a great instructor creation team available 24/7 to help you while you create your courses. There is a great Teacher Center available that’s full of resources to help you through the process.

If you want support from other instructors, you can get peer-to-peer support from their community.

Udemy Best Online Course Platforms

Image via Udemy

For more information on the pay scale for creators, or how to sell your courses, visit their website.

Online Course Platform #2: Udacity

Udacity is branded as a top global technology training education provider and not only an online course platform for e-learning.

They target and attract people who want to advance their careers by learning the latest updates and training in the best programs in the technology sector.

What’s more, you may ask?

Udacity carries a curriculum of great “nano degree” programs, and their graduates are highly preferred by top technology companies as trainers for their personnel. If your area of expertise is technology, then Udacity might be the best option for you as a creator to sell your courses.

The process is user-friendly. You can start by filling out a simple application. Once you are done with the application, someone at Udacity will contact you directly. You will then be prompted to complete an assessment, which is followed by an interview.

Then you will be onboarded and able to start supporting students through Udacity’s unique e-learning platform.

Sounds easy, right?

Udacity Best Online Course Platforms

Image via Udacity

udacity Online Course Platforms

Image via Udacity

For more information on how to become a creator for Udacity and sell your courses, visit their website.

Online Course Platform #3: edX

Another great e-learning platform is edX, focusing primarily on computer science, language, data science, business management, engineering, and humanities.

This e-learning provider carries thousands of great training courses and programs.

How can you start with edX?

Creating an e-learning course on edX is easy, and the site provides a step-by-step guide. Initially, you sign in to the Studio, select “New Course,” and enter all the relevant information for the course.

edX offers various Licensing Options. And once you set your start and end course dates, prospective and current learners can see the course on the “About” page or their existing dashboards.

edX Best Online Course Platforms

Image via Edx

To register with edX as a creator and sell your courses, visit their site.

Online Course Platform #4: Lynda

Lynda is a popular online course platform and it allows its members to explore topics at their own pace.

It is among the e-learning platforms that focus on software development, design, business, web development, and photography. Lynda tutorials are available in English, Spanish, French, and German.

This platform is a great fit for creators who are looking to sell courses in creative writing, design, photography, customer service, Microsoft Office, and other creative and softer skills.

Are you one of these?

Lynda Best Online Course Platforms

Image via Lynda

To become a creator on Lynda and sell your courses, visit their site.

Online Course Platform #5: Teachable

Teachable allows anyone with a skill to create a course and sell it to the network. So there are no limitations regarding credentials.

How does this affect you?

This is a great advantage for creators when compared to other online course platforms that might require that you have a box of degrees.

Digging a little bit further into Teachable, you’ll find that, according to their claim, creators on the platform have earned over $100 million. Teachable has a great builder which helps creators brand their courses.

It is becoming a favorite for many creators because it supports all types of media. And it can be fully integrated with any marketing software such as MailChimp, Mixpanel, Infusionsoft, etc.

Teachable Best Online Course Platforms

Image via Teachable

Visit their site to create and sell your courses on Teachable.

Online Course Platform #6: Creativelive

This e-learning platform is reporting over 38,000 registered students, with an overwhelming majority of positive online reviews.

Creativelive is branding itself as a place where creatives, entrepreneurs, and even writers can join to sell courses and make money.

Creativelive is focusing on teaching less academic-oriented material, and training people on “soft skills” like blogging, designing, writing, photography, etc.

They offer great on-demand courses or live courses you can join in real-time.

Where do you start?

To join Creativelive as a creator, you need to make a proposal that includes what you want to teach. You’ll also need to include links to any previously published material, your social media sites, and if available, any existing videos in which you’re teaching.

Once you submit your proposal, you wait for the Production Team to respond.

Creativelive Best Online Course Platforms

Image via Creativelive

If you are the creative kind, this might be a great match for you. Visit the site to learn more about their creator’s plans and how to sell your courses.

Online Course Platform #7: Thinkific

Thinkific proudly showcases that over 200 million has been earned from their creators until now. They have over 40,000 creators with 30 million courses already taken. And it is available in over 164 countries.

When comparing Thinkific to other top competitors, it stands out because of its course designer. You do not need to be a programmer or have any technical background. They have a super friendly drag-and-drop editor.

How does this affect you?

