Online marketers everywhere are tuned into the explosion of mobile marketing.  Mobile commerce has taken over the market in a big way in 2012, rising to 6 billion users worldwide.  In 2015, mobile internet usage will overtake PC web usage, and by the end of 2016, mobiThinking estimates mobile users to reach 8 billion worldwide.

Smartphone and tablet sales have skyrocketed this year. According to search engine data, among the top five Cyber Monday searches were for internet enabled mobile devices including Kindle Fire, iPad, and iPad mini.  Millions of people will unwrap one of these mobile gadgets under the holiday tree and they will be excited to download apps and make purchases.

Mobile usage is not only increasing, it is becoming further monetized, as companies develop mobile Apps to track, charge and reward customers. And it's not just all about flashing your iPhone at Starbucks to buy coffee — an increasing number of these companies are financial institutions.

So how can your business tap into the mobile market and take advantage of the trend?  Retool your blog or website so it is compatible and optimized for mobile browsing.  Otherwise, your mobile site will have a high bounce rate and you will lose out on potential traffic. Improve your mobile marketing ROI by developing and launching a mobile app for your business. reports that on Christmas Day 2011, a record-breaking 242 million iOS and Android apps were downloaded worldwide.  Christmas 2012 is here….are you ready to ride the wave of mobile marketing?