We want to generate as many sales as possible. But in order to do so, we have a lot to do — drive traffic to our online store, educate the customers, understand consumer psychology, and so on.

Of course, these marketing activities are essential, but while you’re on it make sure that your product page is well-designed to convert these visitors you work so hard to get into customers.

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The National Retail Federation stated that, “online holiday shopping surpassed in-store shopping on Thanksgiving and Black Friday last year.”

That’s not all. A recent UPS report showed that “93% of the people shopping online use the internet to shop at small and local retail online stores, while 38% shop online and use in-store pickup.”

What does this tell you?

It simply shows how fast ecommerce growth is accelerating. Hence, marketers need to prioritize their product pages to remain in business.

While social media plays an essential role in bringing traffic to ecommerce sites, we often overlook the design elements that make product pages convert. For your traffic to result in sales, you need to invest in a robust and highly optimized product page that appeals to your audience.

Trust me, if you’re not yet optimizing your product pages for conversion, you will find it hard to remain in business soon.

To a large extent, the success of your ecommerce business is determined by your product page. A poorly-designed product page is just like an inexperienced salesman, because no matter what he does, he will always find it hard to convince people to buy what he’s selling.

So, how do you design the type of product page that will stand out, land you customers and finally close the sale? How can you use your product page to boost your ecommerce sales with ease?

The answer is simple: Pay more attention to your product page elements, think strategically and find ways to provide a better experience for users.

You have to be deliberate about everything that goes into your product pages, from what you say, to the graphics used — even the colors that you adopt. All of these things are vital.

In a blog post written by Jason Amunwa on the KISSmetrics blog:

“People who visit your product page represent the money you spent to bring them there and the heavy work you put into it. Don’t waste your hard work on the product page. Instead, create a memorable user experience that gives the visitor a reason to stick around, as well as what they need to become a customer.”

More importantly, your product page design will either motivate customers to buy or abandon your shopping cart. Here’s an infographic that will guide you properly.

the perfect product detail page infographic
Source: 99MediaLab.com.