This makes Thinkific a great choice for beginners who want to create and launch a completely new course. It has a clean interface and it provides its creators with all the best tools to start.

To create a new course you visit “Manage Learning Content,” select “Course,” and then “Add a New Course.” Then you pick a template that is most suited for your content and proceed to follow all the steps.

thinkific Best Online Course Platforms

Image via Thinkific

Visit the website to learn more about their features, plans and how to create and sell your e-learning courses.

Online Course Platform #8: TalentLMS

TalentLMS markets itself as the perfect solution for people with zero experience! This is not to exclude any experienced creators, but the marketing approach is designed to emphasize how easy it is to create a training course with them.

What differentiates it from the rest on this list?

Unlike other online course platforms we have discussed so far, TalentLMS is not a marketplace, but a software solution that anyone can use to design their own courses.

TalentLMS also differs from any of its competitor’s software as it features gamification capabilities and e-conferencing features.

It is worth noting that TalentLMS is mobile-responsive which is extremely important as we see more and more users pivoting to mobile access versus desktop access.

TalentLMS Best Online Course Platforms

Image via TalentLMS

For more information on how to use the software to create your e-learning courses, visit the TalentLMS site.

Online Course Platform #9: BitDegree

BitDegree is part of the innovation industry, powered by Ethereum Blockchain technology.

It is a great online course platform for e-learning, focusing on skills that help people get the training needed to secure a job or learn new skills to advance their existing careers. BitDegree offers great courses stemming from technology, such as machine learning, programming, web development, etc.

To become a creator you simply visit the website, click on “Become an Instructor.” You then choose which payment method(s) you prefer and add your information.

The process to create and submit a course is straight-forward.

bitdegree Best Online Course Platforms

Image via BitDegree

Sounds easy, right?

For more information on how to create and sell your courses, visit the BitDegree site.

bitdegree Best Online Course Platforms

Image via Bitdegree

Online Course Platform #10: Pathwright

Pathwright is a turnkey solution for anyone looking to create more than just a training course. This is an online course platform allowing you to create your online school. Pathwright enables creators to put together and post videos, audio recordings, articles, and any other downloadable files.

Although it is commonly used by companies and schools, it’s also a great choice for creators who wish to launch Branded Content or a Series of Courses. You’ll be able to create courses that resemble a school structure, versus just a one-time course situation.

Since the platform takes the form of an online school, users register on a subscription model.

What steps do you need to follow to get started with Pathwright?

It involves three steps:

  1. Design courses quickly.
  2. Create the perfect online environment.
  3. Combine the courses and the environment to enable a unique teaching experience.

pathwright Best Online Course Platforms

Image via Pathwright

For more information, visit Pathwright.

Online Course Platform #11: Teacherly

Their opening on their website instantly brings focus on the fact that a creator can start with zero fees. Teacherly offer a 2-week free trial for creators to test the platform. Creators can then choose a monthly or yearly plan.

Both options have the following benefits:

Teacherly Best Online Course Platforms

Image via Teacherly

On the platform, you can instantly see that they are emphasizing the “zero fees” feature, which means, even if your courses are selling millions of times, you do not pay anything extra.

“Unlimited Everything” is another extremely attractive top feature of Teacherly.

What does this feature include?

“Unlimited Everything” means exactly what it sounds like. You can create unlimited landing and payment pages, enroll as many students as you like, and create as many training courses as you like, all for the same price.

Teacherly Best Online Course Platforms

Image via Teacherly

Visit Teacherly to find out how to create and sell your e-learning courses on their platform.

Online Course Platform #12: Easygenerator

Easygenerator is a cloud-based e-learning platform and software solution, enabling creators to design, and teach e-learning courses. The digital platform is known for its intuitive technology.

This is the perfect online course platform for best suited for startups, corporations, government, and educational institutes.

Some of their top popular features are the tools to customize courses and quizzes, and the ability to apply your own branding, support, and security to the courses.

Easygenerator Best Online Course Platforms

Image via Easygenerator

Ready to get started?

Visit Easygenerator to learn more about how to create and sell your e-learning courses.

Online Course Platform #13: BrainCert

BrainCert markets its great platform to anyone wanting to teach anything from yoga to programming.

This simply means that regardless of what type of creator you are, BrainCert may be a great choice.

The platform is comprised of four different parts:

  1. Virtual classroom
  2. Online course platform
  3. Online testing platform
  4. Unified content management

The virtual space for the classrooms enables video, voice, whiteboards, chat, screen sharing, and session recording.

