With the insane buzz around Pinterest, we can all sleep better at night knowing that Pinerly will report the analytics for your clicks, likes, repins and reach.  You can see from the example below that I used Pinerly to create a campaign and pin one of my pictures “The Sacramento Sun!' that is located on My Favorite Pictures Board.  It worked like a charm (minus the fact that I need to step up my engagement on Pinterest) as I was able to see the results on the Pinterests' Analytics from Pinerly.

So now that we know that the Pinerly is alive and working well, I need to better understand what will drive more clicks, likes repins and reach.  So after some research, I have noticed tons of quotes on Pinterest.  There are funny quotes, motivational quotes, social media quotes, etc and so on.  So I found this Pinerly Infographic that shows what kind of quotes you should pin on your Pinterest profile to get the most clicks, likes, repines and reach.

Quotes on Pinterest-Pinerly Inforgraphic

So let's review what types of quotes will get you the most engagement for your on your Pinterests' profile.

It is the age-old saying: K.I.S.S

Keep It Simple Stupid

What does that mean?  It means people want to pin quotes that generally are easy to read, easy to grasp and that have a clear message!

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