Sure. Running PPC campaigns can be your golden ticket towards taking your business to the next level.

However, the flip side of the coin is also true (sadly).

If you aren’t running your PPC campaigns the right way, they can easily suck your marketing budget dry without you getting much out of your PPC marketing endeavors.

Well… I’m here to make sure that you don’t end up experiencing the latter.

That is why I am going to share with you ten of the best PPC guides that I’ve to come across this week.

If you’re looking to improve your PPC skills so you can truly benefit from using paid ads, then continue reading the article.

Let’s hop right in.

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1. Positive vs. Negative Ads: Which Works Better? By Allen Finn

Which type of ad brings better results? Those that convey a positive sentiment? Or those that project a negative one?

That’s one of the burning questions that PPC marketers often ask.

After all, with how powerful sentiment-centered ads are, it pays to have a deeper understanding of how it works.

In his post, Allen shares the results that he's gotten from the sentiment-centric ads that he ran.

2. Back to School PPC: How to Boost Your Sales This Year by Lisa Raehsler

If you’re running an online retail store, and you’re targeting the K-12 group or those who are in college, then you need to check out the PPC golden nuggets shared by Lisa in her post.

The PPC wisdom bombs that Lisa shared will give you a better understanding of how you should run your PPC campaigns to target consumers who are spending on back-to-school products.

3. The PPC Puzzle: A Checklist by Lara Lowery

How do you keep yourself from getting overwhelmed with the nuts and bolts of running a PPC campaign, you might want to ask?

The answer is simple.

Use a checklist.

Lara shares with her readers the things that they should include in their daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly checklists so they’ll have a better handle of how their PPC campaigns are running.

4. Google to Soon Update Showcase Shopping Ads Pricing Model by Andy Taylor

If you’ve been using Google’s Showcase Shopping Ads to grow your business, then you need to check out Andy Taylor’s post.

Andy shares with us the up and coming update that Google is going to implement on their Showcase Shopping Ads platform.

5. How to Effectively Segment Accounts with Multiple Locations by Matt Umbro

Running PPC campaigns for accounts with multiple locations can be tricky.

And if you’re new to running PPC campaigns, you can easily get overwhelmed with the process of establishing an account structure that enables you to track the performance of each location and manage them efficiently.

In his article, Matt shares several account setups that you can consider so you’ll have a better grasp of the dynamics of your PPC campaigns.

6. How to use AdWords Channels to Bolster Your Buying Funnel by Brad Geddes

If you aren’t using the various AdWords channels to optimize your buying funnels, then you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

Brad gives us deeper insight into how to optimize your buying funnels through the concepts and strategies that he shared in his post.

He also took the time to define some of the most crucial AdWords channels that you can use, and how they come into play when integrated into your customer’s buying journey.

7. How Your PPC Strategy Should Differ on the AdWords Search VS Display Network by Johnathan Dane

Are you using the same marketing principles and concepts when running your PPC campaigns on AdWords Search and Display Network?

I hope you answered with a, “no,” because if you answered otherwise, then the chances are good that you’re throwing truckloads of money down the drain without even knowing it.

In his guide, Johnathan gives his readers a better understanding of why their approach should be different when using both networks.

Of course, he’s also shared several tips that can help his readers run successful campaigns on both AdWords Search and Display Network.

8. How 4 PPC Ads at the Top Affected Organic CTR on Mobile Devices by Stephen Kenwright

With how crucial mobile search marketing is for businesses to reach their audience, it pays to learn how Google adding 4 PPC ads at the top of mobile organic search results can impact the entire search engine landscape.

9. How “Message Match” Can Lift Conversion Rates by 212.74% [Case Study] by Brad Smith

Writing case studies takes the lion's share of the time.

Not only would you have to record truckloads of data and methodologies, but you even need to point out the actions steps you used that worked and those that didn’t (among other things).

That’s why case studies are perfect study materials.

Well, if you’re looking for case studies about running a successful PPC campaign, then you need to give Brad a mental high five.

The case study that he shared shows the methodologies and principles that their team used to help their client get a whopping 212.74% increase in conversion rates.

10. PPC 102: Seven Tips to Improve Your Paid Search Campaigns by Tereza Litsa

According to Tereza, “You don’t have to be a PPC expert to create a successful campaign with strong ROI.”

I don’t doubt her for one second.

While having truckloads of experience can certainly give you an unfair advantage over your competitors, it’s not like you can’t create a successful PPC ad even if you are a beginner.

Just like what Tereza said in her post, “All you need is the time to understand how PPC works and to improve your efforts in a series of small but effective steps.”

Check out the tips that she shared about how to improve your paid search campaigns.

What’s next?

What are some of the best PPC marketing tips that you and your team are using?

If there’s anything that you’d like to share about the ins and outs of running PPC campaigns, then please take the time to share your ideas in the comments section below. Cheers!


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