BrainCert Best Online Course Platforms

Image via Braincert

Visit BrainCert and learn more about how to create and sell your training courses today.

Online Course Platform #14: Academy of Mine

Academy of Mine is an all-in-one solution to create and sell online courses. It is also marketed as a solution for those who want to create more than just a few courses, and prefer to full-on create their own academy.

What are the top features it offers to its creators?

The top features include:

  1. Drag and drop builder
  2. Flexible website builder
  3. Quiz and assessment
  4. Powerful LMS
  5. Email strategy and marketing tools
  6. Course analytics
  7. Custom domain
  8. Multiple languages

For the full list their great features, visit the website.

Academy of Mine Best Online Course Platforms

Image via Academy Of Mine

Academy of Mine Best Online Course Platforms

Image via Academy Of Mine

Online Digital Platform # 15:

This digital e-learning platform is a great choice for creators who want to build their online training schools.

Some of their top features include the functionality for users to create their catalogs, claim their domain, and brand the design of the layout. It can also integrate with existing content in other software (such as Dropbox), or online platforms (such as YouTube).

For payments, they use PayPal.

Some of their top features include:

Coursify Best Online Course Platforms

Image via Coursify

The digital e-learning platform is known for its easy-to-use builder, allowing creators to put together their online school in very few easy steps. The company is part of the innovation culture, focused on making the experience, for both user and creator, as easy as possible. is known for the ability to customize courses with your logo, colors of choice, and images.

Coursify Best Online Course Platforms

Image via Coursify

Online Course Platform #16: Click4Course

This e-learning platform breaks down its best features for creators into six categories.

What are those six categories? Let’s take a look:

  1. Creation of courses, which includes various benefits such as the option to create unlimited courses, unlimited course content, pre-requisite course learner, and strong video and PowerPoint support.
  2. Management of learners enables creators to add learners individually or in bulk, export files, and manually assign courses when needed.
  3. The testing and surveys feature provides a fair system of a passing score, certification, multiple question testing structure, and specific start and completion dates.
  4. Branding feature that allows creators to brand their courses, issue discount codes when needed, unlimited administrative support, and unlimited administrators.
  5. Report features allowing for a quick view for exporting and seeing recent activity.
  6. Notification features, which give automated notifications for both users and administrators. The platform has customizable messages so you can maintain your brand voice in individual or group messaging

Click4Course Best Online Course Platforms

Image via Click4Course

Need more details?

For more information on how to sell your courses on Click4Course, visit their website.

Online Course Platform #17: Online Course How

This platform is a great place to visit and access a lot of top ebooks on how to improve various areas of your new online career as a creator.

It’s not exactly an online course platform like the ones we have discussed before.

Rather, they are a supporting platform providing you with valuable material on:

  • How to create sales funnels and sell faster
  • How to launch a great online course
  • How to use YouTube and other social media to sell online courses
  • How to price your e-learning courses
  • How to validate course ideas and make sure there is a market for them
  • How to use SEO to sell your courses

The platform is filled with a lot of great training material for creators. And regardless of which online course platform you choose to create courses, Online Course How will help you optimize the process.

Online Course How Best Online Course Platforms

Image via OnlineCourseHow

Online Course Platform #18: Knorish

This is best suited for creators who are hobbyists, professionals, and niche experts. The e-learning platform allows creators to build courses on any subject they want.

The platform states that their mission is to help people change the way they earn by allowing creators to use a range of great tools to monetize their unique knowledge.

Knorish offers three packages, starting with the free package.

What features does its free package offer?

Let’s check them out. Knorish’s free package includes:

  1. 15% transaction fee
  2. Monthly payouts
  3. Unlimited courses
  4. Manual student import
  5. YouTube/Vimeo hosting
  6. Advance page builder
  7. Coupons
  8. Customization features (for your website)
  9. Discussion forums and email support

For the Professional and Expert packages, visit their site and see if the additional features justify the pricing.

Knorish Best Online Course Platforms

Image via Knorish

Are You Ready to Get Started?

Earning a serious income online by sharing your knowledge has never been easier. Pick from the extensive list of top online course platforms we’ve provided and get started!

Are you ready? Do you know of any other online course platforms you think should be added to this list? Let us know in the comments below.
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