From what I can remember, athlete websites normally look horrible and are outdated. These days, more athletes are making their Twitter or Facebook pages their “websites” or, at least, a hub for the latest information. However, there are some athletes who do have beautiful websites. These athletes have taken the time to hire a designer and go through the proper design processes.

With all the money athletes make in sports every year, you would think they would try to create an awesome looking website. Let’s take a look at some of the best designed athlete websites:

Vijay Singh

This website impressed me from the moment the loading bar appeared on the screen. Vijay’s website is made in Flash, has an incredible splash page and is designed very well. The clean look paired with the beautiful photography is a “hole-in-one”.

Clay Matthews

Clay, the 2011 Superbowl Champ, is known for three things: muscles, golden hair and his defensive skills. Although his website is small on content, his banner is literally electrifying.

Amare Stoudemire

Big changes this year for Amare, changing teams and getting a facelift on his website. Amare’s website is made in WordPress, and that might be one reason why his content is very up to date. A lot of focus is given to the charitable causes.

Carlos Beltran

Nothing like having a baseball smash through glass as your intro, and it comes with sound, to boot. Carlos’ website uses a good colour palette to keep it very clean. He also has a Spanish translated version for his countrymen.

Tony Hawk

One of the most polished websites on the list and with lots of content. Tony has been around for decades and has a very business-like approach to his website.

Troy Polamalu

Troy’s WordPress based website gives the viewers a large glimpse of what NFL players have to see on the other side of the field when lining up. Troy keeps the content fresh with lots of updates about his offseason. That is one intimidating dude.

Tom Brady

A website that seems tailored after Brady’s personality, very polished and business-like. A message to Tom from all of us, you could have a picture of Giselle there somewhere.

Gretchen Bleiler

It might just be me, but I always find snowboarders to be cool people, laid back and all about the chill. Gretchen’s website is very “chill”, it implements random rotating background images and uses lots of greys/whites.

Dirk Nowitzki

Nothing beats a 7-foot German who clicks windows for you. The developers of this website created this Flash website using footage of Dirk spinning the ball, clicking and closing windows and he even blinks! Well done Germany, well done.

Kevin Love

Kevin Love has been putting up some sick numbers for the 10/11 season and started this website to campaign to NBA coaches to select him into the All-Star Game. He has video footage from other NBA players campaigning for him, dozens of stats and even started a fake fragrance called NUMB#RS coupled with a video spot. Brilliant.

Albert Pujols

Pujols is currently trying to convince his team to give him $300 million for 10 years of service. Perhaps to woo the Cardinals and their fans, Albert launched this new website. I just like clean and tidy interface with a few splashes of colour and images.

Andrei Arlovski

Talk about making a fierce impression on your viewers. Andrei has one of the craziest splash/header images I have seen. Dude has fangs, he’s ripped to shreds and totally lives up to his “pit bull” nickname. Andrei’s website does a really good job of creating a specific mood and feel for the viewers.

Randy Couture

“The Natural”, Randy Couture, kicks off his Flash based website with AC/DC’s “Back in Black” playing in the background. For some strange reason, it just works for this website. The tight navigation to the side keeps a large viewing area for all the content to be displayed. Short and sweet.

Ray Lewis

A very simple website that is more of a hub for the fans of Ray Lewis. Ray’s team has put together crisp photography as jump off points to all of Ray’s online profiles.

Phil Mickelson

At the end of the day, Phil most likely won’t be able to match Tiger’s golf resume, but at least he can say he has a better website than Tiger. The website just has a “dreamy” look to it with the nice blue background and perfect green footer. Web-safe fonts can be limiting, so going with unique type treatments on headers and navigation really pushes the look over.

Frankie Edgar

The simple and brilliant colour palette jumps out right away. The red highlights on links and headers in contrast to the black and white photography works perfectly. Like I say, can’t go wrong with the red/black/white palette.

Kobe Bryant

The “Black Mamba” moniker carries out on the website, with a huge image of the snake in the banner. Kobe’s website might be king of content, it has new information being pushed out by the team almost daily. Also, the forum section is always filled with NBA fans.

Jordy Smith

Flash based websites can allow designers to have some interesting effects on transitions. Jordy’s website has a navigation that jumps out when toggled from the sides. That, in addition to the impressive photography and bright colours, makes this website definitely worth a check.

Maria Sharapova

Maria’s website has a lot of things going on; she has photos, lots of information, sponsors, her clothing line, her foundation and a forum. With that said, the team has created a nice piece of information architecture for the viewers to navigate through.

Larry Fitzgerald

Larry needs a lot of help on the field ’cause the Cards suck, but his website, on the other hand, is doing quite well. The designers have taken an elegant approach to the design. The website offers Larry’s numbers for all his fantasy league owners and photos of his offseason adventures.

Graeme Mcdowell

From what I can tell, this might be the best website any golfer has. It looks like a website that would be selling some expensive product from Italy. The photography is top-notch, and after you hit a link in the navigation you get this postcard-like message before going into the page. Very slick, no wonder Graeme goes by G-Mac.

Lance Armstrong

To go with the impressive photography, Lance, over the years, has developed a very strong brand, the website totally fits the “Livestrong” brand. Also a note, white space never hurt nobody.

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd “Money” Mayweather has a predominantly dark website with silver highlights on headers, buttons and links. I am just surprised Benjamins weren’t falling down the screen.

Carlos Boozer

Carlos’ website surprised me, or perhaps it was just the idea of Carlos having a website, a very well-designed one, at that. Sorry Boozer, just saying. The team has spent a lot of time looking at the details, the horizontal rules and shadows on elements, for example.

Andy Murray

This is one high powered Flash website; after clicking on the navigation, the entire plane changes. Looks like a tennis court and pops back with the new content.

Taj Burrow

Taj’s website was made in WordPress and definitely looks like a blog. It works for the type of content Taj posts, mostly videos of him and his crew.

Jay Culter

Jay has a simple yet effective layout that works well for him since he has very little content. With the website layout being small and centered, it gives ample space to display his background image.

Candace Parker

This website looks like it belongs to a female athlete and it does. The colours and floral/light rays on top of a white background look good and create a harmony between the image of Candace. Candace has a lot of ads of her sponsors, but since they have images of her in them, they don’t look bizarre or out of place.

Jelena Jankovic

A very strong image for a landing page, and a 3 colour palette works wonder and her dynamic banners for each page are wicked.

Sally Fitzgibbons

Having your name in huge typography is always a plus for me. Also I really like the blue background colour on the links, more people need to do that. It creates a fun look, and this surfer is all about that.

Original Article by: Inder Nagra

Posted by: Shane Barker

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  1. A beautiful compilation of art that enthusiasts of any sport will enjoy. My personal fav was the Jordy Smith/ Red Bull combo – music does make the site stickier. Thanks.

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